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Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm very bored and hungry so let me tell you why I love my current job.

1. I get to dress up all formal and professionally to meet client. You know like the typical career woman. My boss was just telling me that we need to get a blazer for me so that it will be more professional looking when we meet clients. And the best part: he's gonna pay for it! Hehehehe.

2. I don't have to wake up early (on most days) because my boss is very kind wan! He will ask me to go office which is about 10 minutes away from my place at around 10am. So, I get to wake up at 9am. Unless we have events going on (just like last Sunday and the following weekends), I had to get up at 6am! -_- but I guess it's normal lah hor... I used to get up at that time everyday before this!

3. When I go to work, I have a chauffer to drive me around. And it's free of charge. And when I do go to work, my meals and drinks are paid for too. And I've been a regular customer to Starbucks and San Franscisco Coffee. I think I've been there more times in the past 2 weeks than I've been there for the past 21 years ;p

4. I now have an additional phone line to make business calls and it's all paid for too! :D The best part: my boss is going to get me a phone because I only have one phone and it's very troublesome to keep changing sim cards. It will be a cheap phone la of course. Probably between Rm200 to Rm300? Whatever it is, I guess, a free phone for me pretty soon eh? ;)

5. Let me tell you a story. Hahaha. So random siao eh.
Last week my boss gave me some work to do for last Sundays event. I didn't finish it yet and on Saturday we were supposed to go to Marriots Hotel to set up for the event the next day. And if you realize last Saturday was Valentine's day ma. Then I told my boss that I want to go back earlier on Saturday lah want to curi tulang a bit hehehe. Then he said got a lot of things to do, so I thought ok lor nvm liao lah. Then we were preparing for the presentation and then he said,"too bad it's not on Valentine's day if not I can tell the participants whoever is very participative can have a dinner with the master facilitator. But then, everyone might not want to participate to avoid having dinner with me! (hahahahaha! Why my boss so funny!?) Eh, wait. It's one day after Valentine's day right???! So tomorrow is Valentine's day no wonder you want to go off earlier! Okay, tomorrow you no need to go to work. You can go celebrate Valentine's day. Just pass the work that you're supposed to do to me and I'll finish it for you!" OMG Why is my boss so funny and nice?!??!

6. I get to learn all the skills that I would consider important to survive in working world. Communication skills, presentation skills, networking, how-to and how-not-to etc. Good skills to acquire for life lah I supposed.

7. I get to eat good stuff :D Like last week's event, it was held at Marriots Hotel. All the participants were provided with food at cafeteria while we *ahemthemoreimportantpeopleahem* were asked to go to the restaurant to enjoy the lunch at their expense! Now, life is good. Hehehehe.

Of course you will feel that my life is so selamba and this job is so easy! Nothing to do also. But, I can assure you that it's NOT easy in anyway! There are so many things I need to learn and pick up as soon as possible. He's training me and making me think think think critically!! My brain damn slow okay? Rusty liao :(

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