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Friday, June 29, 2007
For once, ......

Since young I have been dreaming of studying overseas. No, I don't mean crossing over the sea from Penang to KL. Overseas as in out of Malaysia. To Australia. Or maybe UK. Or some kuai lou country. For as long as I can remember, I never gave up on my dream for anyone. Not my exes, not my friends, not my family. Unless, if my daddy tersayang doesn't want to sponsor my education, then I have no choice but to give up. Not like I can afford it on my own, rite?

I've always thought that no one, no one besides my dad could influence my decision of going overseas. But, for once, I really thought of giving up my lifetime dream for someone. I wanted to stay on in KL because I seriously don't trust in long distance relationship. I used to be in a so called long distance relationship. It's so called long distance because I was in KL while my ex was in Nilai. Which was just an hour away. With just an hour distance, it still didn't work out. I doubt it will work out if I am flying off to London. For a moment, I almost decided to stay here. Graduate from HELP. Work here in KL.

It's not like I don't trust him. I do. I trust him more than I trust myself, really. Lol. And my friends said, they too believe that he will wait for me. But, the word LOOONNNNNGG distance is far too much for me to handle. We have been avoiding this topic for quite some time. But, I think, IF I'm leaving to London, this topic should not be avoided anymore. Its time to have a serious talk about this matter.

He was right. Even if it works out for the one year, what about the rest of the years? I will most probably be back in Penang, working. He will most probably be working here. What will happen to us? True. It makes sense. But, we can't predict our future, don't we? I might be back in KL to work. Or, I might be continuing my Masters in London, where he too will be there for his Masters.

I want the best for myself, like I've always wanted. I want the best for us, too. But, how? Either way, something, someone, will have to sacrifice. He is a nice bf. Understanding and supportive. He wants me to go. He wants me to take the chance to make my dream come true. He wants the best for me, for my future.

We came to a conclusion. We don't know what will happen in the future. We don't know if I will be going to London. We don't know if I will be back in Penang to work. We don't know if I will continue my Masters directly after my degree in London. We don't know. But, we know that we will give it a try. The rest is left for God to decide. I have faith in you, dear. In us.

As for this, I respect those who are in long distance relationship and is still able to maintain it well. Tiffany, Cecilia, Jane. You gals proved that distance is not a barrier and I *salute* you gals for that!

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Saturday, June 23, 2007
Eye on Malaysia

I wanted to go here since months ago. But never had the chance. Beng took me there on Friday. I was so excited. Happy. Suahpah-ness (ulu-ness) in me was revealed. Lol. Where to?

Eye on Malaysia :) The answer to the picture of my previous post.

We reached Taman Tasik Titiwangsa at 8pm. And there was some 'water sky' (water fountain show) going on. The graphic was nice. Took a video of it. Then we headed towards the EYE. It was huge. Probably twice the size of a normal ferris wheel.

The ferris wheel with lights on.

The ferris wheel without lights on.
The gondolas look like they are hanging in the air. They are flying without wings.

The Malaysian ferries wheel consist of 42 gondolas, which can fit about 6 people per gondola. However, you cannot stand in the gondola. Or you will knock your head and make the gondola swing in the air and you will feel dizzy and increase your adrenaline. It is exactly the same version as our normal fun fair ferris wheel besides the size that is bigger. It takes around 12 minutes to complete 5 rounds and you get to enjoy the scenery of KL. Sounds pretty cool, rite?

But compared to London Eye, this ferris wheel is so tiny and so un-canggih.

Theirs are the capsuled kind. It can accommodate 25 people in one capsule and they can stand up straight. It takes 30 minutes to complete a whole round :( I wish I have money to go London.

Anyways, a few pictures I took on that day.

The Petronas Twin Towers from the gondola.

Another shot of the Twin Towers.

Could not snap much cz there's nothing much to snap, really. Since it was all dark, only lights could be seen everywhere.

There was the 'water sky' played at 9pm. And it was 30 minutes long. Initially, it was nice and I was pretty amazed with the graphics.

