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Sunday, May 25, 2008
Tan Li Huey

You and me.
We're different yet similar, in many ways.
We don't always agree on certain things yet we understand and respect one another.
People always say, "friendships come and friendships go".
I guess we both agree on this - we've experienced it.
That is why you hate the word, Best Friend Forever - I think I know why.

You're such a joker.
You made me laugh, for the silliest things.
You made me cry, for seeing you go through pain.
You made me angry, for forcing me to change your blog layout and then you deleted it.
You made me irritated, for reminding me that I'm getting fatter each day.
You made me happy, for buying me the dress that I love the most.

You entertained me with your stupitility stupidity and lame jokes.

We fight over things.

like Jack Sparrow :P

But, at the end of the day you know I know that we both love each other

So sweeeeeeeet!

21 years of your life, and you've

grabbed Jennifer Lopez's butt.

Hiao giler your muka!

Touch Superman's

How was it? ;p

hit Tiger Wood's head with the golf stick.

You're a born comedian, just like

Robin Williams

Not bad for a 21 year old what?
What's better is that you met me!

Happy 21st Birthday, my 12 years friend
Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean I can't say it
BFF ;)

Having exams and not being able to celebrate your birthday is a nightmare, but I promise after your exams we'll enjoy ourselves. I'll treat you to a nice dinner for your birthday =) because I'm jealous you lost so much weight, when I'm putting on all that you've lost

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Saturday, May 24, 2008
wonderful life

Although I always complain that I'm deprived of good food, actually I'm not that deprived lah. Once a while still have the chance to enjoy good food, you know, like last Malaysian potluck gathering. It was a bbq lunch (the house people prepared bbq-ed food) and other penyemaks brought main dishes. We went there about 12pm to cook and prepare the food, and stayed all the way until almost 9pm. One reason is because they have tv lah (I'm really deprived of TV okay? 8 months without any tv can even make me sit and watch ppl singing national anthem all day). Another reason is because of the food lah of course. Malaysians get together, the food surely Malaysian food lah right? When got Malaysian food, you get the greedy me sitting there walloping all the food. Hehehe.

The people in the house really damn gaya and semangat okay? They made


(the donut damn sedap okay?)
I don't care even if my face looks like donut I still ate this because it's freaking nice!

this and this
(steamed choc cake and caramel pudding also super nice *salivates*)
I think I ate 1/4 of the cake, on my own!


Maggi goreng (I miss Indo Mee goreng with mata kerbau)

Mashed potato (instant one but nice also lah)

Roasted chicken
They made 3 different flavours: bbq, lemon and normal? Something like that lah. But all also nice. Reminds me of Ayamas chicken.

Steamed vegetables
Good and healthy.

Lastly, presenting to you....

chicken curry
prepared especially by...

I think it was nice. Hehehe. Self praise if no praise lah but I like ma! The picture does no justice to the taste okay? It tasted a lot better (or so I believe :P). Say it looks nice then I'll cook for you when I go back Malaysia! 2 months of waiting is worth it one, I promise :) use paste one mah sure nice lah right? How wrong can it be anyway? Hehehe

All the food above was only 3/4 of what we had. We had nasi lemak (Anwari's sambal yang membunuh) and bbq-ed food like sausages, burgers etc. Oh and cakes also. See lah how not to be fat here? But nvm lah. Demi good food, I don't mind. Gemuk pun gemuk lah. I rela mati kegemukan due to high consumption of good food than mati kegemukan due to eating chips and fried chicken.

Another good food is Turkish food. Not like I had much but there's this particular shop here that serves nice AFFORDABLE turkish food. 13 pounds for Vadi Special

shared among 5 people and we had hard time finishing it.
Isn't that affordable?
This platter had different styles of lamb, chicken and rice.

Then got FREE
naan bread

and salad.

Ahhh, life is quite wonderful lah now. Why? Because I have good food to eat. Hehehe. For me
wonderful life = having good food

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Friday, May 23, 2008
Le Pare Part 2

Finally I'm gonna continue the journey in Paris.
It seems like it has been ages and I can hardly remember what we did there.
Ageing symptom lah I think.

Paris Day 2
Whatever that is written is based on my OWN memory and I do not guarantee that it is accurate and reliable as *psychology student* memory is reconstructed not remembered.

We got up really early and although the muscle pain from yesterdays walking haven't subsided, we continued to walk like we don't feel any pain. All for the name of maximising our time in Paris. First stop was at
Opera National de Paris - Garnier

Anwari wanted to visit this place because according to him, there's a lake under the place and it's very beautiful. Lake UNDER the building sounds very impressive to us. So we went there and took picture

and then left the place. Because Anwari was afraid that we will kill him if there was no lake and paid €8 for nothing.

And then we headed to Stade de France, the stadium where FIFA World Cup was held in 1998. It has been 10 years since the €280 million stadium was built and it looks worse than Bukit Jalil now. Maybe on par with Penang International Sports Arena.

After going all the way for one picture, we thought it's time to visit the-must-see place in Paris.

Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris

It was packed with people outside the cathedral and it was really sunny! So we took pictures first lah.

The leng luis. Lol.
I know that our faces cannot be seen clearly but the main focus is the Cathedral lah, not us!

