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Saturday, June 28, 2008
New room, new campus

I've been so busy lately and few days ago, I spent 1.5 days

packing my things.

Because I'm going back to Malaysia (Right! I wish lah). No lah, because I'll be having summer school in another campus and therefore I shifted to another hall. If you compare Trent Park (my current campus) to Enfield (old campus), it's a lot better lah. I love Trent Park. They got a lot of grass. Hehehe. I shall blog about the campus some time soon. So, anyway I packed and packed and this is my hasil for 9 months being in London.

My friend was so shocked to see all the things.

I came here with 2 luggages only lor. I seriously have no idea how I accumulated so many things, but again it has been 9 months since then. Now I know why shipping companies make a lot of moneys. And I will be one of the contributors, soon.

This is one side of the student halls, GarbageGubbay Hall.

My room is one of the many many rooms. I was trying to explain to Beng how my hall looks like but I had a hard time explaining. Finally, I figured out a way to explain the hall and I told him to imagine Twin Towers. My hall is something like that, with two buildings and one walkway in the middle.

Same ma. No meh?
4 stories Twin Tower.

Although it's rather old, the security is quite good lah. Got guard in front the main door and they lock the main door. Only those with keys can go in. Even if you managed to break into the walkway, you will have a hard time going to either one of the blocks because of..

This security lock (got password one okay?) is placed at the door to each building.
So without the password you cannot go into the building. Not bad lah kan?
Quite canggih-fied.

But the room...
Crushed my heart when I saw it.
I knew it was bad, but I didn't know it's going to be this bad *cry*
Oklah, to be fair it's not TOO bad but still I never thought it will be this bad lor.
The furnitures are super duper old. It reminded me of my grandma's old house that I grew up in.

a long table. So long that I don't know what to put on it.
a bed. It's comfy and I cannot feel any spring unlike in Robbins.

a sink in the room but no toilet :(
a shelf in between the bed and sink. For me to put all my rubbish things.

And the best part of the room is the cupboard.

That's the cupboard. No, I'm not trying to show you all my clothes but if you're observant, you will realize that there's no door to it.
Yes, a door-less cupboard.
Seriously, who the hell will design a cupboard without a door? How the hell are you supposed to keep your undergarments? Just expose it to everyone who comes into you room ah? Haiyo. So bodoh

The one thing I will miss most about my room in Robbins is the toilet. I have my OWN toilet there and I love it a lot.

Compare it to the toilet here.

Got cubicles some more.

Shower area in one cubicle.

Bath tub in another.
They have bath tub but I don't think anyone will use it lor. At least I won't!
There's a chair beside the bath tub which made Keshia said "why they got chair beside the bath tub one? For people to watch you bathe is it?" Lol.

The view from my room.

That's the Student Union Building and I will never have a peaceful sleep whenever they have a party.

It looks nice at night. With the lightings, and bunnies finding for food!
Eeeeee. The bunnies damn cute okay? The bunny got white tail and when they run, it's as though they flash their bumbum at you! Hahaha.

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