Like this one.

Supposed to be some Bridge in Malaysia.
Camera not so high tech la. Cannot capture the perfect picture.

And this one.

Supposed to be Istana Budaya.
I captured it too fast. Therefore, only the bumbung of the Istana can be seen. Lol.

I actually find this picture rather amusing.

The water fountain is way taller than Petronas Twin Towers. Hehehe.
Twin Towers look so tiny here. Amazing, kan? No?

But, after sometime I realized they keep repeating the graphics and they are basically promoting Malaysia. With different local holiday destinations, the multiracial citizens, our wonderful buildings like Petronas Twin Towers, KL Tower, Istana Budaya and also international sports arena like Litar Sepang. I kinda got bored of it after a while. But what to do, Visit Malaysia 2007, kan? This is their chance to promote their country. Just let them promote all they want la. Hehehe.

Since we were there, of course we need to pose with the Eye rite?

The person who took me there and paid for my ride :)

The person who was brought there and paid for her ride.

Me, who dreamt of going to the EYE and he who made my dream came true :D

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Coming up..

Next update..

Something related to this.

Any idea what is it?

Come, guess guess guess.

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Pos Laju - Reliable National Courier

I'm sure many of you know this

Yes. Pos Laju, our RELIABLE national courier.

On Wednesday, Beng and Alex went to college and took the official letter from Dr Goh and posted it Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia (LLM) to request for statistics to be includes in our assignment. According to the post offices' guy, the letter will reach on Thursday as it requires on ONE day for delivery.

We tried calling LLM but nobody answered the call because many of them went down to Penang for the Penang Bridge Marathon. So we, the dedicated and hardworking group went all the way to Kajang. Not for the satay but for our assignment sake. Went there, after meeting and annoy most of the staffs there, we were informed that they have not received our letter (sent through Pos Laju, Malaysia). Not knowing where our letter went, Beng called Pos Laju (after many difficult attempts on finding their number). And to our surprise, these Pos Laju people told us that our letter was already sent. But. Not to LLM (as written in the address) but to UNITEN. What? It is so clearly stated that the letter needs to be delivered to LLM not UNITEN. How can anyone mistaken the two DIFFERENT places? They don even look similar in anyway. Not the alphabets, not the number of words, not the pronunciation.

After thousands of calls, a guy with the name Ahmad promised us that he will get a postman to deliver our letter by 12 o'clock to LLM. Since we were there and we (especially Alex) do not trust our Pos Laju anymore, we waited till 12pm. There. Right in front of the entrance. On the stairs. Like some beggars. Waited and waited.

10.30am. 11.00am. 11.30am. 12.00pm. 12.05pm.

No postman. No letter. Only disappointment and anger. Never in my wildest dream that our boyish looking group member will be so pissed that he scolded the Ahmad guy on the phone. And all sorts of 'matured' words came out of his mouth. Lol. We waited till 12.5opm and the Ahmad guy came there with the letter. Sort of. Since yesterday was Friday, government office closes at 12.15pm and only reopens at 2.45pm. Since the letter came when all of the staff were not in, we had no choice but to wait till 3pm. Great.

We drove out to have lunch. While on our way to spot for places to eat, we saw this building...

Yes. UNITEN building. Where our letter was initially delivered. The best part is that UNITEN is not even 5 minutes away from LLM. And the so called Post Laju took more than 2 hours to take the letter from UNITEN to LLM. But, come to think of it we cannot blame them. Because they cannot even differentiate the word UNITEN and LLM. Maybe, they got lost because they cannot read the sign board that clearly stated LLM.

What I cannot understand most is that these Pos Laju people knew that they sent our letter to the wrong place. UNITEN instead of LLM. But, why didn't they do anything about it? If we didn't find out that our letter was NOT delivered, we would not have called them. So, they would not have taken the letter from UNITEN and send it to LLM, la? Our letter will be in UNITEN forever and ever and just waste our money and cost us our grades! Wat's amazing is their statement behind the receipt "Pos Laju will make every effort to deliver your items according to its standard and quality of service". Yes. I could see that they put in all their effort to deliver the letter to the right place.