3 posers and 1 retard :P

After a while we walked towards the Cathedral to go in and on the way, Ming Zi and I got approached by this Afghanistan? girl (If I'm not mistaken she's quite young). She asked us, "do you speak English?" And we thought maybe she wants to ask something lah, since French people can hardly speak English. We said yes and she immediately showed us this note stating that she lost her parents and she or somebody has some disease and needs money. Something along that line lah, not like I can remember such useless information when important ones also I can't. Then we just said no and walked off. Because of that, we started speaking in our oh-so-canggih-Malay and another "gal-whose-family-is-dying" came to us and asked if we understand English, and all we did was *blur face* "NO NO English" Before you point your finger and start accusing us of being mean and heartless, think about it lah. If only one person lost their family and needs money to cure someone, then it MIGHT make sense. But, if a bunch of them with the same story, same paper, same writing, similar age group and gender it doesn't make sense anymore. We do not condone such behavior and therefore will not encourage it.

Anyways, we went into the Cathedral and walked around. It was huge. It's an old Cathedral with nice music and architecture. The interior of the Cathedral was somewhat similar to those we saw in Scotland. We saw many people (students kot) sketching the interior and I took a peek at their drawings and I must say it was rather amazing. I saw this model and I think it's so prefect.

This is a wooden model of the Cathedral. It's wonderful. Every single details were carved onto it. Such a fine art work. It requires a lot of skills and patience to do this, okay? Which I don't have any of it.

We walked for a while and got tired so we went rested on the benches. In front of us were Anwari and Hani, talking about Malaysian food. Malaysians are inseparable with their food, just like how girls are with cameras :P

Why I look so scary ah?
another hidden talent I supposed

Since it was a sunny day, we took a stroll down the park nearby. It would be wonderful to walk around the park with your loved one, holding hands, eating ice cream (hint to my future husband :P). The parks in Paris are really nice. Even the trees look beautiful.

Notice how the leaves are concentrated at the bottom? Leaving the top part botak?
Nice kan?

The grass are so green and the flowers are so pretty.
That I couldn't resist but to jump over the fence and took picture.

I want to curi and plant it in my garden!

And we saw this tree with red flowers and it was really pretty. Reminds us of Para-Para Sakura. So we wanted to take pictures with it, ala-ala Bollywood Sakura.

Photographer uncle fail.
He took only the trunk and left out the flowers. But can see a bit lah still, the red flowers at the top.
(why is Anwari's face so funny? HAHAHA)

Just beside the park was La Seine River, the Paris version of Sungai Klang or Sungai Pinang.

But looks a lot better, and cleaner too.
Don't you think the building looks nice? I think it is!

But our Sungais can't beat their river lah. They got passenger boat for cruising, okay?
€12 Euro for 45 minutes ride. Wanted to go for it, but it was too late and the cruise will only be halfway through the river because of the tide.

Their boat is not just a boat, but a nicely decorated boat. So nice that I would die to get married on that boat! Seriously.

Hani: Jom tangkap gambar with Klang River. Anwari you tengok sana, Ming Zi see here, Mel see there.
Hani, the Queen of Poser :P

This is the Cathedral. Damn nice right the building from this view?

I like this pose :)

By the time we're done, it was almost time to get to our most anticipated destination,

the Eiffel Tower =)

We purposely waited till 6pm to go up there, so that we get to enjoy the view before, during, and after the sunset. The best of three worlds.
Ahhh, smart kan?

It's huge! I was stoned. And amazed. And was so jakunly excited. I think Eiffel Tower was in my must-visit-list since, forever.

The Queen of Poser told us to do the jumping-pose, and it was my first time doing it. After many attempts, only ONE picture was perfect.

From far also can see the expert in this jumping pose.
*cough* yanglompatpalingtinggitulah *cough*

Hani made the guys lompat also. And so they did,

while showing off their tummy six pax.

Sorry lah cannot resist pretty flowers.

We have the choice to pay lesser and walk up the tower. But we didn't want to walk all the way up to Eiffel Tower lah, gila meh? Not like we got much strength left. So, up we went after paying €12 for two levels (middle and highest floor) by elevator. First stop was at the middle floor.

It was quite cold up there, and the wind was really strong.

But, I don't wana wear jacket because I want to snap pictures :P
Aku rela mati kesejukan.

We spent quite some time at the middle floor. Got really excited and was waiting for the sun to set. Clock shows 8.15pm, but it was still so bright.

The sun looks like it was about to set, so we decided to proceed to the highest floor for the night view. The queue to enter the lift was so damn long, and we had to..
take picture while queuing up ;p

We reached the peak just on time, for the sunset. In case you're wondering, the sun sets at 8.45pm in Paris, at THAT time. Now, the sun sets at 9.40pm. The view was seriously magnificent. But they had grills (damn kacau the scenery pictures only lor).

see the different colors of the sky?

It lives up to its name, the City of the Lights.

The wind was so strong, and it was iced cold up there.

You might not be able to imagine how cold it was from our faces.

I bet you can imagine it now.
Anwari even gave his last words up there.
It was THAT cold!
But, if ever someone dies up on Eiffel Tower it will be so cool isn't? Of all places, you choose to die at the top of Eiffel Tower.

We couldn't stand the wind so we barely spent time up there. We went down not long after and decided to go for dinner at 10pm.

Even Eiffel Tower looks so much nicer and prettier with lights on, at night.
Wonders of lights in this city.

We had our dinner/supper and headed back to the hotel and we reached at 12.30am. By that time, all the walking on the second day added on to the pain from the first day and all of us were literally limping back to our rooms. But, who cares about the pain when we will be going to

the house of Mickey, Minnie and friends the next day?

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