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Wednesday, June 4, 2008
Trip to Portsmouth

Been MIA for awhile and I think it's time to sayang my blog again.

I was away to Portsmouth for 4 days to surprise Li Huey for her belated birthday. The surprise didn't turn out that well lah. I tell you ar, I'm super bodoh okay? Tsk.

Initial plan
: Travel there and knock on her room door holding the cheesecake with 21 candles lighted up. And then should "SURPRISE" when she opened the door. So, I bought a raspberry cheesecake the night before I left and a lighter.

On that day itself, I left my room early because I don't want to rush with my heavy bag and cheesecake. So I took my own sweet time walking from station to station to change tube. At this one station, I went up the stairs and then I reached the top. Somehow (maybe some ghost langgar me) I tripped and because I was holding the cheesecake, I wanted to protect it lah. Later I fall on it gone lah the cake. So I did some stunt (pusing here and there) to protect the cake and the next moment, I was on the floor, on my knees, holding the cake on one hand in the position of "will you marry me" Super malu-fying. Then took the train and when I finally reached there, I realized the cheesecake melted :( Imagine, it melted until the box also basah. I was left with no choice but to put the cake in the fridge first and then surprise her later on with it. So, I went and knock on her room door, and when she opened her door, I didn't shout "SURPRISE" because her flatmate was walking pass and I was shy lah. But she shouted instead. Hehehe. You almost cry hor Huey? :P Then, I waited like 3 hours or so and went to the kitchen to take the cake while she was in the room. I thought 3 hours enough to harden the cake but I was wrong! The cake was still soft and looks super eeww.

Li Huey named it: Bloody Mary Cheesecake :(

But, I don't care anymore lah. I just put 3 candles and then thought of lighting it up and guess what? The lighter wasn't working. Why? Because I left the lighter and candles and cake together. In the FRIDGE. Yes, I know I'm super smart. Feeling so stupid, I took the cake with 3 unlighted candles into the room, and told her happy birthday. Then pinjam her lighter and light it up. Damn bodoh. Tsk.

Anyway, it was a fun trip lah. How can it not be fun where I have Li Huey right? Hehehe. Food, shopping, talking, laughing, camwhoring. Ahh, stress buster okay? It was probably my last trip away from London before I head home in August :) We ate a lot. I mean SUPER DUPER OMG A LOT. You won't believe how much we ate. I put on 1kg only in 3 days. Seriously. First night we shared a Pizza and a dessert.

Super thin crust pizza

Cranberry juice which tasted more like sirap limau.

The next day, we did a lot of shopping and spent tonnes of money on clothes. The shopping area in Portsmouth isn't that big but we managed to shop for 3 or 4 hours, until our legs hurt and pocket burnt. And then at night, we still went for good expensive dinner at Frankie and Benny's. We reached there at 6.45pm and the restaurant was full. So we had to wait for our turn. Usually you need to wait in the restaurant and they will call you when got place right? This restaurant was smart enough to give us a 'remote-control-look-alike-thingy' that will vibrate when there is a seat for you. So you can take that thingy and walk around and spend more money shopping.


While waiting for the remote-control to vibrate

While waiting for the food to arrive

We waited damn long for our food. Damn hungry lor. But, maybe that's because we ordered a lot of food lah. Hehehe. Don't get shocked okay?

Baked Potato Skin

Spicy Onion Rings

BBQ Chicken and Ribs

Salmon Fishcake

Warm Brownie which wasn't warm at all! with Ice Cream

The total bill came up to 35 pounds. Another big hole in our pockets but it was worth it lah. Full until we walked so slow that I think those walking behind us were annoyed with our slow pace :P

We went to Victoria Park nearby her hall and it was huge and view was serene. The flowers were beautiful and colorful. So the cantik, that I feel like plucking it home.

Can a park be any more beautiful than this?
So many big colorful flowers.
So many big nice green trees.
I love beautiful things :)

How can we not snap pictures with the flowers kan? :P

Poser sial.

I wanted to go to the beach but it was raining :( I have never been to the beach without feeling cold and shivering. Seafront don't like me :( Nvm nvm, I still have Penang beach waiting for me. I'm going back to the dirty beach but I'm loving it =)

Mel O gave her order @ 11:43 AM
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