We paid Rm6, 20 times more than the normal 30 cents stamp. Even our letter didn't reach the CORRECT place, imagine your 30 cents letters. No, I'm not trying to sabotage Pos Laju. It's just that as a Pos Laju user, I felt so disappointed that they are charging us so much yet neglecting their responsibility.


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Thursday, June 21, 2007
Bad luck season

Bad luck is following me everywhere.

First, I fell down and injured my knee just before my exam.
Then, I did so badly for my Human Personality exam despite finish studying every chapter. Ok, fine. This can be called stupid not bad luck. But I still consider it bad luck :p
Then, my wound got infected and I had to waste money and went through the pain for 3 weeks.
Then, I scratched my arm with my pencil. That is so lame but there's a long mark on my arm now.
Then, my right eye hurt so badly that I can't even open it. And it was so freaking red.
Then, I injured my toe. And it hurts even more freaking badly.

Oh, looks like it is not only me. Me besties are in bad luck too.

Jane: She went to toilet in Queensbay Mall and upon entering the toilet, she reminded herself that "my slipper very slippery. Careful don't slip." Masuk cubicle safe lagi. Nothing happened. Once she stepped out of the cubicle, one of her leg slipped while the other one leg ter-kneel down and there she was kneeling on the dirty floor in front of the dirty sink with her 'will you marry me' pose. As bad as I feel for her, I can't stop laughing *laughing till roll of the bed* Well, in our term, it is "karma" cz she laughed at me when I fell. And I laughed at her when she fell. And we both ended up in some kinda 'painful and humiliating tragedy' not long after. I promise I won't laugh at u anymore Jane. I try *giggling* I tink I can't. It's so funny. Hahahaha.

Cecilia: She was plugging the plug of her new computer to the socket when the next thing she realized was an explosion and smoke from her CPU. She could feel the pain in her ear due to the explosion but what hurts more was her heart. It was a brand new computer. Poor gal. All I can do was to tell her not to be sad.

Emily: Something bite her poor little finger and it is swollen. She don't even know what bit her. All she can do is stare and look and feel pain for her swollen finger.

And Jane wants me to tell this.
WARNING: DO NOT buy slippers from FOS or you will end up like her proposing to the dirty and stinky floor. The slipper costs RM20++, so DO NOT waste your money on that pathetic slipper unless you wish to slip and fall. And I quote from Jane, she call the slipper "cantik tapi bodoh" and I call it beauty without brain. Lol.

Is it just us or it is some kinda bad luck season? What am I supposed to do to buang all the malang-ness and sial-ness away?

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
The good and the bad news

Remember some time around a month ago I posted up a post on my knee injury? Yes. The post on how I fell and injured my knee miserably.

The good news: The wound dried up and the ugly looking dried skin 'dropped' off. More like I peeled it off. Lol. My knee is plaster-less now.

Wee.... Although it is still ugly since the big wound is gonna take months before it disappears, I am a happy gal because I can finally wash my knee with soap. Again. After 3 weeks of only washing the side of the wound.

The bad news: I injured myself. Yes. Again. Today.
I don't have classes on Wednesdays and Beng came and fetch me out for lunch. After eating lunch, the greedy me wants to buy the Ikea's curry puff, so off we went to Ikea. Cz it won't take long, Beng parked by the road and we walked in. After getting my 1/2 dozen of curry puff, we walked back to the car. There was a bike parked behind his car, towards the left side. So we went in the car and he tried reversing his car but couldn't coz the bike was too near. He went down and pushed the bike. Second attempt failed too. So, I went down and instructed him. But, I looked at the distance and thought it is highly impossible to reverse his car because the bike is too near his car. So, PenangPrincess, the HEROIN of the day, went and pushed the bike. My first time pushing a bike okay? It was so damn heavy. And I continue pushing it to the side. And then I felt smth heavy and hard on my toe. Looked down and my toe was so painful. "what did I do to my toe?" I left the stupid pathetic bike there and went to the car. Once I went into the car, the stupid pathetic bike's owner who looks extremely stupid and pathetic came to his bike and wore his stupid pathetic helmet and ride his bike away. I looked at my toe and guess what I saw?

