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Saturday, June 28, 2008
New room, new campus

I've been so busy lately and few days ago, I spent 1.5 days

packing my things.

Because I'm going back to Malaysia (Right! I wish lah). No lah, because I'll be having summer school in another campus and therefore I shifted to another hall. If you compare Trent Park (my current campus) to Enfield (old campus), it's a lot better lah. I love Trent Park. They got a lot of grass. Hehehe. I shall blog about the campus some time soon. So, anyway I packed and packed and this is my hasil for 9 months being in London.

My friend was so shocked to see all the things.

I came here with 2 luggages only lor. I seriously have no idea how I accumulated so many things, but again it has been 9 months since then. Now I know why shipping companies make a lot of moneys. And I will be one of the contributors, soon.

This is one side of the student halls, GarbageGubbay Hall.

My room is one of the many many rooms. I was trying to explain to Beng how my hall looks like but I had a hard time explaining. Finally, I figured out a way to explain the hall and I told him to imagine Twin Towers. My hall is something like that, with two buildings and one walkway in the middle.

Same ma. No meh?
4 stories Twin Tower.

Although it's rather old, the security is quite good lah. Got guard in front the main door and they lock the main door. Only those with keys can go in. Even if you managed to break into the walkway, you will have a hard time going to either one of the blocks because of..

This security lock (got password one okay?) is placed at the door to each building.
So without the password you cannot go into the building. Not bad lah kan?
Quite canggih-fied.

But the room...
Crushed my heart when I saw it.
I knew it was bad, but I didn't know it's going to be this bad *cry*
Oklah, to be fair it's not TOO bad but still I never thought it will be this bad lor.
The furnitures are super duper old. It reminded me of my grandma's old house that I grew up in.

a long table. So long that I don't know what to put on it.
a bed. It's comfy and I cannot feel any spring unlike in Robbins.

a sink in the room but no toilet :(
a shelf in between the bed and sink. For me to put all my rubbish things.

And the best part of the room is the cupboard.

That's the cupboard. No, I'm not trying to show you all my clothes but if you're observant, you will realize that there's no door to it.
Yes, a door-less cupboard.
Seriously, who the hell will design a cupboard without a door? How the hell are you supposed to keep your undergarments? Just expose it to everyone who comes into you room ah? Haiyo. So bodoh

The one thing I will miss most about my room in Robbins is the toilet. I have my OWN toilet there and I love it a lot.

Compare it to the toilet here.

Got cubicles some more.

Shower area in one cubicle.

Bath tub in another.
They have bath tub but I don't think anyone will use it lor. At least I won't!
There's a chair beside the bath tub which made Keshia said "why they got chair beside the bath tub one? For people to watch you bathe is it?" Lol.

The view from my room.

That's the Student Union Building and I will never have a peaceful sleep whenever they have a party.

It looks nice at night. With the lightings, and bunnies finding for food!
Eeeeee. The bunnies damn cute okay? The bunny got white tail and when they run, it's as though they flash their bumbum at you! Hahaha.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

I realized girls can be extremely crazy when it comes to beauty.
They can go on massive diet just to loose weight.
Like not eating anything at all, or just fruits, or even ONE sausage per day.
They can buy dieting supplements although they know it might have side effect.
They can resist all their favourite food.
They can spend thousands just to have a make over.
They spend tonnes to buy make up and new clothings.

I totally agree with my dad in this sense. "Char boh all siao one" Lol.

While talking to A (I think she should remain anonymous or else she might kill me. hehe) on MSN, it made me realize that I cannot go on diet. I used to try once or twice lah, but it lasted for a few days (cannot exceed 4 days also) only. OMG lah, iman tak kuat langsung.

I was looking through my old folders and I saw old pictures of myself. I found this super ugly picture of myself. To make myself feel better, I would say it's the angle's problem. But, I looked at it for a few times and I'm very sure it's ME problem and not the angle.

Even with that kinda face also it never cross my mind that I should go on a diet.
That picture was taken end of 2005, which is 2.5 years ago.

I found a high school picture and I realized everyone looked so different now! Like how my tuition teacher used to say, he saw every one of us transformed from a duck into a swan.
Can you spot me?
Not hard la right? Hahaha.
Everyone looks so innocent, back then.
Then again, almost everyone of us was except Anna and Lorsh. Hahaha.

