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Sunday, April 19, 2009

In less than a month...
I will have this space to

make camomille tea and cook proper food.
This space comes with a mobile baker too hahahaha :D

In less than a month...
I will have this space to

sit, lepak and roll around like a ball.

I can't wait!

To go shopping for furnitures to decorate my room and make it so cosy that I don't want to leave the room anymore.
To eat on a proper dining table with wacko people

I can't wait to shift!

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Monday, April 6, 2009
Happy 22nd

Happy Belated Birthday, darling!!
He was taking a shower and when he was done (it was exactly 12am), I stood at his room door and wished him happy birthday. Then I brought him down to the hall. To his surprise he saw .....

this sexy-beautiful-sweet looking birthday cake jelly.

He's gonna kill me for posting up this picture. but oh well...

And we ate the jelly!
It was nice.
Not too sweet and the tropical fruit flavor is very natural.
Unlike normal jellies that adds too much of preservative and flavoring.
A good choice if you opt for something less cake-y :)

I went to fetch his brother from Bukit Jalil and we headed to Ampang Yong Tau Foo for lunch.

The boys ate all the fish balls and left only the veges for me -_-
I ate 2 brinjals and 2 bendis for lunch -_-"

After lunch, I drove all the way to Zoo Negara and used the small-tiny-that-can-only-fit-one-car-but-it-is-a-two-way-street road up to the hill. The birthday boy was still clueless to where I was bringing him. His brother and I was having fun talking about the 'ride' without him knowing a single clue.

Nevertheless, he was overjoyed when he knew where were we heading to.

All-Terrain-Vehicle Ride.
What's this ATV?

The big ass 4 wheels motorbike! :D

We chatted with the owner and his staff and they taught us how to ride the bike. I suck at it, at first :( Not easy okay? With these kinda condition...

bushes and muddy and soft land!

I took the auto bike because I can't freaking ride a manual or I'll crash into the cliff and die I think my bike was quite a new bike so the break and accelerator is still very tight. I need to press like damn hard only can break. And of course because I'm not used to it lah. We started our journey and I tell you I was like, erm.... scared that I will fall down and break my leg or something like that :P Lucky the tour guide was nice and he asked if I want to take a break and I said YES LAH OF COURSE!! The boys seem to be enjoying themselves. Shouting and laughing behind while I was concentrating on the track and my bike :S

While taking a break...

After that short break, we continued our journey to the waterfall and it was not easy. I'm such a slow learner :( But we reached there safely. We made a U-Turn (in that tiny road tsktsk) and park our bikes and walk down to the waterfall!

The 7-tier waterfall

Breathtaking magnificent view.

When we arrived at the waterfall, it started pouring! But that didn't stop us from taking a dip in the water.

Cooling and refreshing. Ignore my ugly fat face! :(

We swam, played water, dived and got a massage from the waterfall.
We climbed up the hill back to our bikes and the rain stopped!
The journey back was a lot more fun! Because I know how to control my bike hehehe. Slow learner lah me. And the rain earlier made the ride a lot more adventurous! There were puddles of mud and the land was softer so it was a lot more exciting! And the wind blew at my face and wet body and it was damn cooling! :D

We reached the hut about 30 minutes later and the rain started pouring again! No I didn't make that up. The weather was really on our side that day. Thank you God of Weather.

Happy wet and contented us :D

Our tour guide.

We went home and changed and rest for a while before heading off for dinner at Bijou at Mont Kiara (I asked the waiter, he said it's pronounced as 'Bizu' or something like that. I just nod my head as though I understood hehehe).

The birthday boy
Mother: 22 years old d hor?
Him: Yea 22 d. So you should start treating me like an adult and don't call me everyday hor?
Mother: No, cannot! You will always be my baby boy.
Him: *smack head*

Hahahaha. His mother damn cute :D

The interior of the restaurant.
Very homely and cosy.

Banana Smoothie, Carrot Juice, Berry Smoothie
Very pekat I had to order ice water later on.

The starters

Crab Cake
It's good! Seriously damn good.
Worth the money although for such a small portion.

Chicken Pot Pie
Got Quail Egg in it!
But only one and I didn't get to eat :(
But, it was good too.
Very creamy.

Main dishes

Catch of the Day
Grilled Mackarel
As a die hard fan of fish, this dish is highly recommended.
The flesh is so soft and sweet.

Spring Chicken
This is good too.
The herbs are pleasently nice and well marinated.

Seared Duck Breast
It was medium-rare but I totally heart this.
I've always been a fan of duck meat and my-oh-my...

When we were done with our meals, the waiter brought out a birthday cake and sang a birthday song while walking to our table. The birthday boy was shocked and surprised because he never expected another cake for his birthday. I'm such a good surprise planner hehehe.

He beria-ria blew the candle. Tak sempat aku nak ambil gambar cis.

The Apricot Carrot Cake.
It was good and nice.
But we were so stuffed, we couldn't finish it.

The three of us

We went for a movie after that. Knowing. A good show but I would have prefer it to be without the alien *roll eyes* And when we finished the show, it was already midnight and the end to his birthday.

I hope you had a pleasant birthday and Happy Birthday once again dear *hugs*

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