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Saturday, March 31, 2007
Happy Birthday Li Chen

Li Chen.. Happy Birthday char boh..

The birthday gal. 20 years old liao lo. Same gang with me! :)

I wanted to post up yesterday but don have your picture. Hehehe. One day late nvm la har?
Let's see what to say bout this girl ha?

Come to think bout it, I have known her since... 12 years old. 9 long years d. That's a long long time kan? Oh well, she's a nice gal. Pretty. Mixed blooded lagi tau. Chinese & Siamese.No wonder so peletty la... Jealous aku. Clever. Kind hearted. .....(Insert all the nilai moral yourself la. Lol)

Most importantly, she is SINGLE & AVAILABLE!!

This face also can be SINGLE & AVAILABLE? Macam mana ni? How? An Chua? Lelaki-lelaki di luar sana, dimana anda menyimpan mata anda??

Hahaha. She reminded me to put that S & A. So, those who wants to get to know her more can ask me for her number/email/address/info PERSONALLY. I jaga my friend's hak asasi manusia wan k?

Now I sound like promoting her. No good. No good. But she is HIGH on DEMAND wan ok? PenangPrincess's friend ma. Sure la high on demand. Hehehe.



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Friday, March 30, 2007
Frozen yoghurt

Has anyone eaten FROZEN yoghurt before? Wait, do people eat frozen yoghurt in the first place? Oh well, guess only my roomie does. Lol.

See her frozen yoghurt.

Macam ice cream saja. Imagine how will it taste like? Good? Bad?

According to our creator-of-frozen-yoghurt, it is...

DELICIOUS! Tumbs up!

But, I don't believe. Sure wana post for camera saja.

*If I don't blog anymore after this, I might have been whacked/tortured/killed by the creator-of-frozen-yoghurt*

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Today is my day

Today Beng and I went to 1 U to have dinner. And buy heels. Heels is for my presentation this Sunday. I saw so many sales. Everywhere SALES. I was like almost fainting d. Cannot breath. Got so excited. He saw me. And shook his head. Hehehe. I know what he meant. I always fall for SALES. No matter how useless that thing is to me, I will still buy. Lol. Perempuan kan? Oh well, at least I bought smth useful la. T-shirt from SEED. 50% tau. How to resist? How? How? Cannot rite? Hehehe. Then bought hells. Then went and mum mum. I wanted to try out this restaurant for a long long time. Finally...

The name is so cute. Right? ZUUP= SOUP. Hehehe. They don't sell soup only la. But they specialize in that kot. I kinda like the deco. Very simple. But nice. It's just that the cafe is too crampy. Too small. Anyway, my favourite part of all, FOOD! Hehehe. I shall let the pictures do the talking then. They are more tempting than my words :)

Appetizer: Seafood Chowder Soup

Sedap. Hingga. Menjilat. Garpu.

Main course: Chicken Chop With Wild Mushroom Sauce

Chicken tasted good. The portion was big. The coleslaw was great.
One word: Fantastic

Pan Seared Dory Fish

The sauce was so creamy. I think it tasted smth like Carbonara. So creamy and cheesy. Just the way I like it. The Dory was so fresh.
One word: Fabulous

Dessert: Chocolate thingy.

The choc was so.... choco-latty? The *thinking* pudding is so soft that it goes so well with the choc.
One word: Heaven

Peach with ice cream.

The peach goes so well with the ice cream. Cold and sweet.
One word: Heaven-ly :)

After dinner, we went to Jusco. It was already after 9pm. Got 20% ma. Macam mana mau resist kan? Food tau. Discount lagi tau. Sapu bersih the counter la. Lol. Not that dahsyat la. Hehehe. Hiperbola-ing. While paying at the counter, "ada J Card?" "Oh tak ada." Then Beng asked me why don wana apply one? Good idea. Hehehe. Went and apply and they say can apply supplementary card also. FREE. As in FOC. Fuh, siok habis. Hehehe. I applied for Beng also. So now we kinda have a connected account. JUSCO account. Lol. I was so excited that I told him to be prepared to go Jusco more often. I kept laughing and smiling because I got a new card! to keep in my wallet. And a make it fat. Can con people. Make them think I am rich. Hehehe. Guess, there won't be any more Tesco or Giant for me. Jusco, I will be ur number one fan!! See.. See.. The Jusco card.

My Jusco Card. Cantik sungguh. Aku suka. Aku suka.

With my name on it lagi. MELISSA ONG. Bangga. Bangga.

