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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Stuff I like

One peaceful nite.
It was so quiet that I could hear the mosquitos flying.
I can even hear the birds chirping (I made this up *innocent look*)
After lack of sleep for a few nights, I decided to go to bed early.
Like...Really early. 10pm.
I landed on my bed. Comfy and cozy bed.
My eyes were about to close.
*eyes open wide*
"err..wat is tat?explosion ka?"
*got up and look out of window*
*dig out my handphone*
Snap snap snap.
Hehehe. What did I snapped?


Looks like some kinda UFO kan?
Nah, not UFO. Not disco light also.

IT IS........

Firework!! :)

Clearer view of it!
Nice rite?

I like firework. I didn't expect to see it at this time of the year.
What celebration they had yesterday, I wonder.
Whatever celebration or maybe they just wana entertaint me, it made me happy.
Till I can't sleep.
Supposed to sleep at 10pm but ended up sleeping at 2am.
Cz I got too excited after I saw the fireworks. Hehehe.
I saw some LOVE shaped ones too. But didn't manage to capture it on time :(

On an unrelated post,
I am currently obsessed with....

Hehehe. I ate the whole bar for dinner.
What? I have no food to eat okay?
I had to choose either to eat MAGGI or TOBLERONE.
Of cz I chose Mr. Toble la.
Sedap hingga menjilat aluminium *shy*.
If anyone of u wants to bodek me or treat me or give me a pressie, I won't mind Mr Toble. Hehehe. It is so sinfully delicious.

Will be having another sinfully delicious treat tumolo - Baskin Robbins
31% discount. A must try.
Especially when someone else's paying! Hehehe.

Mel O gave her order @ 1:34 PM
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Monday, May 28, 2007
Injured my knee :(

28. 5. 07
Hari ini dalam sejarah.

Selepas 13 tahun, hari ini, Melissa Ong atau lebih dikenali sebagai PuteriPulauPinang, jatuh akibat kecuaian dan kelalaian dirinya. Jatuh bukan sebaranag jatuh, kecederaan bukan sebarang kecederaan, kecederaan ini boleh dikatakan PARAH kerana PuteriPulauPinang jarang tercedera. Kali terakhir Puteri jatuh dan cedera teruk adalah semasa berusia 7 tahun. Itupun kerana kecuaian bonda Puteri (dia menjatuhkan Puteri ke dalam longkang besar!).

*scratching head*

I give up. I can't think of any better way to write in Malay.

So, I was walking peacefully towards E & C to grab a quick lunch before exam. For those who don't know, there is a slope like road near the entrance to the cafeteria. So, I was walking and suddenly *I terbalik and my book & file flew* The next thing I realized, Beng helped me up and I could feel the pain on my knee.
Beng: U ok not? Injure anywhere not?
Mel: *looks at palm* Nth la. Slightly painful but just fall down sure pain la. I'm fine.

While paying for lunch, I felt my knee was getting worse. I looked at my pants and guess what I saw?

BLOOD!! On my pants. It's jeans material. And the blood could still be seen on the outer part. Damn.

I quickly went to toilet and I discovered this.

Ouch. It was bleeding and painful.

Beng applied some Dettol and covered the wound with plaster. Like this..

Even with the plaster, the blood kept flowing and it was so painful to even sit or bend my leg.

I came home and took off the plaster and I can see the blood is still flowing. I bought Antiseptic Cream to clean the wound. So, I took my bath and washed my wound. Gosh, it hurt so badly that I felt like shouting and crying. Sob sob.

Beng said it's best to leave the wound and not use any plaster so that it can dry up and recover faster. But, the blood is still flowing so I had no choice but to use plaster. A better looking one - white silky plaster! :)

See.. Way better than the first one rite? Hehehe. But I know I didn't stick it properly. Can see all the gelombong udara but who cares? I was in PAIN.

I guess, till I recover I will have to wear long jeans. Sobby. Have to wash many many jeans. Yer.. *pray it will recover quickly*

ps: I found myself another reason not to wash my clothes. Or probably delay it will, god-knows-when without feeling too guilty about it :)

Mel O gave her order @ 11:26 AM
7 minions

Thursday, May 24, 2007
Siok sendiri taggie

Was reading Michelle Teh's bloggy and I saw this. She did not tag me. But I siok sendiri. So, I'm gonna do this. Lol.

