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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Thanksgiving Dinner

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving Day and since 3/4 of my flat mates are from America, they decided to cook something and have a thanksgiving dinner together. Got food to eat, surelah must join them kan? Eh, I sound like a big fat glutton now. No no, I mean, I don't really hang out with my flat mates because I very busy ma. see I told you I very busy that's why didn't update blog So it's time to hang out with them.

I thought it was going to be a simple dinner with maybe, one or two dishes, but they damn semangated lor.

They drew this and a few more pictures and paste it all over the wall. I mean, who will do this kinda thing just for a dinner right? Unless you damn semangated la. Another reason is that they prepared

Chicken (looking at the rate the oven is working, turkey will not cook unless they put it overnight)

Chicken Stuffing (I think)

Cranberry sauce

Some egg thingy. With mayonnaise and something

Green bean

Sweet potato baked with honey
(it tasted like Nestum. I LIKE!)

They even made a Thanksgiving drink (or something they drink during Thanksgiving). It's some apple juice + herbs. The taste and smell of the herbs was strong but it was kinda special. They had pumpkin and pecan pie as dessert but I was too full that I can't move okay. Look at the amount I ate la.

Not everyone was at the table yet and I was already scooping the gravy and preparing myself to eat. Hehehe.

So tak malu

All these food were prepared by the 3 Americans in my flat - Linnea, Lindsay and Eric. Since, I have their pictures, maybe it's time to intro sikit.
Presenting to you...
the residents of Flat 23, Robbins Hall

Linnea & Nelly



I think after the dinner, everyone was so hyped up. Everyone was so hyper and we took so many pictures.

Flat 23 residents and 2 Intruders! :p

The super models of 2007

Eric, Linnea, Nelly, Sebastian, PenangPrincess, Queen Next Flat, Lindsay
(look at Linnea & Nelly. Damn pro)

I was posing standing so that I can digest my food faster.

Did you notice that everyone was dressed up? Besides PenangPrincess (shorts & t shirt) and Queen Next Flat (t shirt and long pants). Haiyo, so memalukan.

They seriously cooked too much of food lor. Not lying okay? Linnea, was practically 4 months pregnant after dinner. And Sebastian was

5 months pregnant *faint*

Lesson of the day:
Do not eat too much, or you will suffer the consequences!!

Sebastian, nasi sudah menjadi bubur. Menangis pun tak guna. Lahirkan sajalah anakmu itu.

Mel O gave her order @ 2:04 PM
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Before anyone REALLY burn me with Penunu Bunsen, burn my blog, BBQ me with honey and butter, and having more spiders and spider's friends visiting my blog, I SHOULD really update something kan?

What is the world coming to lah? A bit a bit wana show keganasan. Takku sangka my friends also damn ganas *shake head*

Oh readersku sekalian, JANGANLAH marah. PenangPrincess very the busy la lately. A lot of assignments. A lot of work. Need to study. Need to contact ALL my citizens back in Penang to tanya khabar Don't have much time left for myself, what else to update blog right? No worries because PenangPrincess is back!! to entertain everyone of you. Hehehe.

Stay tuned..

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Friday, November 16, 2007
Di bawah takat beku

That's freaking cold okay?
Sudah dibawah takat beku.
And it's only autumn.
How cold will it be when it's winter?
I love the heat in Malaysia.
I promise I will not complain that it's hot anymore.
Give me some HOT heat!!!


Mel O gave her order @ 11:03 PM
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Saturday, November 10, 2007
The Festival Of Lights

I'm a quarter Indian and every year I celebrate Deepavali. Come to think about it, I celebrate Chinese New Year & Deepavali at home, Hari Raya at my uncle's and close friends, and Christmas at my aunties. Memang muhibbah ni. So proud to be a Malaysian!

Anyway, this year I didn't have the chance to celebrate Deepavali with my family. And I felt quite sad that I'm away from home. No family and friends around to celebrate, no nice Indian food, no angpao. I miss home :(

Yesterday, I was talking to one of my flatmate, Eric and I told him that it was Deepavali. He asked me, "what is that? A holiday?" Lol. These Ang Mohs. Anyway, I told him it was an Indian festival and he went to search about it online. Based on the website he searched, he decided to give me a little surprise to cheer me up since I didn't have the chance to celebrate Deepavali here. I was doing my assignment (yes, I'm that hardworking. Believe it) and someone came knocking on my room door. I opened my door and Eric was standing there with

a bouquet of flowers,
bowing and wishing me HAPPY DEEPAVALI.
These flowers come with flower food, and I don't know what's the purpose. Maybe, I'm supposed to feed the flower everyday? Like membaja?

