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Monday, March 2, 2009
Had seafood overdose

....... at Bagan Lalang.
This Lalang place is a MUST visit for all seafood lovers.
It's situated in the outskirt area of Sepang.
It took us about 1 hour 15 minutes from Mid Valley, and it wasn't too bad considering I forgotten the route there.

It was Edric's birthday so I decided to treat him a well since he've been treating me so many times. Time to chia him back. And he's a seafood lover so Lalang is a pretty good choice I'm just lying. I've always wanted to go there and this is a good chance to get someone to drive me there. I just love seafood too much to resist this place

I was the GPS tour guide and the old lady person to pick the seafood and decide how to cook it. They turned me into a housewife in one night -_-
But lucky I was smart enough to do some readings and research about the food before hand! Thank God for loads of research work and readings in psychology.

If I'm not mistaken, we took almost all kinds of seafood available there.

Ikan masak tiga rasa
We had the whole (siakap?) fish!

Sweet and sour crab
2 crabs.

Udang goreng kunyit
600grams of prawns!
Damn alot can?!

Sotong goreng tepung
2 big sotongs.

Lala masak cili kering500 gram of (bamboo) lala

Kangkung belacan
8 Otak-otak bakar
2 jugs of watermelon juice
4 person

This makan-makan session made me poorer by......
ONLY RM 150.
TOTAL BILL was only RM150.

It was nice and cheap.
The portion was big too!
The two boys couldn't even help us clear the food, so I had no choice but to feed Shze Li with more and more lala because she was beside me. Hehehe. you falling sick has nothing to do with me okay? ;p
Worth the traveling for 2 hours just for this.
Next trip down, I want to go a lot earlier so that I get to go to the beach! Oh yes, there is a beach in KL/Selangor/Negeri Sembilan wherever Sepang is lah, I fail Geography :p
This time I was working and went straight after work, which explains my half-dead face. Hehehe.

Some camwhorings after the meal to help digestion ....

and we all went back a happy person.
besides me because I was poorer, a lot poorer. now i have to eat vege everyday. cheh Kidding! I love you all :D

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