Beng's Supplementary card. Cantik also la. I made him take the not-so-cantik pattern. Lol.

When I reached home, Yips told me that we have wifi d. Now I am blogging using wifi. Muahaha. Anyway in my room also can blog. Bagus sungguh. It's so fast. I like. I like. Looks like today is just my day. Hehehe.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007
Lessons learned

I’ve learned that just because two people argue, it doesn’t mean they don’t love each other, and just because they don’t argue, it doesn’t mean they do.

I’ve learned that it’s not what you have in your life, but whom u have in your life that counts.

Feeling emo today. Such is life.


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Today after class at 4pm, Jon Sern, Alex, Darren, Yips and me had a group discussion. Rajin kan rajin kan? Hehehe. I was supposed to be presenting the intro and I had to mention what does DSM stands for. Well, to those non-psychology student, DSM is our holy bible. The bible we use to diagnose people with disorders. Fuh... Deep sungguh. Ok, I'm supposed to say "DSM stands for Diagnostic & Statistical Manual for mental health". Sounds pretty easy to pronounced rite? But I think my tongue got problem la. Or maybe it's just hard to say it. I can't seem to pronounce it properly. So, our Jon Sern the GREAT was perli-ing me la. He kept repeating Diagnostic & Statistical Manual for dunno how many zillion times. Cis.. Wana show off his tongue is perfect la tu. Mengada.

Then suddenly he said, "Mel, lu kong si kong mai kong DINASOURSTATISCAL MANUAL of mental health during colloquium can d!" *terbeliak mata then pengsan* Sounded like Dinasour's Testical to me. Lol. What nonsense? Gila punya budak.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Happy Belated Birthday Cecilia Lee

Happy Belated 20th Birthday
to my dearest Cecilia Lee Yee Lean!

Girl, I'm so so sorry I couldn't post your birthday dedication on time. Blogspot la. Stupid! Grr... *punching blogspot* Oh well, I'm late one day but still the most important thing is SINCERITY, kan kan? Oh, PenangPrincess is so sincere! Hehehe.

As I promised you, I will post up BEEAAUUTTIIIPPPOOUULLL pictures of you.

Fuyoo... BEAUTIFOOL bangau with the BEAUTIFUL Cecilia! :)

Clockwise from top: Jane, PenangPrincess, Birthday Gal

I promise I will come back and treat u a nice dinner ok? Err... KFC maybe? Eh, I'm not THAT stingy ok people? But why I wana treat her KFC?? Out of so many things?
Just a little recap of the conversation between Jane and me few weeks back.

Jane: Mel Mel, Ceci wana eat KFC so much. She keep on bugging me asking us to belanja her KFC for her birthday.

Mel: Ayo...that gal. She and her KFC. Ish. Always wana eat KFC nia.

Jane: Since she want to eat KFC so much, I told her we will belanja her KFC. Whole BUCKET some more. BUT... She must finish it on the spot all by HERSELF!! And guess what she said?

Mel: Errr... *thinking* Siao ah??

Jane: Nola. She said ok wor. She some more ask me if cannot finish can tapao home or not wor. Hahaha.

Mel: *pengsan* Guess our birthday pressie for her is settled! Hahaha.

So budak, u wait for me to come back and u will get your KFC pressie ok? Ban ban lai. Don drool now ok? I can see u drooling liao. *passing tissue to Ceci* Nah.. Take and wipe your dripping saliva. Lol. Joking joking.

Fuh, one long post for you. See see I so tai sek. Need to do assignments also I spend so long to type a SPECIALLY DEDICATED post for u. Guess u should add a bigger pressie for me. Hehehe.

!! Muaks muaks.

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Congratz 2006 STPM student

Dear STPM friends,

CONGRATZ to those who did extremely well. To those who didn't, it's not the end of the world yet my dear friends. The future is still far. Don't give up. No one knows what will happen in the future rite? Maybe u ppl will open own business then become MILLIONAIRE ke.. Who knows rite? Then can belanja me makan. Hehehe.

Anyways, CONGRATZ to

JANE CHAN PEI LING!! 4 A's!! I'm so proud of u!! Muaks Muaks.Char boh, engkau ni memang bijak. Sungguh bijak. How I wish I can be like u *dreaming away* If ur willing to donate bit of ur KEBIJAKSANAAN to me also I kam muan liao lo. Hehehe.

