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Friday, February 29, 2008
Thanks for the memories

12.00 am, 25th February 2008.
Ming Zi Ong, nudged me on MSN and asked me to open the door right away.
Thought she wanted to give me a *perasan sendiri* birthday hug, since she's my darling that is the nearest to me. But, she didn't :(
No hug!
But, she handed me a box of gift which flew all the way from Sungai Buloh by MAS Airlines to Enfield, London =)
She completed her duty, and gave me a big hug! Hehehehe.

On my birthday day, I had a full day of class but I skipped first half of it (birthday ma, got good excuse what?) and went for the second half, which I think was such a waste of time! Anyways, after class Queen, Yong, Foong Mei and me went over to Keshia's flat while waiting for Ching Yee and Melissa Lim to get ready. After 1 and the half hours, they were FINALLY ready and Ching Yee's excuse is that she went to find her brother and then she shifted flat. So suspicious hor? But, I was too stupid to realize anything I've never doubted my darling, dear. Hahaha. Then, we headed to Oriental Fusion for dinner.

The restaurant was so empty. Not even a single fly inside.

It was only 6.30pm but I was already dead hungry. Maybe it's my birthday, big girl d, appetite also got bigger!

PenangPrincess looking at the pricey meals.

Initially I wanted to eat tomyam, but then the tomyam don't come with rice. Only the soup. Drink soup only, where got enough hor? Wana order a small plate of rice, extra 1.60 O___O
So, in the end I settled for...

Prawn fried rice.
The portion was so small or maybe my appetite got bigger that I was still VERY hungry after the dinner.
Not good, not good!

Foong Mei, Keshia, Birthday girl, Ming Zi

Nice group photo in that empty restaurant.

We took very little pictures that night, because our very own "pelacur kamela" decided that she has done too many sins by taking funny and weird pictures of me and therefore she wants to go back to pangkal jalan by...

menutup-ing aurat.
menghalalkan herself since we were at a halal restaurant.

After having dinner, we went back to the manusia-yang-telah-insaf-dan-ingin-kembali-ke-pangkal-jalan's flat to help her shift all her harta benda to her new flat. While waiting for her to pack her oh-so-banyak things, we waited in the kitchen and talk talk talk. When she was almost done, she came into the kitchen and asked me to 'help' her take her notebook that was in a box. So, I went and open the box and then, I saw...

A birthday cake!
With a mushroom face on it. Hehehe. Damn cute lor!

There was another birthday cake that was not-so-perfect in Ching Yee's eyes.

She didn't like it, so she kept it in the fridge and baked another cake.
Which part of the cake doesn't look nice to you? It looks perfectly FINE to me. But, my darling is-the-oh-so-perfectionist. So, I ended up having TWO jadi-ed birthday cake, and ONE tak jadi cake :) Thanks darling! =)

How can there be a birthday cake without candles, kan?Twenty One candles!

The Queen Next Flat lighting up the candles.

The lights were off-ed, and they sang me happy birthday song. What comes next?

Make a wish!
Hmm, I made a lot of wishes la actually.
"I want this...I want that. I want everything"
It's my birthday ma. I can wish for anything that I want. And some more it's my 21st birthday, which means I can wish for at least 21 wishes :P

"Fu fu fu"
Blow off all the candles!
But then hor, I took the longest time, ever to blow off ALL the candles because someone made some joke and I started laughing whilst blowing the candles.
Because our very own Queen is there, of course lah she'll make me continue her "tradisi harijadi" kan?

Queen and her helper sedang menjalankan tugas mereka supaya saya dapat meneruskan tradisi harijadi ini.

Then Queen pushed all my hair to the back and held it, and I went...

down to take the candles from the cake using my mouth.

Bear in mind that there was 21 candles on the cake, okay? By the time I took all 20 candles out, I was tired already. Up down up down. some more I'm already aging ma Penat tau? And the last candle was purposely poked in the MIDDLE and pushed all the way down >.< And then hor, as usual lah every time got such tradition, surely got another traditional continuation to it one right? Yealah, hentam the birthday girl's head on the cake, especially when the cake has a lot of chocolate icing on it.
How did the tradition went?