OMG! I just injured my toe. It looks less serious and painful than my knee injury rite? WRONG!! WRONG!! It hurts like 5 times more okay? When I fell and injured my knee, it was painful but I could still stand the pain. But this, I couldn't. I sobbed so badly in the car. Like a small baby. What? It was so freaking painful and when I thought of the motorbike stand (the metal thing to tahan your bike so that it won't fall when u park), I think it is rusty and maybe I will die soon. But luckily I took injection for tetanus before this. So I think, I am pretty safe. Err, am I?

When I came home, my toe looked like this.


But thank God I had leftover cream and wound cleanser? (some liquid to wash my wound). So I used that to clean and it is not as painful anymore. But, it is still bleeding

Lesson of the day: Say TAK NAK to motor.

Why am I so unlucky these days? Why? Why? One recovered another one came. I seriously think I need to do some ceremony to buang all the sial away. One month ago left knee, today right toe, another one month God knows what will happen to me, again. Before I injure myself badly I should be extremely careful. I don't wana waste any more blood just like that.

I did injure my toe. I went through pain. Am still going through it. But, on a brighter side, I got myself this.

Nice yummy expensive curry puff. 1/2 dozen some more. Aku lahap semua ! :p
No pain no gain kan? Hehehe.

There's only 5 curry puffs left in this pic. Coz I ate one once I finished washing my wound. Tak boleh tahan the temptation ma. I need to eat to forget the pain I'm going through. I don't need pain killer to stand the pain. All I need is FOOD! -hint hint- :)
Err, did I just prove to everyone that I am such a pig? *shy* Lol.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

I went for the B. Pscyhology's BBQ & Acoustic Night earlier. Quite a number turned up and I think it was fun. Although the lamb was kinda tasteless and I felt like vomiting after eating it, the food was not bad. But, I ate only one round. So little. So hungry okay?? Arrghh.. paid RM10 for such little food!! Grr...
thank God I won something for lucky draw.
Ok. Fine. It wasn't me. It was Beng.
But still, barang dia kan barang saya jugak?
See. See.

RM 20 voucher of Tower Records. Hehehe.
Although I can't buy anything with that amount, but still.. SAYA dapat free voucher ma.

I have something in mind. I want to get this CD. Guess, I have to spend it for him la. Saya kan budak baik, saya tolong dia spend lo :D

Besides this voucher, I still have my MPH voucher with me. Untouched.

RM 20 + 20 + 20 + 10 = RM70. YEAY AGAIN!!

Looks like I get to buy books and probably CD (if I can make Beng give me the voucher) without even having to pay a SINGLE cent!! Wee.... Isn't life beautiful? :)

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Cravings of PenangPrincess

If you are hungry, please do not attempt to proceed reading this post. Run. Save your life. Go far far away from my blog. Or you will salivate and die of hunger. No joke.

I have been craving for SPICY-LICIOUS food these days.
Hot & Spicy.

Fish Head Curry
(the fish looks so ugly. But me likey. Janji sedap)

Tom Yam Kung
(Spicy and sour. Cukup oomphh..)

Asam Laksa
(Don't have to mention. This is my ALL time favourite. I will kill to eat this. I can eat this 3 meals a day :p)

Being raised in Penang ISLAND, how can I not like seafood kan?
Allergic also I hentam saja. All turun masuk perut.
Lepas tu, barulah terhegeh-hegeh nak complain sini gatal sana gatal.

Prawns. Big ones.
(I heart those with the skin. I peel it off slowly. Savour every bite. Yummy)

(I like those with.....errr.....egg?yolk?what is that called ha? The orange stuff)

Sotong kangkong.
(I can eat the whole plate of this. Or even just the sotong. It's tasteless, but I LIKE!)

