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Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Long tiring day..

Got up today morning feeling weak and tired..
Must be due to lack of sleep last night..

I wanted to go back to sleep...

But.......But.........It's Tuesday!!

U know what it means??

I get to see Reyes!! Hehehe...

Got up..bathed..Dressed up..Pack my things..

Since I haven't been early for counseling skills, I thought of going early today. Wana jadi budak baik ma...

I reached the taxi stand in front of my condo at 8.30 am, then there were like 10 more people waiting before me!!

"Taxi, taxi!! Ala.... got people inside!"

"Taxi!! people again!"

I waited and waited and waited...

9.00 am..Still no cab.

There were this 3 gals in front of me..

Mel: Hey, r u gals going to HELP??

Gal 1: Yes, Jalan Dungun. U wana go together??

Mel: *Jumping happily in my heart* Yes. Thanks.

Taxi came. "Oh yes!!Yes!! I'm not gonna be that late for class. It's only 9.10am. Can reach in 5 mins ma."

I sat in front. Cz that 3 gals were friends. Not good la seperate people. Dahlah I tumpang aje. I need to thank them, if not sure will reach coll at 10 am d!

Once I sat in the cab, I can smell the drivers' perfume.Fuh...damn strong wei..My nose started to feel itchy soon. "Nvm, nvm. 5 mins only"

9.15 am. I was still stuck in the jam. Haih... Damn jam this morning. Dunno why.

I reached coll at 9.30 am!! Yes.. late again. Haih.. It's fated I will never be early for Reyes class.

Cz I was sitting in front so I paid first. Then when we came down from the cab, these 3 gals paid me back. I thought wana buat baik ma. I said nonit. But, they insist. So, fine. I took and left.

When I reached the class, guess what?? The class was so empty. "Guess everyone got stucked in the jam too!! teman again!" :p

Reyes was talking so I wanted to keep the money they gave me. RM 7.00. Then I realized I paid RM 7.20 for the cab. Which means I only paid 20 cents for the cab today! Last week was free this week 20 cents. Wah!! Everyweek like tat I can become rich!! Yeay... (Can save my money and go shopping!!) :)

So, back to class. I was listening to Reyes and he told us that HELP needs our help. There's this CEO from Citibank is coming to give a talk on career day thingy. If there aren't enough people, we're supposed to go there n listen. What nonsense? Ish... I woke up early to attend his lecture!! Not some Citibank CEO's lecture on career!! I'm only in my second year!! Yeasshhh... Feel like smacking HELP! So, as expected they don't have enough people in that career thingy. So, I went n listen lo. When I entered the auditorium, I can't see anything but HEADS! Yes.. It was almost full and they said not enough people? Smartness... Due to the powerful air-con, I got flu. And the MARVELLOUS taxi driver's perfume's side effect, I am now officially SICK!! Thanks KE-A1's air-con and whoever that taxi driver is for making me sick! *slap slap*

Then I came home. Wanted to eat porridge but my housemates cooked rice d. Since there's only 1 rice cooker, I had to choice but to eat mushroom soup. Sad.. Msged Beng and told him I was sick. I was lying down on my bed regaining some energy before entering the kitchen to cook. Then suddenly some knocked on my room door. I went and open the door n my housemate told me Beng Tack is here! *Grinning*

He went to SS2 and bought me porridge from my favourite porridge shop. Hehehe...

Frog Porridge

Sick people needs to get more rest. I need to sleep now.. I'm gonna do my tutorial questions for abnormal while waiting for my porridge to digest. I had 2 bowls of porridge. Hehehe... Don't wana waste food ma. Like what Mike always say "think of the Africans. Think of the Indians"


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Saturday, January 27, 2007
Beng Tack's Big Day

Happy Birthday

My dear Beng Tack..

I planned to give him a lil suprise on his special day. So I conned him. I made up stories. I lied to him. What did I lie??

Lie # 1: I don't have time to buy for u pressie.. I will make it up by treating u a good &
nice dinner.
Lie # 2: I'm broke. So no more nice dinner.
Lie # 3: But since I promised to treat u dinner, I heard that the food in Sunway Pyramid's food court is good. So we shall go there for dinner then.
Lie # 4: I'm not ready yet. Just got up. Can u come up to my place to wait for me?

The first 3 lies were told earlier before his birthday and the 4th was on his bithday day. So, this is what happened in the afternoon after his dance club.
Mel: Where r u?
Beng: I'm in college. Leaving now. I will come and fetch u now ok?
Mel: Err...err...I just got up actually. I don't tink I can get ready so fast. U park ur car and come up to my house and wait for me la k?
Beng: Hmm... Ok la. Faster k?
Mel: Ok Ok...

Then he dengan kuai sekali listen to me n came up stairs thinking that I'm still not ready yet. When he step into the house, he started laughing and said "I knew u were up to something. But I din expect it to be this!"


I bought him a cake

Mango Mousse From Bakerzin

and there's a gigantic handmade card and present on the table

So we cut the cake. Yes, WE. Hehe. Suddenly I felt old that moment =p

We tried the cake. It's nice. So soft and nice. I took a few bites and Beng finished almost 3/4 of the cake on the spot and the balance the next morning at home. Basically the whole cake was eaten by a Greedy pig..

