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Saturday, August 11, 2007

I was in USM for 2 days.
Had an exhibition on mangrove there.
We were placed at the Pusat Pengajian Seni and I discovered smth really.....ARTISTIC..
I would never have thought that some besi buruk can be made into such a *ahem* masterpiece.

Melissa and Supervisor saw this and were amazed..

Melissa: I think this is a Sea Horse!!!!!
Supervisor: Yea.. cacated Sea Horse.

Melissa: I think this looks like some kinda orang asli native.
Supervisor: Hmm, I think this looks like you :p (HELLO!! My tongue is not tat long ok!!)

Melissa: What nonsense is this?
Supervisor: I think......stairs
Melissa: No lah, decoration at home
Supervisor: No lah, lamp
Melissa: No lah!! Shoe rack
Supervisor and Melissa: No lah!! Bla bla, Nolah!! Bla bla!!
Nerdy looking guy: *sounded angry* It's not any of those! Art is very subjective. Whatever you think it is, it might not be the one. Only the designer will know exactly wat is it. FYI, it's a girl dancing.
Melissa and Supervisor: *stare at nerdy guy*
Melissa: Oh, sorry. We're not an art person. Are you the designer?
Nerdy: No.
Melissa: Err, art student?
Nerdy: No too. I'm just a passer by. Saja wana kaypo. Hehehe.
Melissa and Supervisor: *faint*

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Friday, August 3, 2007
Trip to Kuala Perlis

I will be leaving to Kuala Perlis in 5 hours.
Yes, for a trip.
No, not holiday trip.
It's field trip.
Will be staying in Kuala Perlis for one night.
Initially, I thought of not going because it was so sudden. Too last minute.
They only informed me at 10 this morning that we'll be leaving at 5pm.
But, since they needed *ahem* me for the presentation, oh well...
Will probably blog about the field trip next week.
I so hope they will give me a day off since tumolo is my only Saturday off from work (first week of the month). Thought can go shopping and cut hair. Looks like I have to delay it again. Sigh

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007
Cafe Cafe, Jalan Maharajalela

Food review:
Last Monday, Beng and I went to Cafe Cafe for dinner for a sumptuous dining in a classic European style :) Let's have a peek into the restaurant, shall we?
The first thing I realized upon entering the restaurant is the crystal dangling chandeliers. The ambiance is so romantic. So so so so so so so so so nice! :)


SEE!!! SEE!!!

SEE!!! SEE!!! SEE!!!

SEE!!! SEE!!! SEE!!! SEE!!!

Nice ain't it? :)

The food:

Complimentary buns.

Peppermint Tea (RM9) for him.
The tea is refillable. The tea is actually Boh Tea. Lol. But the peppermint taste and smell is so strong. I felt like I was drinking Wringley's Peppermint Chewing Gum's extract. Hehehe. But, it's nice. And refreshing.

Orangine (RM 9), for me.
I didn't quite like my drink. The orange taste was too strong. It's a bottled orange drink and it's gassy.

Pan Fried Mushroom in Garlic (RM 18)
Yummy. If you are a mushroom lover, a garlic lover, this is a must try. The mushroom is so fresh. The garlic taste is so strong. Yummy...

He had Duck Confit (RM 45)
The duck was so crispy. I love the duck. According to Beng, it is quite salty for his liking. But, I liked the saltiness of the duck.

I had Oven-Baked Cod Fillet with Honshimeiji Mushroom, Potato slice and White Truffles Sauce (RM 69)
Look at the white flesh. Oh my god!! It was so fresh. Soft and fresh. The sauce was so delicious. Complements the fish nicely. And there's mushroom again!! I love it :)

The total bill came to RM172, slightly more pricey than the normal fine dining. But, you are paying for the ambiance too, right?

Oh, why did we went for such a dinner? What's the occasion?
Our Anniversary :)


I believe in us and in all the things that have made our love so beautiful and meaningful. I believe in you and the thoughtful. sensitive, caring person you are. I love the way you know me sometimes better than I know myself, because of you, I believe more in me. it's nice to know that you are always there for me, and I for you. I believe in making the most of every moment we have together. Sharing the good times and quiet times alone, together. I really believe in our love which is so special. A love we have built together. A love that keeps growing with each day we share, I want you to know... I'll always believe in us!

Thanks for such a wonderful, romantic (and expensive) dinner. Not forgetting your gift and most of all, for spending your time with me.
Happy Anniversary, Dear!

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