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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Le Pare

Finally, I managed to upload most of the pictures and I can now blog about my trip to Paris. That trip seems so long ago that I can hardly remember what we did anymore. Hehehe.

Paris Day 0
Why day 0? Because not yet reach Paris ma. Still in London :P Our train was at 5.25am and because we're not in Malaysia and none of us own any form of vehicle here, not even bicycle, we had to overnight at the station. Imagine, you have to overnight at Pudu Raya just to go for holiday? Will you will you? We did lah, because we had no choice and also Kings Cross is A LOT better than Pudu lah. Hehehe. It's a better version of Duta. So, we reached the station around 12am and we had 5 hours to kill before our departure. This is not Malaysia where we have mamak all night long, and we can just order ONE glass of air kosong and sit there till our butt ache. To see a shop opens at wee hours of the day is an amazing sight, and amazingly Costa was 24 hours in Kings Cross. Where to find 24 hours shop in London? Tesco 24 hours also close at 10pm on Saturday and 4pm on Sunday lah. Clinic closes at 1pm on Thursday. Stupid country We ordered coffee to keep us awake the whole night, or at least until we are up on the train. We sat, drank, yak and yak and yak until it's time to check in.

Wooohoo! We're leaving for France! and get our passport stamped the word "Paris" =)

Not cheap okay this paper? It was 84 pounds (I think) for two miserable tickets. But, it was fast lah. 3 hours only. And also, no traffic jam and sufferings for 9 hours like what happened during Scotland trip.


Staying awake for the whole night and I thought I can sleep all the way but no, I was wrong. I think everyone slept for approximately 30 minutes or so only. With Anwari sitting beside me, lagilah cannot sleep. He and his nonsense. But without him, not fun lah. No one to entertain us with his nonsense-ness.

Paris Day 1

We reached


Gare Du Nord (Paris version of KL Central)

and our misery of not being able to speak French began. Even the staffs at the ticketing counter don't really speak English. Thank God we had Anwari with us or else we will really ternganga there. We were on a budget trip (as usual lah) so we booked the cheapest and probably the furthest hotel, from the station. We had a hard time, finding for the right train to stop at the right station. Their system for trains are crappy okay?

Let me cheong hei a bit about their system lah. In Paris, they have a board hanging on the platforms with ALL the names of the stations. So, we THOUGHT lah, if the names of the staions are on the board means the train IS going to the station lah. We happily hopped onto the train (bear in mind we just arrived and we're having our backpack with us!) and thought we'll be reaching the station in a while (just 2 or 3 stops away). BUT, the train we were on DIDN'T stop at the station, instead it passed by the station and continue moving like it's not going to stop. Ever. We got down at the next station (which is damn far) and then asked the worker and he said hop onto the next train. Yes, we trusted him lah. We also took the next train. Manatau, this train also DIDN'T stop at that station. We kept passing by that station but we're not stopping AT it. So near yet so far. Sigh. After a couple of times just passing by the station, we finally realized that there's a small white box at the side of each station's name on the board. If the white board is next to the station you want to go, then you get onto the next train. If not wait until the white box appear lah. How are we supposed to know right? So damn complicated for tourist okay? Why can't they just use LCD screen to make our lives easier?

Okay, I digressed. When we finally reached the station we wanted to after wasting like an hour or so, we had to take buses before reaching our hotel this time we stayed in HOTEL okay? No more HOSTEL. Berlagak kaya But, because we don't know the way, the route of the buses etc we got lost. Again. Took another bus and then ingatkan dah sampai manatau, we need to find the hotel some more. And we didn't know where to find, we just walk lah. Walk walk walk, finally..... after 30 minutes we saw our oh-so-cheap-but-oh-so-far-in-an-industrial area hotel.

Our hotel was situated in such an ulu place, where all we saw was worse than Penang. Those, kampung areas in Penang or worse than Sentul area in KL. First impression of Paris was bad. Bad. This is Paris, we expect to see nice tall big gigantic amazing buildings. Not this.

Look at the blue flat. Turn left, right, front, back, all I can see was that kinda flat!

We practically wasted 4 hours sesating, where ever we go. What a start to our journey. Rested for awhile and off we went to explore the wonderful city of Paris!

Maps don't really help us, you see. Although over the following days, we pretty much mastered the train routes in Paris despite the many lines they have. Hehehe. Oh, they have like 14 Metro lines, 5 RER and 4 dunno what line (I think) which is almost 5 times more than London! Amazing, amazing.

First stop: Arc de Triomphe


This arch is very famous because it's a monument for those who fought for France during some war. There's also this erm, burning flame which is in the middle of the arc, even with strong wind it will never blow off. The night view is a lot better, so we thought we will come back here later at night, when it's darker.

The wind was so strong that our hair were flying away like some Rejoice moments but the flame was still burning. Amazing.

Next, we went to..Musee du LouvrePhotobucket
Does this pyramid looks familiar to you? :)
It's the one you see in Da Vinci's Code lah. Hehehe.

