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Sunday, October 28, 2007
Photo Taggie

The most recent pic of you:

When was it taken:
October 18, 2007

Who took it?

PenangPrincess :)

Where was it taken?
In the Robbins Palace, 23 Room 1

A picture of you making a peace sign:
Yong Tze will be so happy to see this picture on my blog.

Is this picture in color?
Yes. Very colorful infact :)

Are your nails painted in this picture?
Hmm, no. I don't paint my nails. I have short nails. No point painting

A picture of you with a friend:

Who are you with?
Beng Tack dear :) My friend also what?

A picture of you in a weird/random place:

Toilet is no longer weird place for someone to snap pic. It's becoming a trend now. Apalah nak jadi kat manusia zaman sekarang ni?

Where are you?
Penang's Tesco's toilet. Not the cleanest and wangi-est place ever.

Who took the pic?
Lim Shze Li who thinks she can hop just because she was born in the year of rabbit

A picture of you in black & white:

Picture taken by Yips my secret admirer while I was studying.

A picture of you with your hair up:


A picture of you with a WEIRD face:

I was so proud of my pimple.

Is your face more funny or just straight up scary?
I's more...cacated. I look so spastic.

A picture of you wearing a black colored shirt:

Pose maut! :p

A picture of you wearin red colour shirt:

During Hotlink Roadshow

A picture of you wearing green colour shirt:

Semangat Hari Raya too membara that I wore green for the Raya's Open House.

A picture of you with your halloween costume:

I don't celebrate Halloween la. Wa orang Malaysia tau. Malaysia tarak Halloween semua.
But then ar, I came out with my own theory.
Halloween = scary dressing = bad sense of dressing

Notice the sport shoe.
Dress and sport shoe? *smacks forehead*

A picture of you with your mouth open:

Anwari's asam pedas dinner.

Why is your mouth open?

To makan la. Tak nampak the pinggan so high up ka?
Oooh, I see asam pedas *drools*

I will now tag..errm,
Queen Next Road (You need more pictures on your blog)
Yong Tze (You can show off all your cute picture)
Michelle Teh (Time to update more frequently)
Tiffany Soh (Cause I want to kaypo)
Jon Sern (Too many words in your blog. More pics please)
Mike (Update la brother)
Anwari Ashraf (Cause I want you to create your blog)

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Saturday, October 27, 2007
Fishy Fish

I was chatting with Yong Tze last night and we were both reminded of how much we love fish. Her dad is a fish lover and he loves fishing. Same goes to my daddy. He loves fishing so much that I was trained to eat fish since young. Fish is like...the greatest sea creatures on earth. I love fish, like seriously love fish that I don't mind surviving on fish for every meal. I used to have fish EVERYDAY back home and the best part, all the fishes are fresh from the sea. I can still see the fish moving when my dad comes home after fishing. And he will cook the FRESH fish while I'll be sitting and waiting for him to serve me, which explains why I can't freaking cook any proper meal. I just love my daddy's cooking. Arrghh.. I miss home cooked food.

Anyway, Yong Tze was saying that we have been here for a month and the only fish we got to eat was Anchovies, when we had
nasi lemak
(chef & tuan rumah: Anwari Ashraf),

and also in the

we ate at the Hari Raya Open House. That is damn sad lor. Haih. I tak nampak the shape of the fish also ok? Mana boleh like that? Haih.

Then I was supposed to have dinner at Anwari, the ASTRO scholarship holder, yang *turned on the bodeking mood* pandai memasak, bijaksana lagi baik hati. Anwari, please cook tom yam for me? Hehehe. Back to the point, he promised to cook asam pedas (one of my favourite dish - it contains fish too *grins*) and he did. He even bought fish. Fish is freaking expensive here okay? And his asam pedas, POWER giler. I tell you, it was nice. Seriously bagus.

He cooked us rice and
asam pedas with FISH,


and we had *ang moh tone*


cheese cake
courtesy of Yong Tze.
I ate like a big fat pig who haven't eaten anything for 3 days.

I consider myself lucky because I have such wonderful friend who can cook my favourite dish and best of all, it's FREE OF CHARGE!! Ain't I lucky? :)

Ps: Anwari, I need more GOOD Malaysian food. Hahaha.

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Friday, October 26, 2007
A mobile phone

I finally called my daddy and talked to him :)
Have been a month plus since I heard his voice *hugs*
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Happy!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)
You have no idea how much I miss my daddy. And mummy. And koko. And Beng. And KL friends. And Penang friends. And everybody. Everything in Malaysia especially the food. I have to include everyone or else people will merajuk or someone will say that I only sayang my daddy and not mummy :p
Anyway, I finally got to talked to my daddy because of ...

LG Chocolate KG800

This phone hardly got any good comments from Mike, a not-so-proud owner of Cokolet.
He said I will suffer using this phone. Because there's no reminder and the phone's alarm ringtone stinks.

Ah Tat ah, I don't need reminder. I have my sticky notes on my computer. It's all over my com and I am getting annoyed with it. And besides, I have *ahem* good memory so I DON'T need any reminder. And the alarm is good enough for me. Because I am not as piggy as you have a big fat alarm clock with me.