Back in 2004:
As usual, we crap a lot in class and among one of the most unforgettable convo went smth like this.

Lorsh: The last time I went to Mid Valley in KL right, I saw this House of Condom you know. Like those in Prangin Mall lah.
The rest of us: Uh huh, then then? Got what? You went in ah? Nice or not?
Lorsh: I didn't go in lah. Over 18 only can go in. But I walk past the shop and then I saw condoms on display.
Someone: There's a lot of condoms on the counters at supermarket also what. Got all those fruity flavours. Strawberry lah, orange lah, banana lah.
Lorsh: Eh, that's not too bad what? I saw a condom on display and guess what? It's GLOW IN THE DARK!! Imagine, glow in the dark. At night, off all the lights, put on the condom and then, only one stick will be seen sticking out in the dark.
Everyone: HAHAHAHAHA *ketawa terbahak bahak until sakit perut*
Anna: Wei, what lah you all. Fruits and glow in the dark all not nice one lah. Next time I want to open a condom business. And then I invent my own condom flavours. You know what flavour I will invent?
Everyone: *guess guess guess* Dunno lah...
Anna: I want the condom to have oomph one. So I'll make it TOMYAM flavour! Hot and spicy ma!
Everyone: -_- *jatuh terguling*

I can't wait to go back to Penang. My flight ticket has been confirmed. I'm going back a lot earlier than my initial plan mainly because I miss the food my family and they miss me too. Hehehe. I asked my mom to pick a date (anytime after the 1st August) she wants me to go back and she picked the earliest date. So I confirmed she miss me lah. Hehehe. And also to meet the people back home. I simply miss those hanging out and makan session. Just sit and chat for hours. Go out for late night supper for Ramly Burger and Pancake. Shop for hours without feeling tired. Ahh, those wonderful days are approaching. Soon. 42 days ;)

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Monday, June 9, 2008

I've been browsing through a lot of food blogs lately to kill my time. And I seriously hate food blogs now. The bloggers eat good nice delicious wonderful meals and all I get to do is look at the pictures and drool to the extend I wet my table. I can't wait to go back, and eat all I want! I don't care if the petrol is expensive. I will drive all around Penang to find good food! I've been craving for simple food like toast and even ladiesfinger, okay? For those who are NOT from Malaysia or who is hungry or starving right now at this moment, please don't continue reading this post. I will not be responsible for any psychological distress you will be facing.


I warned you okay? Don't say I didn't!
All these pictures were obviously took from food blogs.



Toh pui mee


Steamed Chicken

Steamed Fish

Steamed Prawns

Tau Fu Fah

Fried Mantis Prawns

Sang Har Mien


Seafood Chowder


Peanut Butter and Black Sesame Tong Yuen

Pulut Udang

Salmon with Rice

Salted Egg Crab

Salted Egg Squid

Mee rebus

Banana Leaf Nasi Lemak

Nasi Paprik

Nasi Pattaya

Fresh Oysters

Kuih Ketayap

Loh Shu Fan

Ma Lai Gou

Mango Sticky Rice

Mee Goreng

Stingray Curry

Hokkien Mee


Jelly Fish

Belacan Kangkung

Claypot Tomyam


Half Boiled Egg and Toast

Fish Porridge

Fried Oyster

Keropok Lekor

Pisang Goreng (especially for Ming Zi)

Bubur ChaCha

Ramly Burger

Char Koay Kak

Chee Cheong Fun

Chicken Curry


Asam Pedas

Asam Prawns

BBQ Chicken Wing

Bendi (I'm even craving for bendi =.= ")


Chestnut cake (Actually I'm craving for all kinds of cakes!)

Durian puff?

Egg Tart

Ais Kacang

Jambu Air

Ice Cream

Sweet Mango

I have a lot more, but I cannot take it anymore. I just had my lunch and I'm hungry. AGAIN. Those are A FEW food I want to eat when I get back to Penang/KL. This is a direct hint to all of you in Malaysia to treat me. Don't have to think so hard, I've given you a few food to choose from to belanja me :D

Mel O gave her order @ 3:40 PM
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