And also...

Not this duck la. Dead & cooked one la of course.

This one. Crispy duck.
(The skin especially. My gawd!)

Sushi. Ebiko & Salmon especially.

Seafood chowder. Good mushroom soup will do too.

How I wish I am in Penang now. It's like everywhere I go, I can find something good to eat. Cheap & good. Or can ask mummy & daddy to cook. I miss Penang. 3 more weeks to go and then "Balik Kampung, O'ooooo...Balik Kampung, Hati Girangggg...." Hehehe. But, I desperately wants to eat fish head curry and tom yam. KL-ians, any idea where to get good and tasty ones? And cheap too. Pokai dah aku ni. If expensive also can la. Just find someone to sponsor me. ANYONE willing to? *innocent & pitiful look*

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Sunday, June 10, 2007
Long wordy tag

I got tagged by Tiffany Soh. Told her I will complete her tag during sem break but I kena marah. And Michelle Quah have been bugging me to update my blog. Since I have nth to blog, I shall use this tag to post smth up on my dead blog.

WARNING: This is a super long wordy post. If you're lazy to read/not interested in my life, just skip this post.

Rules: For those who have been tagged, you are required to write a story about one of your crushes, be it a current or previous crush. To be exactly different form the common tags, there is no questions imposed this time. All you have to do is to write a story about him/her. Also, five persons will need to be tagged at the end of the post. You must post up these rules before you start writing.

Initially, I thought this was kinda hard. Crush. But since I have nth to write, oklah. *thinking* *fall asleep* (reminds me of Zyenn :p) *wake up* ok. I think I know who to write. Here it goes..

It was so long ago, I'm writing this based on my memory (for those who know me well enuf they will know I have bad memory. Can never remember stuff *shy*). Maybe some info disclosed might not be true (I might have created my own memory). So, to the person involved, please don sue me :p

This happened back in 2001 when I was in Form 2. One of my bestie intoduced me to this guy, lets name him GUY, who is from her primary school. We chat over ICQ (that time everyone uses ICQ what?) and we became pretty close. GUY kept asking me out but I didn't wan to (I was a shy gal back then. Oh wait, I still am. Hehehe). Then one day, my bestie (the one from the same primary sch as him) asked me out. I didn't wan to la but she and another bestie came to my house and drag me out. So, ok lo. Went to Bukit Jambul Complex (a shopping mall in Penang) and the gals introduced me to this boy and his fren. Guess who was it? GUY la for sure. He's the hero in this story wat. Hehehe. Anyway, I saw him then we continue chatting on ICQ and stuff la and I sort of liked him cz it was nice talking to him n have his company, I think (I can't remember the exact reason d la. Smth along the line la). Then he asked me to be his gf. Not once, not twice. But many many times. But I said no. For some reason, I didn't say yes. Then in Form 3, I was in the same class as, let's name her GIRL, a gal who is from my primary sch too. We were pretty close friends and she knew I was close to S and I liked him and she asked me to introduce her to him. Ok. I thought "nth wan ma. Intro as frenz only wat?" So, intro d then she asked him to be her godbrother (That time this godbro godsis thing very popular) and he also agreed. Then using that reason, they (GUY, GIRL & GIRL'S best friend) always go out on Fridays, after school. GUY always asked me out together but I don wan cz I was very kuai back then. Hehehe. Then, in class I always overheard GIRL and her best friend talking bout this guy whom GIRL likes very much. I thought she liked someone and since she didn't tell me, I didn't bother. Bla, bla, bla ------------------> Forward till after PMR.