CECILIA LEE YEE LEAN!! U too gal! I'm proud of u too!! U did well. Seriously. Muaks muaks for u too :) Hopefully u will get a Uni in KL. Then we can go shopping together gether. How fun can that be? Eh, wait. It's not that fun after all. I sure pokai wan. Hmm... Oh well, it's better to be pokai than not to have anything to wear rite? Lol. *excuses saje*

Emily Moey, u too didn't do that bad. It was good after all. Don't worry la. U will get a good course. If not... If not la.. then u get to go to UTAR lo. Get to be with ur *ahem ahem* ALEXY ma :p

All the best in Uni application yea. Choose what u really wan ok? Don't choose then get the Uni u gals wan then only realize it's not what u all wana do pulak. Ur FUTURE tau. Ur uni life. Ur working life. Bisically ur whole life! Lol. Hehehe. Congratulations again!! *muaks muaks*

*This was a long ago post. Typed it once STPM results were out but then I realized Blogspot's GREAT job!*

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Good Job Blogspot


I get to blog!! Weee..... Thanks to Yvonne. If it's not for her, I think I will be forgetting my blog soon. It has been dead for like..... God knows how long. Lost track of the days due to overload of assignments. Wanted to blog lots and lots of stuff but due to the problem blogspot gave me, I can't blog and now I have nothing to blog about! *thanking blogspot*

Good job BLOGSPOT!

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Monday, March 5, 2007
Asam Laksa...Rindunya..

One my my bestie from Penang just reminded me that it has been AGES since I last ate Penang LAKSA!! Ee...I miss my Air Itam's laksa. It is heaven I tell u. Seriously.

Prove #1 : Because I LIKE TO EAT!! :p

Prove #2: Beng doesn't like to eat laksa. After I took him to that particular favourite stall of mine, he started to like LAKSA too! *smile*

Prove #3: Tan Hua Fu a.k.a. the Alzheimer Disease patient DOESN'T eat fish. Just for your information, laksa is made of FISH!! You can smell like u just fell into the sea after eating one. Lol. Back to that Alzheimer patient. He doesn't eat FISH at all but he EATS LAKSA! And he like's the laksa from this stall too!!

Me favourite ASAM LAKSA stall!

A bowl of wonderful tasty fishy laksa


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We don’t look for love because it’s lonely to be watching movies alone, because it’s sad to be eating meals on our own, or because it’s nice to be cuddling up with someone on rainy days. We look for love because we want to be accepted for the sloppy way we dress, for the clumsy way we eat, for the worst hairstyle we do and for the outstanding simplicity we have. Love is an act of acceptance that with all our imperfections, we are accepted and loved.

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Happy Birthday Seok Theng

Happy Birthday
Seok Theng!!
Welcome to my gang! Lol. Aya...don't worry. We're not old yet. We're just more MATURE than those who are still in their TEENTH. Like I said during my birthday post, I will always and forever be YOUNG. So WILL YOU!! Kita young sama sama tua sama sama ma. Rite? :)Since Mich said u like PINK, so my post will be in PINK also la. Just for u! Baik kan aku ni? Hahaha.
Anyways, sorry la. No picture of u. Wanted to curi ur pic from Mich but then tak nak lah. Later she sue me pulak. Lol. So, Seok Theng, once again HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY gal!


Mel O gave her order @ 1:25 PM
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Tagged again!

Michelle Quah gave me a good way to waste my precious time! by tagging me!

Bold the statements that are true to you.
Italise the statements that you WISH are true.
Leave the Fibs alone.
Then, stab 5 people to do the same test.

I miss somebody right now. :)
I don't watch TV these days. (It's sad. I know. Well, sometimes I feel like dumping my TV into the dustbin!)
I am currently single. (Oh well.. :p)
I wear glasses and contact lenses (I wear contact lenses when I step out of the house. I wear specs when I step into the house. Hehehe)
I love to play video games. (Nah..Not kaki gaming)
I’ve tried marijuana.
I’ve been in a threesome.
I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship. (*terbelik mata* Of cz NOT!!)
I believe that honesty is the best policy.
(That's the best. But we ALL lie at times rite? :p)
I curse. (Me don't curse! The most is SHIT! Budak baik ma. Lol.)
I have changed mentally over the last year. (We all do, don't we? Hmm...)
I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me. (Ingat aku ni serial killer ka?)
I'm TOTALLY smart. (How I wished I am TOTALLY smart. Dalam mimpi pun tak kesampaian)
I've broken someone's bones.
I’m paranoid sometimes.
I would get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, costs nothing and is scar-free. (Still, it's painfull)
I need money right now. (YES!! I DO. Badly. Anyone wana give me money??)
I love sushi. (Ok lah. Not really a sushi lover though)
I talk really, really fast.
I have long hair.
I have lost money in Las Vegas. (Where is Las Vegas?? *Scratch head* Lol. Me poor ppl. No money to go so far)
I have at least one sibling.
I have worn fake hair/fingernails/eyelashes in the past.
I couldn't survive without Caller ID.
I like the way I look. (We shouldn't complain with what we have!)
I have a lot of mood swings. (Oh well, this is so true. Poor Beng. Always become my victim. *shy*)
I have a hidden talent. (Yet to discover. Till then, I believe I have one still HIDING)
I’m always hyper no matter how much sugar I have.
I have a lot of friends.
I have pecked someone of the same sex.
I enjoy talking on the phone.
I live in sweatpants of PJ pants.

