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Thursday, January 1, 2009
Happy 2009

Time flies.
It's already 01.01.09.

A bit of flashback of what I've done in 2008.

Went for the most holidays/trips in ONE year.

Met my longlost sister.

Did the jumping post for the FIRST time.
At Eiffel Tower.

Drank a really LARGE coke.

Shot my own scary movie.;P

My FIRST ever snow fight.

Sank my teeth in the oh-so-delicious Krispy Kreme.

Celebrated my first Chinese New Year away from home.

Attended my first friend's wedding.
Graduated and got myself a job.
Got myself promoted to management trainer as well.

Met this hot handsome hunk.
But he still can't beat the love of my life.
I finally kissed him!
Oh yea, spiderman baby! :D

2008 was a great year.
I went through many things.
I did many things.
I tried many things.
I sacrificed many things.
I lost many things.
I gained many things.
Overall, it was a fun and memorable year.

Yet, I have a feeling that 2009 is going to be better than 2008.
So many happy things in life will lead to a better year ahead.

Happy 2009 people!

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