Anyway, the box for the phone is super nice. It's not like back in Malaysia where they give you a caplang cardboard box while here, they give you....

Gaya, mutu, keunggulan :)

It's not just hard covered box, it's also magnetic. Just like those box they give you when you buy watch, like really branded kind. But this is way bigger la. Londoners definitely have higher standards in this sense although they have low standard for food. And many other things Bravo bravo. Something good to make your society proud *clap clap*

I'm not into this phone. It's not the best phone ever. I still prefer my SONY ERICSSON DARLING, k800i *hugs*. It doesn't even have great functions.
So why on earth did I buy this phone?
Because, it looks nice. It's my first ever sliding phone *grins* And it's CHEAP. It's my cheapest ever mobile phone. 49.95 pounds. RM350+ only. Even my first Nokia 3315 was more expensive than this wei!

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Friday, October 19, 2007
She is....

She whom I first saw in SPB Towers, Damansara heights.

We clicked almost immediately.
Knowing her for almost 2 years now, reminds me of how much we went through together. As FRIENDS. Just to make it clear :p

She came to KL knowing only how to boil water. And I became her Spaghetti Sifu *bangga*.We then became guinea pigs to our own inventions cooking.

<body><iframe src="" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" height="30px" width="100%" id="navbar-iframe"></iframe> <div id="space-for-ie"></div> <body> <body><iframe src="" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" height="30px" width="100%" id="navbar-iframe"></iframe> <div id="space-for-ie"></div> <body>
Failed Hash Browns, egg boiling and jellies.

She's my BEST clothes-shopping kaki!
We don't only try out clothes in the fitting room, we also camwhore. And picnic too!

We looked so comfortable sitting on the carpeted floor. Macam rumah sendiri pulak :p

She is also my shoe-shopping kaki.

She's a kiddo trapped in a woman's girl's body.
She loves baby food so much that she can eat them forever.

She made me picnic in Mid Valley. On the bench. Eating Sushi. In this position.

She imitates that someone so well, that I think they look alike *giggle*

We both share the same last name. I PING & YI PING. And therefore, we're

We both love food. She might be small sized, but she eat as much as I do. Or even more!
We love..

Season's Water Chestnut.


Sotong Kangkung.

We own similar same things. And bought them at the same time. Together.

She loves me so much that she can't concentrate in class without taking my photo.

She loves me even more that she took a picture of me studying without me realizing.

And she can't take her eyes of me even when we're in class.

Aww.. you love me that much ha? *hugs*

She is my ultimate source of entertainment. Funny & irritating :p

She can never let me be peaceful. Not even when I'm eating.

She made me camwhore in class, when the lecturer is in front, Teaching!

The Pings: Scared look
The Pings: Blur look The Pings: Bluek look

We even have pimples together. Same side of the face. At the same time. Arrghh..

She's my wacko-est partner.

She is.. my late night kheng kai partner, Khoo Yi Ping :)


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Saturday, October 13, 2007
2 in 1 meal

Today both the Queens cooked their 2 in 1 meal (lunch + dinner). The reason of us cooking 2 meals at one go is because we're too lazy to cook again at night we want to save time so that we can go online and sleep study more often.

Anyway, we had

Rice. Malaysian ma. Mesti ada nasi kan?
See, Jonsern I'm still a lot like a MALAYSIAN tau!

Stir Fried Vege (consist of cabbage, carrot, lettuce, MUSHROOM). Looks dry in this picture, but it's super yummy. Especially with our LEE KUM KEE, Vegetarian Stir Fry Sauce.


LAMB!! *drool*
Raya ma today. Since both of us don't eat beef, we eat lamb lor. Sama jugak.
Semangat Hari Raya masih tersemai didadaku walaupun berada beribu-ribu batu dari tanah airku *bangga* Oh, sebelum aku terlupa, SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI to all the Muslims in Malaysia.

I had this Orange, Lemon & Pineapple Squash. Looks nice, right?
NO!! It's not. EEEEEE.............. So not tasty. So sour. Got one kinda smell some more. There goes my 1 pound!

Anyway, this is my collection of food. In case of emergency. Like when I don't have food, there, I will korek one of these and makan. 90% are biscuits, 4% chocolates, 3% muffins and 3% fruits.

I won't die of hunger. Definitely.

Mel O gave her order @ 2:59 PM
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Friday, October 12, 2007
Public Phone

Don't this phone looks like an ordinary public phone to you?

I thought so too, until I saw all these functions.

Public phone can send SMS.
Public phone can send Email.

I was so suah pah when I saw this phone. I was so amazed when I saw all the alphabets there, on the phone. Public Phone. Hehehe. Sorry la. Kampung-ness in me terserlah. It's like they sticked a keyboard on the public phone :)

I wanted to send my dad a text message and I was so excited. It was so....yeng? Hehehe. I mean, I've never seen such phones ma. A text message only cost 10p (but it swallowed another 10p so it was 20p per msg!) and it's way cheaper than using hand phone. But not sure if my dad got the message or not also. Tak pe lah. At least, a new discovery for me eh? And for you too? No?

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