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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wanted to update on my Langkawi trip but I haven't received pictures from Joshua the mangkuk head so I'll blog about something else. Something embarrassing :( How I almost died! Not lying.

I went hiking and I almost died while hiking up.
Quarter way, I stopped then.. I felt dizzy.
To the extent they said my lips were pale.
Rest for awhile, then felt better.
Stand up dizzy again :(
Stupid stupid. No stamina.
Old people also so much better. Cis!
They were fanning me all the time and everyone wanted to hike down because I looked as though I was going to die up there ;p

See!! How pale was I ;p

Ignore the ugly face, I didn't get enough sleep the night before! *denial denial*

Emily was also like me, but more strength lah. She kept saying we should have went for breakfast instead. And they planned what to eat while I was resting.

The guys were very energetic lah. Joshua, goes to gym so obviously he has the stamina to hike up lah. Still got energy to...

dance ;p
I have no idea what was he doing there actually. And I didn't notice that Emily was behind him until he told me. Hehehe.

The most energetic one was Filbert. He hiked up and he looked as though he was just walking in a shopping mall -_-

While waiting for gain back my energy, the three found their own entertainment by...

whipping each other ;p
The main whipper.

He whipped Emily and then Emily whipped him back but she didn't know how to. So, Joshua wanted to demo HOW to whip people the correct way where they can feel the pain. And obviusly he wouldn't want to whip Emily or else he'll kena pinch until his hands blue black. And he wouldn't wana whip me either since I was weak, so who else lah...that can be his victim right? *cough* Filbertlahwhoelse *cough*

The after effect of being whipped by Josh ;p

Once I gained back my energy and didn't feel dizzy anymore, we continued our journey and this time around Filbert was in front of me pulling me up. Hehehe. My whole weight was on him and guess whatttttt? I didn't feel tired at all! I didn't feel dizzy. I didn't feel my legs hurting! Omg.. should have asked him to pull me up from the start. Hehehe.

On the way up can stop and snap pictures some more!

After quite some time, we finally reached.... Station 5! Omg, damn proud lor. Although initially plan was to hike up to Penang Hill you see they all gila want ok? I hike 15 minutes also wana die d, wana hike up ALL the way to Penang Hill for few hours. Chee sin! but we managed to make it to Station 5 which is like higher than Station 1, 2, 3, 4 okay? *pulls collar* ;p

The view on the way up and down from the hill...

Dua ekororang ni macam bermusuhan saja. Stand till so far. Hahaha.
Anyway, see the view behind? That's Penang island! Wooohoo! Damn proud to be a Penangite :D

After hiking, we went for breakfast and then....we went to the travel agency and enquire about our Langkawi trip. The next moment, Joshua and I was at the counter calculating the amount each person needs to pay and we PAID for our ferry tickets and hotel room! And... was getting ready to go shopping for our trip on Monday (which was only 2 days away)!!

It was such a last minute plan..and how did the trip turned out to be?
Will update on that soon.. soon.

Mel O gave her order @ 8:26 AM
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