1. Your Name

Melissa Ong I Ping

2. Your Gangsta Name
(first 3 letters of real name plus -izzle)
Melizzle *why does it sound like lizard to me?*

3. Your Detective Name
(fave colour and fave animal)
White animaless? *Me hate animals. Wait, no. Me scared of animals*

4. Your Soap Opera Name (middle name, and current street)
I Jalan Tujuh? *faint*

5. Your Star Wars Name (first 3 letters of ur last name, first 2 letters of ur first name, last 3 letters of ur mom's maiden name)
Pinmejoo *Pin-me-joe? why does all my name sound weird? Hmm, like not so interesting je*

6. Your Superhero Name (2nd fave colour, fave drink)
Gold Kek la Sum boi? (Kek la sum boi is lime + asam)
*Gold Kek la Sum boi makes me sound! :p*
*It's beginning to look interesting again :)*

7. Your Iraqi Name (2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of ur last name, any letter of ur middle name, 2nd letter of ur mom's maiden name, 3rd letter of ur dad's middle name, 1st letter of a sibling's first name, last letter of ur mom's middle's name)
Mnianwo *is it pronounced as Mini-an-wo?*

8. Your Protection Name (mom's/dad's middle name)
JesBeng *Sounds like a band's name*

9. Your Goth Name (black + the name of one of ur pets)
Black nameless? *Nameless reminds me of Queen Next Road*

10. Your Haxor Name (your name and replace with any other key that looks similar)
m31!$$@ 0^g ! p!^g

Mel O gave her order @ 2:44 PM
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Wednesday, May 23, 2007
I'm sorry.

"Eh you talk so much, in the end not Streamyx fault also" (Cheah, 2007).

So, I posted a post on how 'smart' Streamyx was cz they did not fix my connection for almost 2 weeks. And I had to pay RM 77 for that.

Since it was not their fault (my router had some problem), I am posting another post to apologize to Streamyx. Although I truely believe that they should have at least came over earlier than leaving the 'problem' for 2 weeks before coming over so that at least, I could have fixed my router earlier.

So, to Streamyx and Cheah Beng Tack:
I'm sorry. It was all my fault.
I shouldn't have blamed anyone.

p/s: I was not conscious when I typed this post. I don mean it. It just a form of formality. Bluek.

Mel O gave her order @ 11:09 AM
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Is it possible?

I do not have a sister. Neither a younger brother. But, many people including my mom, dad, uncle, grandparents, and relatives said we look alike. As though she is my younger sister.

How can we look alike when we only share the same grandparents?
I am a Chinese-Indian mix.
She is a Chinese-Indian-Malay mix.
We do not share the same mother.
Neither the same father.

But, everyone insist that she looks like me.
How is it possible?

She is so cute!
She is smart.
She bullies her elder brother.
She is the youngest child.
She likes to destroy the walls in her house by using it as white boards.
She watches television dramas like she owns the tv.
She insist on cutting her hair so that she look like her favourite actress.
She speaks Mandarin!
She has a long Malay name : Siti Balqis Badrisiah bt. Mohd Hafiz

Since so many people insist that we look alike, I came up with these conclusions:

I was once cute too. Lol.
I was once smart too.
I have been bullying my elder brother for 20 years!
I am the youngest child.
I destroyed the walls in my house too!
I don't watch dramas on tv when I was young. I watch cartoons.
I just sit, close my eyes and mouth whenever my mom brings me for a haircut.
I have never spoken Mandarin. I hardly understand a word.
My name only consist of 4 words. Not 6.

But, we were similar in most areas. So, I supposed once upon a time, I looked like.....


I assumed 15 years ago I looked like her.
Probably in 15 years time, she will look like me.

Mel O gave her order @ 5:23 PM
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From that to this

I went from



Long-not-so-straight-hair :(

Oh, my so pathetic hair. I don't like my hair now. Eee...
PenangPrincess is thinking of perming her hair.

Probably to

Or this

Since my hair is long.

But then again, why do I want to go through all the trouble to take care of my long ugly hair when I can choose to do this!

Go Bald! Hehehe. Who knows, I might look hot like her *faint*
I'm still indecisive. Should I just leave my oh-so-pathetic-hair as it is, or straightened it, or perm it, or just attempt to be HOT!? Hehehe. Any suggestions people?

Mel O gave her order @ 1:53 PM
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I went MIA. Again.

Not on purpose. I wished I could online.

Damn Streamyx. It's all their fault.

So hate Streamyx now.

