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Wednesday, March 4, 2009
I is angry

I just got back from the bank and I'm pissed!

Sometime back my dad banked in 15k into my bank account because I wanted to get a car. Considering that I'm a poor girl who just started work with limited amount of cash in my account, my dad agreed to pay 15k downpayment for my car and I'll pay the monthly installment on my own. He banked in the money but I couldn't get the car loan because I just started work not too long ago and I need a guarantor. Because my dad is in Penang, so I thought it will be a lot easier for him to sign the documents in Penang so I changed my mind. Instead of buying the car in KL, I asked my brother to get it done for me in Penang. Now that the loan have been approved, all I need to do is to pay the downpayment in order to get my car. I went to the bank today wanting to transfer the money from my account to my brother's account so that he can pay the downpayment today and get the car by Friday so that he can drive the car down to KL for me this weekend, but the stupid idiotic bank said cannot! It seems the branch I opened my bank account is in Penang (yes, hello I'm from Penang and I opened it years back) so if I want to directly transfer the money into my brother's account, I need to do it at the branch I opened my account at (wtf you want me to go back penang just to get the money withdrawed?). I can still get it done here, but I have to withdraw it from the ATM machine which has maximum limit of 5k per day. So I have to withdraw 5k everyday for 3 days and then only go to the bank and bank in the money into my brother's account. They think I very free izit? Everyday go bank and withdraw money and then go again just to bank into my brother's account. Where the hell am I supposed to keep that much money before banking it in? My house? What if there is a robbery? There goes my whole harta pusaka. wtf. I just don't understand. yes, I opened the account in Penang but they freaking have my information on their computer because he could access to my personal particulars but they can't freaking transfer that money for me. wtf.

I'm very short tempered lately. Every little thing pisses me off. That day in the bank when I was there to sign my car loan, the staff was so ignorant when I was there. 2 chinese guys and 1 chinese lady saw me standing there but they didn't bother to approach me. They continued talking among themselves. I was pissed already. Wtf you think I'm invisible ah?! Then after some time one malay dude came and asked me to have a sit while waiting for the lady in charged because she's busy at that moment. Okay fine, I waited. I sat there for a good 20 minutes before the lady came to me (she was on the phone talking about personal matters, I could hear that from the place I was seated. Damn it) and said she doesn't know anything. She just walked off without informing me anything! Then I sat and waited for another 10 minutes or so and her colleague came to let me sign the documents. It probably took me only 10 minutes to sign the documents, at most. But I waited for at least 30 minutes, for nothing! I'm not saying that I can't wait, but at least inform me la. Tell me to wait for a moment while someone who is in charged will attend to me soon. Nothing at all. Bloody hell.

Then yesterday I was out to Times Square to accompany Shze Li to shop for her prom dress which I ended up buying make up and blazer and a top and now I'm super broke -_- and we took Monorail there. When we were queueing up to get into the monorail (it was 6.30pm lah peak hours) the line was rather long, but we waited patiently. When it was almost our turn (in front of me were 2 girls) there was this 3 guys who came squeezing themselves from the side when the monorail came. One guy managed to squeezed through and the second guy tried to as well but I didn't want to let him go through. I stood still although I could have moved a little bit to allow him to go through and tried to push him away but he was too fat he managed to push me and the third guy went in as well. wtf. brainless idiots.

See I told you I'm very short tempered.

I can't wait for Jason Marz's concert tonight!

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