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Thursday, March 26, 2009
Don't you agree

that I have a super nice boss?

I had an extremely long "weekend" because I wanted to go back to Penang and he said he'll go to Jakarta at the same time so that I can get a longer weekend holiday. And guess how long was my weekend without work?

11 freaking days!

I was lazing around and waking up at 11am almost everyday :P

Today I got up really early and went to Melaka for a business call.
Then when we reached back in KL:

Boss: I told you in the sms that I have a pleasant surprise for you right? Mel: uhhuuh. What is it? :) Boss: *takes paper bag from back of car and hands over to me* Mel: *looks into the bag* O__O (There were 5 formal shirts in it. In different colors) WOW! That's alot! Boss: Just remember to tell your boyfriend that this is nothing personal. Just that I think it's going to be very expensive for you to buy your own blazer and pants suit now, so I bought it for you *hands over 3 pairs of pant-blazer suit* Mel: *speechless* Thank you :D
5 different colored formal shirts

Black, grey, blue
I think I saved .... a lot! :)

Oh this is the....
the handphone I'm using now for my work number.
Courtesy from my boss hehehehe.

And today I got a box full of chocolates.

That's not gonna help me reduce my super-duper-alot-can-die fats.
Mellim you want some? :P

And I love my boyfriend.

Mel: Dear I want to change bag *looks at bag* Dear: Change lor *looks at bag* Eh, this one damn nice. Mel: Hmm yea true! I like but... dowan lah. Dear: WHY!? Mel: You buy for me I want lor. Hehehe. Dear: Okay! when I got money lah hehehe. Mel: CHEH!

And he kept to his promise!
He took me to buy the bag I wanted.
But, I couldn't find it anymore.
He insisted on buying a bag for me nevertheless because he promised and I wanted to get a bag.
So he got me this instead.

I wanted something bigger and white. But I like this too!
*teary eyes*
RM 360 okay?
*sigh happily*

I feel so.... lucky.
And.... glad.
And.... loved.
And.... happy.
Don't you agree?!

Mel O gave her order @ 3:09 PM
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