We purposely waited until 6pm so that the ticket is only €6. Once we paid, we went in and jalan jalan. Initially quite excited lah.

"Wah!!" *snap*

Walk walk walk.

"Wah!!" *snap*


Walk walk walk.
Not long after, we got bored.

Hehehe. The boringness + tiredness.

We're not into paintings and sculptures lah. We paid and went in for ONE reason only,

My sister MONALISA!
I was eager to see her, lama tak jumpa ma but when I saw her, I was disappointed. I don't see what is so great in that drawing lor. It's so small if it were to be compared to other drawings in that room. And they had this barrier like 2 feet away from the picture with two body guards guarding the picture. Want to get a clearer view also cannot. Want to snap picture also so hard. Can some artistic people tell me what is so great about the drawing?
Because Anwari asked the body guards, "can you tell me what is so great with this picture?" and they answered, "no we can't" LOL.

But, the sculptures and paintings were all very detailed. Which was pretty amazing, to me lah.

Like this, there was even blood on it. Near the nail and wounded area. It shows how much thoughts and effort they put into building it.

By the time we left, it was quite dark already lah.

I like how the pyramid was built. Looks damn gaya. Impressive.

We went back to the Arc and took picture.


Now I know why is it called city of the lights. I personally thinks that Paris looks a lot better at night. With all the light. Such an amazing view. And also because they used a lot of yellow lights lah. Which creates the romantic feel. Romantic city ma, hor?

No, it's not the hotel we stayed at. The hotel we stayed was NOWHERE near this.

It was about 10pm when we left this place, and we had to take trains and buses and then walk for another 25 minutes before we can reach our hotel. Long journey, okay? And we didn't sleep for the whole night, so yea lah everyone was very tired. We got back to the room about 11.30pm and then slept till the next morning.

Next up...

It's gonna take at least 2 more weeks before I update the second day of our trip. Exam lah. Sabar je lah, as usual :P

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Happy Birthday Ms. Soh

Happy 20th Birthday to this hot, sexy mental retarded looking, smart babe!

I like how you look in this picture, so....

certainly describes your characteristic mentioned above :P

Hope you had a wonderful celebration this year. And I'm gonna repeat what I wrote on FB :P

I hope to smash your face onto a cake, before your 21st birthday! So, tunggulah kepulangan kami. Kekeke.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Top 10 shittiest moments in my life

Got tagged by Keshia and this is so hard lah. Maybe because I don't have such shitty moments in life, or I'm just forgetful that I don't even remember such moments, anymore.

10. I shit-ed in my diapers when I was a baby? :P (Shitty moments what?)

9. A close friend betrayed me, lied and got together with my *cough* high school crush and she hates me for no apparent reason.

8. Doctor told me I have low blood pressure. I'm only 21 leh, why got such thing? :(

7. Suspected for Appendix, later on Denggi and had to stay in the hospital for 3 freaking nights.

6. I almost lost a friendship with a best friend because of another best friend.

5. My grandpa passed away, right in front of my eyes.

4. My granny passed away, and I was the last person to know.

3. I thought what I did was right and was the best for everyone, but I was told it's not.

2. I tried so hard to keep something, but in the end, fate won over my determination.

1. When I was accused of something which I do not agree with, all my explanations was useless, and I yelled to the extent I've never yelled before, causing major headache and rising of body temperature during crucial periods.

And.... I tag..

1. Hanim

2. Li Huey

3. Lim Shze Li

4. Michelle Quah

5. Tiffany Soh

ps: Michelle & Shze Li, I still remember your tag. I will do it, soon. Soon. The tag quite long ma, sabar sikit okay? Hehehe.

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Dedicated to Anwari Ashraf bin Hashim

It's 4am now, and I'm still awake because I was supposed to do my assignment. But, got distracted halfway through. Anwari FINALLY downloaded MSN and I was chatting with him since the upacara perasmian. Halfway through, he realized there's this feature on MSN, where you can draw things. And he started writing instead of typing. I also followed the flow la. Such a waste of time! Damn susah want to write one sentence also lor. Then he drew this...


Anwari hensem? Mana ada hensem?
Like old man botak at the middle of his head got lah!

Later on, he drew this picture, which I really liked lah.


Quite good looking right?
Looks so macho.

He finds my name very *cough* 'cute'. Ong I Ping. I I(love in mandarin) Beng Tack >.<

Since he's so *cough* talented ASTRO Scholar tau, don't play play that he even met Pak Pagar Bill Gates before okay? The most I met also was Pak Guard only I thought I should keep this drawing. Because, who knows kan one day he might be famous and then his drawings will be sooooooooooo expensive that I can sell it and make a lot of money! And his drawings will be in the museum, next to my sister Monalisa. This reminds me that I still have yet to post on my Paris trip. Hehehe. I wanted to lah, but cannot upload pictures. So yea lor, sorry lah. Wait lah, wait lah

Anwari Ashraf bin Hashim bin Din, I demand for another picture, of ME!!! It better be nice tau! And yes lah, this post is to bodek you so that you will belanja me makan, as usual. Muahahaha.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008
Not colorful and aunty talk post :(

I know my blog have been abandoned for a very very long time.
Sorry lah.
Busy ma.
And also, the connection is giving me problem okay?
I still CAN'T upload my pictures onto my blog.
Maybe it's my laptop.
Keshia can upload pictures one! I cannot!