Last Tuesday (8.5.07) they cut my line. Suddenly. Out of no where. Till today, EXACTLY 2 WEEKS still no line. The reasons they gave when I called them time after time:

1. Klang Valley got connection problem. Your area is affected. *What?? Klang is like so far away from my area!*

2. Your modem is spoilt. Go check it. It's nothing to do with us. Your connection is just fine.

3. Your telephone line got prob. Check your telephone line and see if got noise or not. Can call out and in or not.

4. Your router cannot use. Try plugging in the line straight to your com.

5. It is our connection problem. We will fix it for you. But, we need at least 2 working days. *at last they realized it is their problem*

6. We came to fix your line but u weren't home. So, can't fix. We can come only on Friday the earliest. *Friday is like another 3 days. And it has been a week since the connection had problem. Plus another 3 days is 10 FREAKING days. And they should have called me earlier. They just came without telling me. Stupid*

People, just remind me why am I paying the RM77 for? Oh I know, Cz.. It's stated UNLIMITED. PENIPU. I can't even access it for AT LEAST 10 days *smacks Streamyx*

So, till these 'smart & efficient' people fix my Sreamyx, keep missing me yea. Err... I mean my blog. Hehehe.

Mel O gave her order @ 1:54 PM
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Monday, May 7, 2007
Work for Hotlink &

During the holidays I have been working.

Yes. Working. As in W.O.R.K.

Princess also can work wan ok?

But why?

Cz I had nothing to do. And my bestie was working there and they had extra space left, she asked me along. We worked for Hotlink. Together with crews. Sounds fun to me. Why not right? So, we asked another bestie along to work with us. The more the merrier ma.

A few things we did to earn RM70 in less than 4 hours a day.

1. Cam whore. Snapped alot alot of pics :)

PenangPrincess & Cecilia
(No, she is not taller than me. She is standing on the pavement. If not , she will not be this tall. Hehehe.)

PenangPrincess & Jane

2. Rest. Sit. Even attempted to sleep.
See see.. Jane ni, ask her to work she sleep.

3. The only proper job we did for Hotlink was distributing balloons.

Even that, we distributed only ONE poor miserable balloon each for the whole THREE days of work. Everyone else distributed AT LEAST 6 each day. Which means about 18 in three days. Hehehe.
At the street of Slippery Senorita. With our beloved balloons that we took only to pose for pic. And ACCIDENTALLY let it go up the sky. And gave the rest to our kind hearted colleague. Hehehe.

The excited Jane ready to let her balloons fly FREE. Lol.

Cecilia on the other hand planned to fly up the sky with her balloons. Lol.

What I gained from working?
1. MONEY. Of course. Go to work to earn money wan wat?
2. Memories. First time working with my besties. Although NOT really the first time with Ceci but still, it was a great experience.
3. A free Hotlink cap. But mine flew into the sea d. Sobz. Twice some more. So sad. Conclusion: Wind too strong. Head too small. But luckily after Jane scare Ceci that she will go botak if wear cap too often, Ceci decided to give me her cap! Hehehe.
4. Saw Slippery Senorita (A famous clubbing spot in Penang). Not only saw. I stand in front of SS. And for the first time ever, I stepped into the street where they have all sorts of pubs and clubs *bangga*. But that will be my last time. Me goodie gal ma. No no clubbing wan. Lol.
5. Above all that, spending time with my besties. That was the time where we gossipped, talked, fight, teased, got to know each other's embarassing momentsand secrets, cam horny (Chan, 2007). Hehehe.

Hotlink & Rocks! No?

But they pay me wor. Yes. Yes. They ROCK! :)

Left to Right: Jane Chan, PenangPrincess, Cecilia Lee

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Sunday, May 6, 2007
PenangPrincess is back!

PenangPrincess is back! :)

After mising in action for almost two weeks, PenangPrincess will be back with more updates.

For those who missed me and had no other way to express it but to SPAM my C-box, I will REVENGE!! Muahaha. U people think u all can run away safely? No way!! Gonna spam ur C-box back after this! Nak spam PenangPrincess's C-box eh? Tunggu kamu..

Btw, PenangPrincess did not just disappear in Penang for two weeks. I had a lot of IMPORTANT things to do. Like........

Visiting MY citizens (hoaxflashor, 2007)

Helping MY citizens who needs help

Meetings with MY ministers on my country's development

Lol. Mengada aku.

I have been busy shopping. Eating. Talking. Working.

I did so many things yet I still don't have enough time for everything. Haven't met all the people I want to meet. Haven't eaten all the food I wana eat. Haven't gone to all places I wana go. Sob sob.

Oh, well. Look on the bright side. I am back in KL. To meet my friends here. And most importantly, HIM! Hehehe. After two long weeks..

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