Wah...damn long wei this tag. Ish. Michelle thank u for tagging me. Lol. Whoever I'm gonna stab, I'm so sorry. If u ppl wana do YES do it. If not, it's ok. Melissa is a very understanding person u see. *cough cough*

Guess, I'm stabbing..
1. Alex
2. Michelle Teh
3. Mingzi
4. Roberta
5. Yi Ping

Mel O gave her order @ 1:25 PM
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I got back my PSY 203 Child Development midterm today. Goodness. I am so gonna flunk this paper. Not only that, my PSY 204 Adolescent Development too. I'm so gonna be dead when I get my paper back. Die Melissa die. That's why la. Don't wana study. Serve me right! Pn. F.a.t.i.m.a.h. gave me a shock when I couln't find my paper today. I was like "She must have taken mine for LAN. Shit!Shit! I must be the bottom 5 in the class." Believe it or not, just to wait for her to get my paper, my hand trembled like kena Parkinson saja. When I took my SPM and SAM results also not this nervous man. Gosh. Thank God I wasn't the bottom 5. But still, my result is B.A.D. I am a person who doesn't regret for doing smth. I didn't regret that I didn't study hard enough for midterms. I won't blame myself for that. I blame F.a.t.i.m.a.h. Lol. No la. Well, what past is past rite? No point being sad and regreting over spilled milk. So, I made new resolutions in my studies. AZAM BARU for 2007. Abit the late la but better late than never rite? Hehehe.

1. I MUST revise at least ONE chapter EVERYDAY!
(Which means no more blogging n online-ing as often for me! *sobbing*)

2. I MUST study for quiz.
(Which means I must look at books every Sun, Mon, Tues & Wed nites *pengsan* *wondering why I made this azam*)

3. I MUST do my case study properly.
(I'm beginning to like case studies. I did a 3 long pages on my last case study. Rajinnya aku. Hahaha.)

4. I must NOT play in class anymore.
(No more playing n fooling around with Fung Min & Mike. U two don give me anymore *****101 classes!!)

5. I MUST at least pass ALL my papers this sem.
(I MUST not fail any papers. I don't wana fail. I don wana pay 1400 for repeating. I don wana stay back one sem to repeat my papers! NOOO...)

Ok. I should NOT give myself another excuse not to study. Bye Bye penangprincess. Welcome
Child, Adolescent, Research Methods, Counseling and Abnormal Psychology!

Mel O gave her order @ 1:25 PM
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Kena tagged lagi

I got tagged by Erlynda Ng few weeks back I think. I lost my sense of time. Hehehe.

FIVE Reasons Why I Blog (in cronology)

1. My first time getting to know about a blog is last year *shy*. Sori la. Me not advance like u people. Yips, my then housemate my now roomie suggested we combine a blog "as a way to keep our friendship bond and also to boast about the good food we have!" (Khoo, 2007). That was when we had our very first blog - We updated alot of post on FOOD! :) Well, we used to hang out alot and of cz we eat alot too. But so sad, now both of us no longer updates that blog. I eat less good food :( Yips has less time cz she's *cough cough* busy.

Bottomline: As a way to keep my friendship :)

2. Ever since I shifted to KL, my live seems to revolve around the net. Everytime I have extra free time, where will I be? In front of the computer. I can hardly remember the last time I sat in front of a tv and flip the remote. I used to do that all the time back in Penang. The only reason I no longer catch every single episodes on One Tree Hill, TVB Dramas, CSI, Fear Factor, ..... (Oh goodness, I can't remember what show are they showing/showed on tv :( ) is because of my TV. It's in a bad condition, really bad : There will be sounds of explosion when I on the tv, then once it's on, I see no pictures but dots! All I can see is small tiny dots all over the tv that covers the whole screen *pengsan*. Not enuf with that, the tv makes noise. Those 'shh..shhh..shhh...' kinda noise. 98% of my time watching the tv I wont be able to hear what are they talking about.

