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Friday, December 28, 2007
Portsmouth & Southampton

People, People.

I will be leaving to Portsmouth for 6 days, to stay with Li Huey (Kawan lama sejak primary school). Come to think about it, it has been 10 years since I knew her. Gonna spend 6 days with her and there will definitely be a lot of SHOPPING, LAUGHTERS and EATING while I'm there. Hoping to do some reading, or work while I'm there but I doubt I will or I can with her beside me (she won't be able to resist disturbing me, right Huey?). Ish. Anyway, I will be going to Southampton as well, to look around and shop. Well, another holiday trip for me :) Maximizing my holidays here!! But don't worry. I will still update my blog. I hope.

Portsmouth & Southampton, I am coming! Huey, I am coming to sleep on your bed and kick you down at night! Kakaka.

Mel O gave her order @ 12:26 AM
2 minions

Tuesday, December 25, 2007
Dinner at Wetherspoon

Queen is working at McD and she promised to treat us a meal when she gets her first ever pay. Last Tuesday, we went for dinner to celebrate our Queen's first pay check (by helping her to spend a small amount from that), post-exam and pre-holidays dinner at

A pub/restaurant nearby our area.

The service here was bad. Really slow and we need to place our orders on our own, they will only serve the food to us. Self service restaurant *shake head* Since it took them so long to cook/slaughter the chicken/fish the salmon we ordered, we cam-hornied (Chan, 2007).

I look like superstar here. One camera there trying to capture my picture, one camera captured my picture. Muahaha *perasan*

The Queen and the typical Malaysian girl.
Kenapa typical?

Because of

these sauces.
Look at the amount we took to accompany our meal. Knowing we can't possibly finish the sauces, our typical Malaysian girl, decided to..

curi balikkeep it in her bag *Yong, peace peace*

After a long wait, they finally served our food. Quite a big portion, I would say.

Our loyalty towards J2O, the forever nice FRUIT JUICE.

Chicken Melt for Queen.

Mixed Grill for Malaysian girl

Salmon Grill for the Princess :)
Ahh, heaven. Fish. Salmon. My love *drool*

Overall, it was a satisfying meal. But I didn't quite like the pub ambiance. Too many drunk people, too much noise and too busy. Nevertheless, it was one nice dinner.

To the Pem-belanja:

Terima kasih Queen untuk makan malam yang sungguh enak (dan mahal) itu. Kami menghargai budi baik Queen dan saya berjanji untuk membayar budi Queen jika saya mendapat peluang. In the mean time, makan dan minum saya bergantung pada paycheck Queen ye? Oh, I love you so much la darling!

Mel O gave her order @ 4:14 AM
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Poster presentation

I'm back from the Scottish land!
Will update on the trip soon. When I'm fully recharged after draining myself for 4 days during the trip.

Anyway, I had my poster presentation last Tuesday (last day of the semester). And it's different from those we have back in HELP.

HELP vs Middlesex
1. The content do not have to feel very long.
The content needs to be very complete.

2. Need to decorate and make sure the poster is nice.
Don't need to decorate AT ALL. Can paste the A4 papers on a MAHJONG paper, or even wall.

This is my group's poster. And we pasted it on 2 different colourful wrapping papers. We finished decorating it in like, 10 minutes. So the senang kan?

2. Need to defend your content - answer questions regarding your poster.
Don't need to defend the content - no Q & A AT ALL.

All you need to do is stand there, and probably pose with your whole semester's worth of hard work.

3. No food and drinks served.
Free food and drinks served.
They served all kinds of chips. From tasteless pretzels, to keropok to spicy nut. Just eat whatever you want. They have so much of these that we made Darren (one of our group member) hold a plate full of these junks for us to eat :)

The drinks they served, bukan sebarang minuman. They have orange juice, sparkling soda, WINE and some alcoholic drinks.

Bear in mind, this presentation was held in University and they are serving alcoholic drinks to the students. Aiyoyo, ang moh memang ang moh. The lecturers and tutors even encouraged the students to drink more O__O What is happening to the world, oh God?!!

Mel O gave her order @ 3:30 AM
2 minions

Wednesday, December 19, 2007
PenangPrincess will be away

Will be away for 5 days, until 24th December which means I will not be updating - for a GOOD REASON. Because, PenangPrincess is going to...



More updates when I'm back from my holidays, yea?
No requests for souvenirs will be entertained as I am going on a budget trip. So,

budget = spending less = no souvenirs

Mel O gave her order @ 3:02 AM
4 minions

Monday, December 17, 2007
Ohhh.... food

I had such a wonderful dinner.

I ate..

And turkey. And prawns.

All types of Seafood.

And Strawberry Cake.

Ohh.. la la.
I actually ate all these food...


Not even in my dreams I will have the chance to eat all these here okay? Sigh. Gua mana ada duit mau makan ini semua? Wana eat fish and chips also need Queen Next Flat to belanja. Oh, she promised to treat us makan when she get her pay. And she's treating us tmr! Muahaha. No salmon. No crabs. No prawns. No oysters. No turkey. Got fish and chips also jadi la kan? And it's FREE OF CHARGE, lagi lah jadi. Hehehe. Oh, can't wait for tmr's dinner. Hehehe. Zi, prepare your Pounds okay?

Oh btw, all the pictures above were actually taken from Marks & Spenser's Christmas catalogue. All I did was cut and paste it on my wall. Like this.

Look at my wall!
Ppl like me, no money to eat such nice meal ma. All I can do is to stick pictures of good food to satisfy my cravings and hunger pangs. By staring and drooling at it. I need a picture of a bowl of nice laksa. Somebody, send me one! PLS?

Mel O gave her order @ 7:32 PM
6 minions

Monday, December 10, 2007

*semangat patriotik membakar jiwa PenangPrincess*

Wahai kawan-kawan/pembaca PenangPrincess, saya amat takut dan gerun terharu dengan komen-komen yang telah ditinggalkan pada kotak chat saya. Walaupun terdapat komen-komen yang berunsur keganasan *ahem, Tiffany and Mich*, tetapi PenangPrincess adalah seorang yang sangat optimistik. Oleh itu, PenangPrincess akan menganggap semua komen-komen yang telah diberikan itu sebagai tanda kerinduan pada Tuan Puteri. Saya sangat terharu dan berjanji untuk cuba meng-update-kan blog ini sekerap yang mungkin. PenangPrincess sangatlah sibuk dengan 'kerja kursus' dan peperiksaan dan juga melayani Queen Flat Sebelah. Queen Flat Sebelah telah meng-reflect-kan banyak unsur-unsur kebosanan dalam blognya. Oleh itu, saya tidak boleh meninggalkan Queen dan menjadikan hidupnya bosan kerana saya adalah seorang kawan yang BAIK mempunyai tanggungjawab untuk menjaganya *aiseh* Jadi, cubalah memahami kesusahan dan kepayahan hidup PenangPrincess di tanah Bulu Merah ini. Sehingga kita berjumpa lagi di post yang lain. Salam hormat dan salam sayang.

Mel O gave her order @ 12:20 AM
5 minions