Watch this short video to know :)
Ming Zi damn ganas!

Kegagalan Tradisi Harijadi.
Ming Zi not strong enough lah. She's so much smaller than me. Of course I can win lah! :P
And also because I didn't want to destroy the nice, cute drawing of mushroom by my darling ma. That is how much I love you, Ching. Hahaha.

They divided the cake, and everyone got a slice. And as the birthday girl, I got the BIGGEST slice!

So besar okay? Look at my stuffed & bloated face >.<

After such delicious and sinful cake consumption, we helped Ching Yee to shift her things up to the third floor and it was such a GOOD exercise! Then everyone balik-ed and I was in my room talking to Beng Tack on Skype and Ming Zi miss called me at 12.00am. I thought what happened lah, and she said I don't care about her anymore and asked me to go out because she wants to scold me face to face! O______O So garang. Then I went out lor, and then she was there with her BIG pressie! Hehehe. Aww, so sweet okay? She purposely kept till just before my birthday ends to give it to me, but lambat few minutes. But, it's okaylah darling. I still love you one! Hehehe.

A million thanks to the girls:
Ching Yee, Foong Mei, Keshia, Melissa Lim, Ming Zi and Yong Tze for such a wonderful night and most importantly the memories of my 21st birthday.

Dad for sending a huge amount of money to me, which I personally think is too much for my birthday. But, I was so touched that he sent that amount and I almost cried lor.

Brother for a chain and a touching birthday card.

Beng Tack for the Anna Sui's perfume. And his handmade card and bookmark.

Ming Zi for a whole set of body perfume, body lotion, body wash.

Yong Tze for her nice earrings.

Shze Li for sending a nice cheongsam top (I really love the cheongsam! I appreciate that a lot, girl. Don't worry about the size. I will either stuff myself more of I'll alter it when I'm back home, okay?).

My flatmates for the "kitten-ish" birthday card.

All my friends who called me and sms-ed to wish me. And also through Facebook, Friendster and MSN. And also through blogs.

And to the ones that sent me pressies but is still somewhere on their way here, I don't know what is that but I am definitely touched for your time and effort *hugs*

Thanks a million, for the memories!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Pre-birthday celebration

I have an IMPORTANT announcement to make!

*drum roll*


Yes, I am NOW proud to be one!
How many of you wana enter casino but had to pan "matured" to pass through the security?
How many of you wana enter certain clubs but had to lie about your age?
How many of you wana vote but don't get to vote because you're not 21 yet?


This is the first year I had pre-birthday celebration. Hehehe.

Keshia, chef of the night asked me to join her and the rest for her Indian-ish dinner at her flat because got free food ma. And also Indian food. And also because Keshia, my dahling is cooking. When I reached there, Keshia was busy cooking and preparing her Indian dish while the rest of us, just stood there and talked. And menyemak-ed.

Chef of the night & 3 penyemaks

So Indian-ish kan? :D

Ching Yee brought a plate of "halloween" birthday cake which she said looks like me >.<

Trying to figure out why is it called a cake when it doesn't look like one :P

*Unsur-unsur ke-lesbian-an bermula*

Ching Yee: Hoi! I baked for you one okay? Nice or not, looks like cake or not also need to eat okay? At least need to show me that you're touched lah!

Therefore, I gave her this expression, because I love her and I feel oblige to "give her face".

And she tried to comfort me by saying she loves me :P

Just when she said she loves me, I'm one happy girl, again.
See how happily I pose with her *cough* birthday cake!

Need to credit those who helped Ching Yee baked the *cough* birthday cake also rite?

Birthday-eve girl, Yong darling and Queen darling :)

Ching Yee got jealous that I took picture with my other two darlings, and she wanted to make them jealous back. So, she insisted on....

feeding me!