Bottomline: I'm too free. Lol.

3. As I said earlier, I like FOOD. Yes, I can't live without food. Well, we all can't but I can die faster without food. Lol. Although I'm not as free as last time to go out and enjoy good food around KL, I still do sometimes. Whenever I have the opportunity to eat GOOD FOOD, u people will see it in my post and drool. I wana make u people jealous. Cz those professional food bloggers make me jealous of their food. This is revenge time!

Bottomline: To make u people salivate after looking at those yummy food pictures :p

4. I am a forgetful person. Seriously, I am. I tend to forget things that happened to me after some time. What I did, what I ate, where I went etc. So, how? How can I remember and recall all these in 1 year time? 2 years? Maybe when I have children I wana tell them what their mummy did during her uni life? :) One way: BLOG! So, blog la. Boleh simpan lama. Most importantly, it is FREE. Me likey free things.

Bottomline: To savour the memories I had :)

5. Like Erlynda too, I blog for u people. Hehehe. Macam lah aku ada banyak pembaca setia. Well, I blog for those who read my blog lo. Oh, I blog to keep my Penang friends up to date too. Lol. Don't think many of them read my blog, but still who knows ONE day they might decide to drop by. In order not to disappoint them, I will blog. As frequent as I could. Lol.

Bottomline: For me peminat *perasanness* and friends

I need to tag 5 lucky bloggers.

1. Alex Loo
2. Michelle Teh
3. Michelle (Eh, budak tell me ur surname la! All got surname urs saja tercacated)
4. Ong Ming Zi
5. Roberta Ng


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Happy Birthday Shze Li


Eh budak, that day u perli me sangat kan? Tua la, berumur la. Welcome to the kumpulan orang tua! Nah... Ambik hang :p

I can't find any pictures of us la. Ish.. Like never snap any pictures with u before pulak. See ur face till boring d kua. That's y don wana snap with u. Lol. Ok la Ok la. Since it's ur birthday, bagi hang muka la.

Presenting to you.. The piggy of the year..

See see. U know y I called u piggy rite? Got reason wan ok? Cantik apa? Ok la. Later say I mean pulak. I found another *ahem ahem* NICE pic of u!

Ala budak ni. Dok posing pulak. Tsk tsk tsk.

Oh, since it's ur birthday I must give u some advice wan.

Those who doesn't understand Hokkien, can leave now. Thank u for reading :p

Char boh, tua han liao lo. Mai pai si pai si lu chai boh? Boh ku nia tu beh kao en liao. Ko kui ni nia tu eh chor lang eh mummy liao. U kuai kuai ha? Aboh boh lang ai lu tuh cham liao lo. Wa mai koh lu la. Lu chiak an neh cheh. Ka theng u chiak ka wa boh lui khi pulak. Ko chi lei su, lu an neh tua han liao mai kui jit chor typo error la. Phaiseh nia la. Ginna pun boh chor an neh cheh mistake la. Lu type chap leh ji, kao leh ji ka liao em tiok spelling a. Wa beh tahan ka lu a typo error nia. Lastly, wa beh wish lu happy birthday! Wa thui lai liao ka ho lu pressie ha? Lu mai beh khi ho wa wa a pressie aboh wa mai liao lui beh ho lu liao lo :)


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Green Bday Post


Bit the blur la this picture. But, nvm la. Asalkan aku ikhlas sudah cukup kankan?Hehehe. Oh gal. Welcome to my world!! Muahahaha. Kita sama-sama menjadi *cough cough* MATURED dah. Tak pe tak pe. Few days time Shze Li will be our gang d. Then 20 days time Cecilia will join us too!! Hehehe.

Btw, when I come back I wana borrow ur phone! Somebody got new phone for BIRTHDAY lo. N73 some more lo. Don pray-pray ar...

When I come back I chia u eat.............

Hehehe. Nak nak? Pulau Tikus market wan. U like ma. See see. I so understanding. Touched leh? Don't cry don't cry. Come Melissa sayang *muaks muaks*

My post is in green because my fren here is a BIG FAN of GREEN!! Must dedicate such special post for her wan ma. Touched again rite? Hehehe. I know u feel like giving me a BIG HUG n KISS d wan.. But keep it till I come back then only give me ok? *SK, jangan jealous ok? :P*


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