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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Counseling Class


3.30 am - went to bed
8.00 am - sleeping peacefully - dreaming of my prince charming :)
8.34 am - *handphone rings* :(

Me: Helloooooo........
Mingzi: Mel.... today no tutorials. So class is at 9!
Me: What??
Mingzi: I know. Michelle just called me. They went to coll early. Still sleeping?
Me: Yea lo. Then how?
Mingzi: Go lo. But I will be damn late la.
Me: Ok la. See u in class.

*Hangs up the phone*

*Looks at the time*


Should I go? Should I sleep? Should I go? Should I sleep?
It's already 8.35. If I get up now. Shower n get ready sure late d. Dowan to go d la.

*Upon closing my eyes again*

It's counselling class. I like Reyes. *blush* He's cute. He's funny. He's just so aaaaaaaadddddddooooooowaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbleeeeee :p


With my eyes quarter open, I went to get my towel n shower shower shower.
I multi tasked in the toilet. Wash my hair, brush teeth n looking at the jam outside. All at ONE go.


Get dressed. Dried my hair. Search for library card. Hunt for my receipt. Pack my things.


DONE!! Weehee... I'm fast. Walked towards the taxi stand. " many people."

Wait and wait and wait. For my turn. No taxi. Damn. I am so gonna be late.

Then I saw a cab slowing down. "Oh yes, yes. Reyes here I come!" *roll eyes*

There were this 2 China guys behind me waiting for cab too.

Chinaman: U go HEPP??
Me: Yes. Yes.
Chinaman: To-ga-der??
Me: *I'm a kind hearted person* Ok. Ok.

reached HEPP at 9.15am

Chinaman 1 paid.

Me: How much?
Chinaman: Ok. Ok. *shaking his head*
Me: Don't have to? Ok then. Bye! *Run!!!!!*

Well, not that I don wana pay him but I was late for class and he insisted no, so why waste time rite? So today's ride to college was FREE!! :)


Reached Block E Level 1 SR 1.2
" many ppl not here yet. Good good, I'm not alone. He won't remember that I've not been early to his class. No he won't. No he won't"

Went and sit and I saw Reyes lecturing. Was quite late for class but I made it for his jokes. He's such a good joker. I just LURVEE him. Teehee..

To Alex and Yipz, sorry I made you guys late for class. Oh wait. That only applies to Alex. Yipz din even come for class :p

Joke of the day from Reyes:
Reyes: *Looking at XXXX* It's ok if you are stupid.
XXXX: *Eyes open wide*
Reyes: It makes me feel special :)

Did I mention Reyes is so so AAADOOOWEEAAABBBLLLEEE?? :)

Ok. I just wasted a few seconds of my life for the colors up there. I'm supposed to be doing my case study now. But here I am blogging some nonsense. Ish... Melissa..sedarlah anda sebelum anda disedarkan!

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