We then headed to Sunway Pyramid. Kononnya to go for dinner at the food court. I don't even know if they have a food court there. Beng some more can believe me. He really thought I was gonna bring him to food court for dinner on his birthday day. Oh goodness.. Normal days also we seldom eat at food court. Apatah lagi his birthday. Takkan I wana go all the way to Sunway just for their food court's food rite?? Ish ish ish...

We wanted to watch movie but the timing all out. Cannot watch. So we went jalan jalan, shopping shopping, duduk duduk, sembang sembang. Then around 8 something I told him I was hungry and we walked to find the 'food court'.

I took him to the first floor. Cz there is where the 'food court' I'm supposed to bring him was situated.

Beng: Eh, why are you going up? Food court usually downstairs wan la.
Mel: No la. My 'food court' is here wan. Near the main entrance *smiling*
Beng: Hahaha.. Another suprise??
Mel: Shhh...Just follow me.

So I brought him to my version of 'food court'

The Magical Theater Restaurant

He was surprised. Speechless. Touched. Almost cried I tink =p
I made a reservation earlier and I requested for the top floor. And they gave us bar sitting. Sit until backside and backbone also pain.

Anyways, we ordered:

Fried chicken with mango salad for appetizer

Beng had Capricorn lamb shank.

I had Pisces Salmon.

Eh eh..where is my salmon??All I can see is capsicum, capsicum and tomato.

Salmon, salmon where r u??

I found my salmon. Beneath all those capsicums and tomatoes. I wonder why they hide my salmon?? *scratch head*

And we shared 'Everlasting Love' drink. Mixture of strawberry and green tea.

Why I chose this restaurant?

1. They have magic show. MAGICAL theatre restaurant ma.
2. They have live band. magical THEATRE restaurant ma.
3. It is not crowded and more privacy.
4. Since it's not crowded, we won't have to wait long for our food.
5. I like the ambience. Romantic and cozy.
6. It is somewhere both of us haven't been before.
7. The prices are affordable. Total bill for both of us came up to RM 80.73.
8. There will be a magician performing magic show personally at our table. It's smth special rite? Although the lame magician's tricks were out-dated, cacated and some tak menjadi, for his effort trying to entertain us we still clapped la. Bagi muka ma :p
9. Their food are named based on starscopes like my Pisces Salmon and Beng's Capricorn Lamb Shank. Oh oh.. And their mocktails have cute names. Like I Love You, First Love, Puppy Love. Basically all LOVE LOVE la. To attract people like me kot.

Overall, his birthday celebration turned out well. At least he fell for my lies :p

Birthday Boy & PenangPrincess :)


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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm done with my assignments!!! :)

For this week :(

It's already 2.30am and I still need to study for my quiz tumolo..

Haih... Paul ah Paul.. Y are u so mean? Dahla gave us one week only to do this assignment.. Some more wana give quiz..

Betapa malangnya nasibku..dan rakan-rakanku..

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Counseling Class


3.30 am - went to bed
8.00 am - sleeping peacefully - dreaming of my prince charming :)
8.34 am - *handphone rings* :(

Me: Helloooooo........
Mingzi: Mel.... today no tutorials. So class is at 9!
Me: What??
Mingzi: I know. Michelle just called me. They went to coll early. Still sleeping?
Me: Yea lo. Then how?
Mingzi: Go lo. But I will be damn late la.
Me: Ok la. See u in class.

*Hangs up the phone*

*Looks at the time*


Should I go? Should I sleep? Should I go? Should I sleep?
It's already 8.35. If I get up now. Shower n get ready sure late d. Dowan to go d la.

*Upon closing my eyes again*

It's counselling class. I like Reyes. *blush* He's cute. He's funny. He's just so aaaaaaaadddddddooooooowaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbleeeeee :p


With my eyes quarter open, I went to get my towel n shower shower shower.
I multi tasked in the toilet. Wash my hair, brush teeth n looking at the jam outside. All at ONE go.


Get dressed. Dried my hair. Search for library card. Hunt for my receipt. Pack my things.


DONE!! Weehee... I'm fast. Walked towards the taxi stand. " many people."

Wait and wait and wait. For my turn. No taxi. Damn. I am so gonna be late.

Then I saw a cab slowing down. "Oh yes, yes. Reyes here I come!" *roll eyes*

There were this 2 China guys behind me waiting for cab too.

Chinaman: U go HEPP??
Me: Yes. Yes.
Chinaman: To-ga-der??
Me: *I'm a kind hearted person* Ok. Ok.

reached HEPP at 9.15am

Chinaman 1 paid.

Me: How much?
Chinaman: Ok. Ok. *shaking his head*
Me: Don't have to? Ok then. Bye! *Run!!!!!*

Well, not that I don wana pay him but I was late for class and he insisted no, so why waste time rite? So today's ride to college was FREE!! :)


Reached Block E Level 1 SR 1.2
" many ppl not here yet. Good good, I'm not alone. He won't remember that I've not been early to his class. No he won't. No he won't"

Went and sit and I saw Reyes lecturing. Was quite late for class but I made it for his jokes. He's such a good joker. I just LURVEE him. Teehee..