But, I was afraid that my other three darlings will whack me shy so I told her to tahan till we're all alone in her room that I'm not a fan of PDA. Lol.

*Unsur-unsur ke-lesbian-an berakhir*

The dinner was amazing, the company was better. And I went home thinking that my birthday celebration has ended. Little did I know, it was just the beginning =)

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Friday, February 22, 2008
Last week

... we received a parcel from the people back in HELP.
And what's inside?

From Bien Bien. Thank you for the time and effort sending the things over!

Love letters.
not the kuih kapit love letters lah, although I wish they would have sent it together lah

Chinese New Year's Card.
Can you feel the Chinese New Year mood?

Chinese New Year decoration.

And after receiving it, of course excited sial la rite? Wanted to hang up, but dunno how. Until today, I got an idea when I saw cellophane tape =)
Although today is not considered Chinese New Year already lah, since yesterday was Chap Goh Meh, but.... I think I will stick it until, I shift room. Just to remind me of those back home =)

The pineapple head.

I dunno what is this *shy*
Erm, red lantern?
Each corner of my study table.
And the pictures of all of you on the wall.
The strength to carry on. for another 6 months.
Till then, these pineapple head and red lantern thingy and all your pretty, gorgeous and handsome looking faces will accompany me, day and night =)

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
I'm here

I know you are going through a hard time right now, and I can't do much to help you. But, I want you to know that I am always here for you (although we are far physically). Anytime you need someone to talk to, I'm here. Anytime you need someone to listen to you, I'm here. Anytime you need someone to accompany you, I'm here. I am in no position to advice you in this matter but I will support every single decision that you make. Take things easy and remember, it is not worth going through the pain (and tears) for such matter.

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Monday, February 18, 2008
Failed diet plan

I stuffed myself too much during the Chinese New Year's week and I was so keen to go on vegetables and fruits diet for the whole week. I was supposed to eat only boiled vegetables and fresh fruits.

Mango and boiled cabbage + cucumber

Boiled vegetables

But, no! My diet plan only lasted for one day. Satu hari! Only on Monday.

Tuesday, I had nasi lemak. With extra santan in the rice. And Ice Cream. Thanks to Anwari.

Wednesday, there was a Malaysian potluck. And the meals we had, my oh my!

This is only part of the dinner.
Nasi lemak with sambal yang membunuh, boiled eggs, fried anchovies, and kacang.
Roti jala with chicken curry.
Tuna pasta.
Sponge cake.
Red bean soup.
Mango + sago milk.
Fruit cocktail.

Kuih Kapit :)
And pineapple tart as well.

On Thursday, a few of us hot and single Malaysian girls went on a Lesbian-tine dinner at Wetherspoon and we opted for the curry meal since it was Curry Night.

The not-even-a-tiny-lil-bit spicy lamb curry + rice + naan + pappadums.

On Friday, I had Burger King's burger.

This is not Burger King's burger, but it's still a burger la.

On Saturday, I had curry fish head. Do not ask how we cut the fish head. It was a nightmare. for the fish. Ching Yee even pulled the fish tongue and jaw off. Keganasan

Gulai Asam Kari Kepala Ikan

On Sunday, I went for Malaysian Hall Chinese New Year Open House. And the amount I ate, was no where near a normal meal portion, okay?

Fried rice + fried chicken + prawn spring rolls + samosas + fish cakes

Prawn cracker + fried chicken (yet again!)

Tonnes and tonnes of them.

And what's the consequences of eating all these?
Extra kilograms.
All the fat I've gained from the makan sessions. Just in one week.
And I'm down with flu + sore throat + cough.

I deserve it =(

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Ulu moments

I saw this thingy at Anwari's place earlier this afternoon. It's something I've never seen before, and I reckon many of you have seen it. Or maybe it's just me who was so ulu. The picture is not very clear, because I forgot to bring my camera. SE K800i is only 3.2 MP ma. So, yea lah. As long as can see ok d lah. Don't complain.