And I've been REALLY busy lately.
So much work. Yet so little time (sort of lah)

Let me tell you how busy I was (will be) okay?

For the past few days, I've been sleeping for less than 2 hours EVERY NIGHT, trying to do as much work as I can. Trying to read as much journal as I can.

And, my sleeping hours all screwed up d. I sleep at 6 or 7am every day. Then wake up go class, attend seminars, meet tutors. Never felt so hardworking before lor.

And and, after all those tiring and sleepless nights, I worked the next day (on a Saturday some more okay?). For that, I woke up at 5.30am (just like when I was in high school, damn sien). Oh, one funny incident happened at work today.

I was at work and then this two girls came up to me and ask me something, which I don't know anything about. So, I wanted to find one of my manager but no one was around. I was looking around *look look look* then I saw Natish, Keshia's flatmate, also my colleague. Then, I asked him and he was like, "oh, who asked that?" I pointed at the girls and then we walked towards them, and he was talking to them. I was standing BEHIND him lah, since he was talking to them ma. I need to wait for him to chao, then I need to get back to my work.

Just in case you can't imagine it in your head, I drew this for you :D Better don't say it's ugly and crush my self esteem okay?!
Then, all of a sudden, he fling his hand and *PHAP* I felt his hand on MY face. Yealah, he slapped me, by accident. First reaction, I covered my face with my hand and then started laughing. And he turned and hugged me, and went like, "I'm so so sorry. So so sorry. I've been like this the whole day. I almost banged a girl with the door earlier" LOL. I was telling Keshia, dahlah hidung penyet, kena slap like that lagi penyet. Like apom balik :P

Anyways, yea la. I'm having my finals in like a weeks time. And I have YET to study. Good job, Melissa. And it came across my mind some time back, that this exam, is seriously going to be my FINAL final exam. After this, even if I want to take exams, for my degree, I can stay at home and dream. who the hell will dream of wanting to take exams, anyway? So, this is it. I'm actually QUITE happy that it's ending, soon. I can't wait to go into working world. I've got a few people saying I'm weird, because NO ONE likes to go to work! But I so tak sabar-sabar wana work.

SOONER OR LATER also you will NEED to work what? Unless you're like Li Huey, and you dream to marry a rich old man and be housewife. Everyday go manicure pedicure, saloon, gym, facial. Then that one different story lah. But, if you're an *cough* average normal person like me, I'm sure you want to work right? It's just the matter of time lah.

Why I sound like aunty one? O__O

Ok, better stop it before I start to talk like a grandma.

I very lazy to color-kan my post. No time. Busy online shopping studying lah. So unlike me. So dull leh my post, but *Keshia's style* nehmind lah. Better than nothing la hor? Hehehe.
ps: I will TRY to upload pictures from Paris lah. And then,blog about it. If not, tunggu till can upload la okay? That time maybe can write history book d, but it's never too late, right? =)

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Friday, April 11, 2008
Jakun moments

I'm back from Paris! (that was long time ago lah!)

And the morning after, I was sleeping and dreaming of my prince charming when Darren called me and asked me to look out of my window. And guess what I saw?


This time, it was snowing heavily.
A LOT better than the last time.
And this time, it's real snow.
Not snow flakes, not frosted snow. But SNOW.

Look at the view outside of my window.

It was such an amazing view. Everything was covered by snow. Although it's Spring now.

Ming Zi and I went down thus revealing our jakun-ness and played with snow.

I could feel the snow falling on my head!
Siok habis..

Isn't it amazing?
Can't even see the grass.

The tree is so white!

This is the farm in front of my hall. This farm never looked so pretty and nice before this.
I wonder where the pony and sheep and chickens hide?

Letter box was also covered by snow!

The heroin of the day...!No jacket also can leh! few minutes only then cannot tahan d. LOL

But not as hero as as this girl lah.

Poser sial :P

Cam-whore with snow.

We build snow man.
A small one. Hehehe.

And played snow ball fight.

End product?


After got hentam-ed for many many rounds, Ming Zi said she was hungry, and so she...

licked the snow ball. Like how people eat ice kepal! I miss ice kacang and cendol and fruit ice and ice kepal!
And a great discovery by our very own Queen Ong: Snow is tasteless!

My first snow encounter in my entire 21 years of life. Rather surpising but nevertheless fun - short and sweet.

ps: I went through a lot of pain and wasted a lot of time updating such a short post because of the problem uploading pictures! Grrr.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

For some reason, I can't upload all the pictures I took from Paris =(
I want to know why?!

I tried uploading onto Photobucket also cannot. Here also cannot.

Why? Why?

I thought it was the connection but I realized it wasn't because I can upload other pictures besides those from my camera *cries*
Somebody, help me!!!

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