To Alex and Yipz, sorry I made you guys late for class. Oh wait. That only applies to Alex. Yipz din even come for class :p

Joke of the day from Reyes:
Reyes: *Looking at XXXX* It's ok if you are stupid.
XXXX: *Eyes open wide*
Reyes: It makes me feel special :)

Did I mention Reyes is so so AAADOOOWEEAAABBBLLLEEE?? :)

Ok. I just wasted a few seconds of my life for the colors up there. I'm supposed to be doing my case study now. But here I am blogging some nonsense. Ish... Melissa..sedarlah anda sebelum anda disedarkan!

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Monday, January 22, 2007
E-m-o-t-i-f-i-e-d- me

Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they will love you back.
Do not expect love in return, just wait for it to grow in their heart.
But if it doesn't, be content that it grew in yours.

A wise physician said to me, "I have been practising medicine for 30 years and I have prescribed many things. But in the long run I have learned that for most of ails the human creature, the best medicine is LOVE!"

"What if it doesn't work?" I asked.

"DOUBLE the dose" he replied.

I'm so e-m-o-t-i-f-i-e-d- today. Just feel like crying it out..

Voluntary placements..

Argghh.....Everything is getting onto me..
2007 don't seem to be a good year for me..

Let's just hope things will get better..HOPEFULLY *cross fingers*


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Sunday, January 21, 2007
I'm depressed


I just can't seem to underdstand anything..


I felt so depressed after reading the textbook..
It's like I don't understand anything..
After finishing one page, I start the second page and few minutes later "what did I read just now?" I can't seem to understand or remember anything!!
HELP me...There's quiz tumolo..How to do if I don't understand or remember anything?
Why must they torture us like tat?Why must they give us short quiz but wants us to read so so so many freaking pages?They are torturing us mentally..I think I can go crazy studying psychology..I might need to consult my dear classmates in the future..Hopefully, they will give me free consultation..

Oh..I tink one of my friend is diagnosed with depression..Poor fella...But is in denial stage..Oh, I think he is hallucinating too.. He can hear dog barking when there's no dog around.. Eeek... Scary.. Ekun, told u d..U need my help now..U come to KL I give u consultation la k?Demi kawan lama..I give u discount. OK??Or u wait till I come bek Penang I teman u go see psychologist k?See..I'm such a good friend right? Proud to have me as ur fren right?? I know I know..THANK U!!


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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Beng went to Singapore with his buddies last two week and me being the usual me, reminded him time over time to get me souvenir. And being the obedient boy, he got me something! Yippee... And what did he get me?? Any guesses??

Belgian Chocolate...
Beng will always be Beng ;p

But at least he got me something. Thankies...

Still haven't try it yet.. Don't wana eat it cz I don wana destroy the box.
It's so white. So nice. I will eventually eat it but let me prepare myself mentally first before destroying the innocent looking box k? =p


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Italiannes Never Ending Bowls of Pasta

Italiannes is having a never ending bowls of pasta promotion which is on every Wednesday at the price of RM19.90++ per person. You can have as many bowls of different Pasta (Spagetthi, Penne, Linguine, Angel Hair & Fettuccine) with different kind of Sauce (Promodoro, Arrabiato, Carbonara, Spicy Marinara & Aglio Olio) and Topping (Shrimp, Fried Calamari, Broccoli, Beef Bacon, Diced Salmon, Clams, Chicken & Mussels) AS YOU WISH! Isn't that great? =p

Being the usual greedy pigs, my roomie, Yipz and I couldn't resist the tempation thus we gave it a try last Wednesday.

We started off our dinner with the complimentary bread..

Both of us love the dipping for the bread. It's just great. I could make us 'high' too. Why?? Cz we were laughing and acting weirdly after consuming it. *blush*
My very first attempt was Aglio Olio Shrimp Fettucine. Oh la la...It was good.. It came in a big portion and the shrimp was definately F.R.E.S.H.!!
Yipz went for Carbonara Diced Salmon Fettucine. I tried her dish and it was SUPERB! The salmon was good. Fresh. The sauce was so cheesy that made us kinda full at our very first round.

But we're paying RM19.90, and the word U.N.L.I.M.I.T.E.D. was an encouragement for us to continue with our second bowl. WE CAN DO IT!!
I called for my second bowl, Arrabiato Mussels Spagetthi. It was huge. The mussels were extremely HUGE!!I love it.

Yipz went for Promodoro Clams Penne. And again, it was FABULOUS!Alot of clams. Alot of Tomatoes (Yipz didn't like it but forced herself to eat it cz its good for skin). Gal will always be gal. Nak cantik la katakan!

At this stage, we can barely breath but insist on going for a third bowl. After settling down for 20 mins, we decided to go for another bowl. Hence, we called Spicy Marinara Fried Shrimps Angel Hair.


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