Then he asked me to follow him to the kitchen and I saw it was all dark. When I stepped into the kitchen, I saw

Of cz the candles were light up la kan? I just didn't have my camera with me at that moment. According to Eric, he purposely went and get the 'Deepavali Leaf' shaped clay lamps so that the Deepavali feel is there (Festival of Lights ma).

Next to the candles, there were

a box of chocolate (excuse the empty spaces, I ate it :p) and a card

All that was just to cheer me up and celebrate Deepavali with me. That was so sweet. He even made me a cup of 'chai' tea (an Indian tea according to Eric). I told him that I've celebrated Deepavali for 19 years, and this is the first time I celebrated it with candles and flowers, Indian tea and chocolates! My family usually celebrate it the modern way. Candles are replaced with lights, flowers are replaced with plastic flowers, Indian tea with soft drinks & juices and chocolate with sweets.

It was really nice and thoughtful of him to put in all the effort and spend those POUNDS on me although we aren't that close. Well, I guess it's the Ang Moh's style to be friendly and nice. My ONE & ONLY Deepavali abroad, and it was not that bad after all (minus the good food, that is).

Happy Deepavali people. Enjoy the Festival of Lights!

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

I remember reading someone's blog about his/her nicknames long long time ago.
I have nth to blog lately so I decided to blog on this.

Nicknames of MELISSA ONG I PING.

1. Meow Meow:It seems that Mel Mel sounds like Meow Meow.
I used to wear a bracelet with bells on it, Vern May & Yien Yee gave me the weirdest comment, "Eh, you wearing bracelet. Got bell wan. Oh, Meow must wear with bell wan ma." (Not exactly that, but it's smth along that line la)

2. Ping Pong: Because my Chinese name is Ping. PING Pong. Some even call me PING Pong Piang.

3. Mummy: Most of my Penang close friends call me this. No, not that scary mummy la. It's the mummy that can get pregnant. JUST FOR YOUR INFORMATION, I'm not THAT old and I don't look that old and I'm not pregnant, okay? I was born in February and most of them were born later than me, one week, one month, 3 months, 5 months, 7 months. So, I'm the mummy cz I'm the eldest.

4. Katak: Because my surname is ONG. And when frogs, err, make sound, it's similar to.. OOONNGG... ONNNNGGG.... Therefore, the nickname, Katak.

5. MILO Ice: Because Roberta started calling me Mel O, then Yips, said it sounded like MILO. And my name is Ping (Hokkien: Ping = ice). So, MILO PING.

6. Melly & Melly Goeslow: Melissa,evolved to Mel, evolved to Mel Mel, then it became Melly. Some called me Melly Goeslow (an Indonesian singer) Oh, I'm so the popular.

7. Ice cream: I don't know why I got this nick name. But, as I know, only one person is using this against me. My assumption is that my Ping is ICE. Ice alone doesn't sound nice, so he added cream to tambah perasa

8. PIG: Because I'm a glutton? Err, maybe I'm as cute as a pig? Hehehe. I know why la. Cz I eat a lot. And sleep a lot too. Eat sleep eat sleep. Common stereotype, eat & sleep = pig.

9. Siao char boh:
Cz I always talk nonsense. And people said I'm crazy. I have no idea why. I'm such an innocent gal *innocent look*

10. Queen, Queen Next Road & Road Side Queen (now Queen Next Flat) : ONG means King. My blog address, Penang Princess. All related to the kerabat diraja. Since aku ni *ahem* perempuan yang lemah lembut, I rather be called the Princess, but somehow it became Queen. Oklah jugak. Queen sounds like I got more POWER to dera command my servants like Alex
Ming Zi has the same surname too, so I'm the Queen Next Road (jiran ma). Fung Min mistakenly called me Road Side Queen when it was supposed to be Next Road Queen. And since both of the Queens are staying in a flat next to each other, therefore, Queen Next Flat.

And all time favourite...

11. Darling:

Mel O gave her order @ 10:39 PM
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Heart heart

Someone LOVES me.
Someone LOVES me so much.
Someone LOVES me too much that it's so obvious.
Someone LOVES me so much that...
she gave me a FAKE heart.

Awww..... *teary eyes*
Yong Yong, I know you love me. I love you too.

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