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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Swine flu symptoms.
Flu - check
Cough - check
Sorethroat - check
Fever - check
Headache - check
Vomitting - no
Diarrhea - no
nausea - no

Wahlao eh!
I have 5 out of 8 symptoms for swine flu.

Holy.......... &*^&%&


I've been sick for few days.
I could hardly drive to get dinner for myself.
Thank you darling for taking over the wheels and making sure I have food to eat the following day.
And scolded me for bathing when I was having fever.
And make me buy bananas instead of pears so I won't have constipation oh btw, I shit today haha

I've recovered about 60%.
No more fever and body ache.
But terrible cough and mild headache.
The coming two weeks will be spent mostly at work.
A lot of upcoming training and events.

I need to be healthy!!
Dinner tonight will be mee suah or soupy stuff.
Hmm, really sick man's food :(

Mel O gave her order @ 9:50 AM
1 minions