Come come, guess what is this!

It looks like alien face right?

It's not a gigantic contact lense case.
It's something that can be opened and closed.
It can stand heat.
It's something I've never seen before.
It's something that made me and Queen went "OMG! How to use one? Show us show us!!" which reveals that we are from kampung Malaysia :P

Give you 3 minutes to think. Nonit so long want lah. Know the answer means it will take you less than 3 seconds, if dunno means 3 minutes also no point lah rite?

Times up!
Know the answer?
Come come, let me tell you.

It's an....


How to use it:
1. Open the lid. Told you can close and open wan ma!
2. Add a little bit of water in the 'pouch'. Then break 2 eggs into the 'pouch' like this.

3. Close the lid then put it into the microwave and heat it for approximately 1 minute. That's why can stand heat ma. If not cannot masuk microwave.
4. After 1 minute, you take out from microwave and open the lid then you see la. If it's something similar to this, means cook d lor.

1 minute only okay? Can get boiled egg. Damn Hebat!

If you want half boiled egg, then don't put so long la.

Oh and then ar, according to Anwari you cannot put one egg only. Need to put both sides (got 2 lubang ma). If not, the whole thing will terbalik. Not balanced ma.

And the end product, is something like this. After you korek it out with a spoon.

Healthy okay? No oil one! Only water to cook it :D

Anybody wants this as souvenir? Planning to get this for people before I go back. Hehehe.

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Saturday, February 9, 2008
2008 CNY dinner

Li Huey came down to London to teman me for a whole week during Chinese New Year and since she came all the way from Portsmouth, surely need to entertain and layan her kan? Chinese New Year can't just expect her to stay home in this tiny small box of mine, right? So.. the wonderful nice and thoughtful people like Queen, Yong Tze and me decided to do steamboat for our CNY dinner. Since we had classes on that day, we went back after class and started preparing all the food. The semangated and creative Yong brought papers to decorate the wall because she's jealous that my ex-flatmates decorated my kitchen wall for Thanksgiving. So, we all the-not-so-artistic people drew and wrote nonsense on the paper to fulfill her wish.

The end product..


The contributors: Ah Boon, Li Huey, PenangPrincess, Queen.
Main sponsor: Ah Yong, is the camera person.

We all prepared the dishes together.
Some did dessert..
some did cuttings..
some did washing..
some did arranging.. Some did posing..ALL did eating.. Lol.
After preparing for an hour or two, we finally finished and was ready to wallop everything on the table!

The four lengloisfood goddesses =)
(Notice my red top. Yong actually asked us to wear red because it's CNY. And since I don't have any red top, she gave me hers and she herself wore pink instead. Besides both Queens, none of them actually wore RED! We got conned)

What is Chinese New Year without yee sang right? Since we can't possibly get any proper and real yee sang here, and all of us wanted to lou sang, so.. we came up with brilliant and economical idea.

Presenting the plate of yee sang..

Another lengloifood goddess

Yee Sang: Carrot, cucumber, tang hoon (glass noodle) for the colours.
Cornflakes to replace the nuts.
Honey to stick the 'yee sangs' together.

All ready to lou sang...

Lou sang-ing
The higher the better..

Quite high also la kan?

Get to lou fake sang also satisfied liao. Hehehe.
We had two different soups -

chicken soup and everyone's favourite, TOMYAM!
The tomyam was sooooooooo good! Not spicy enough but was really good especially after so long.
We also had all kinds of balls, vegetables, tofus, and KING prawn. Don't main main ar...

As for dessert, we had..

Green pandan tong yuen :)
With different shapes. Got star, got love, got triangle, got dice (without numbers), and even ikan pari!
Creative people, creative people!

With ginger and brown sugar =) =)

We ate, we talked, we laughed, we weigh ourselves, we got scared. But, the memories and the fats will remain with us. for a long time.

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