After PMR, during the holidays we (the whole bunch of people. Can't remember who d but GUY and another guy, L, my ex bf, who was my fren back then was there) went for a movie. In the cinema, he and L kept making noise to give each other the opportunity to sit next to me (Stupid ppl!Can't they just sit n shut up? *slap*) Then after movie, we went Pesta (FYI, it's a place sort of fun fair kinda thing, but got food, entertainment, shops etc). Then while walking, I saw GIRL working there. She saw me and she came out and talked to me. She said she wanted to follow me also. So, she came along with us and we ate KFC for dinner (If my memory serves me right). Then the guys was sitting at one table, we, the gals at another table. While eating, GIRL told me she wanted to come with us because of GUY. Cz, she 'on' with GUY d. I was so shocked, but I controlled my emotions la. Wana jaga muka ma. Dowan to show any response or anger. The whole nite I didn't talk to GUY. And that was the last time I was ever close to him. And after that nite, GIRL stopped talking to me. Even when she sees me in sch, she won't even smile. Fine la. Who cares kan?

Then, recently when I was chatting with GUY, we found out stuff that happened years back. It seems that during that nite at Pesta, he and GIRL wasn't together yet. They only got together after that cz GIRL told him that I had a bf already. And I thought they got together first. Complicated? Okay, it's like this. My friend, GIRL kinda manipulated all of us by telling me that she and GUY got together already when the fact is they haven't. And I thought she was telling the truth and I got so mad and didn't wana talk to him properly anymore.

And both of them are still together, I think but I lost 2 friends, cz GIRL wouldn't allow GUY to talk to me. Whenever we CHAT, just chat only ok, she will throw temper at him n merajuk. So, till today I think she hates me. For reasons I don't know. I'm the one who is supposed to be angry ok? She lied to me so that I will be mad at GUY and she on the other hand, asked GUY to be her bf!But, who cares?

I believe everything happens for a reason. If it's not for her, I might not have met wonderful people for the past years and I won't be with who I am today. I am glad to be here today, with the person I care most :)

The end

Tiff: I know u wanted to see some sweet story from me, but I purposely gave this not-in-anyway-sweet story. Different ma. All also write sweet sweet stories boring kan? Hehehe.

GIRL: If u so happen to read my blog, which I'm sure u wont, *emo* I'm not angry cz u "stole" my crush from me. I'm instead happy that I saw u for who u r. All the years of frienship!

My besties: I'm sure u gals know who this crush is. Hehehe. Cecilia, you for sure will know this. U were the culprit behind all this. Hehehe.

Mich Quah & Rei: Nak update sangat kan? Nah, ambil la panjang lebar punya post. Especially for u 2. Hehehe.

Such a long wordy post. My god! I think it's my longest wordy post ever! And least colourful post.

According to the rules, I need to tag 5 people. Although I don't think anyone will do this tag besides me, I shall follow the rules la. I kan budak baik, always ikut peraturan mia!

1. Alex Loo
2. Cynthia Lim
3. Eu Jon Sern
4. Erlynda Ng
5. Michelle Quah

Can I add few more ppl? Hehehe.
Yes la. I kaypo wana know bout others. Like you're not :p
Who else tak kena tag eh?

7. Mike Chang
6. Roberta Ng
8. Yvonne

That's all, I think. The rest kena tag dah.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I seriously hate this thing.
It's so freaking ugly that I felt like throwing it out of the car.

This thingy is actually a plant, I think.
Can grow green 'hair' when it is watered.
The *ahem* amazing owner of this TOYOL is planning to grow 'hair' for his peliharaan.

Where, you might ask?

1. Chin - Beard
2. Chest - Chest Hair
3. Backside hole - Backside hair? *faint*

Seriously, who on earth will waste their money buying such an ugly stuff, kan? Besides Tsung Jern yang teramatlah special. Somehow, he loves U.G.L.Y & S.C.A.R.Y stuff.

We went Swensens for dessert and out of so many ice creams, he chose the UGLIEST. Seriously.
Look at the tengkorak. So ugly. It even scared a small kid, okay? Eee...

And he is constantly scaring me with his UGLY TOYOL.
Jern, I can't stand your ugly toyol! Stop scaring me with it. I'm so gonna buy ONE toyol and we can have a toyol fight! U just wait for my TOYOL to arrive!

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