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Thursday, October 23, 2008
Berita baik. untuk diriku

*dance of joy*

I am finally.... a graduate with JOB!

I am no longer jobless.
I am no longer a sampah masyarakat.


Someone telah men-un-jobless-kan me!

But the first 3 months is going to be hell for me.
I will have to do shit jobs man.
Oh well, I guess we'll see from there lah.

What's more important is that I need to shop for formal clothes, real bad.
It's already Thursday today.
I'm going back to Penang on Friday morning.
Monday evening after Deepavali celebration, I'll need to rush back to KL because....

my work starts on TUESDAY!
Ahh.... but never mind.
I'm looking forward to build a stronger and more confident Melissa~! :D

Mel O gave her order @ 3:21 AM
3 minions

Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy 21st perempuanku.

You look so happy here. Oh yea, how can you NOT be happy when I'm around eh? ;)

And horrrrrrrr, you owe me lots of stories okay? I wana hear all of them when I see you the next time! This time you'll do the talking and I'll do the eating :D

Mel O gave her order @ 10:47 AM
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Thursday, October 16, 2008
Always listen to

..... mummy and daddy.

One night, 4 girls decided to go to Bed (the cafe lah not the katil) to hang out. Anyway, I've always wondered why they named it Bed ah? Maybe because it's comfy lah.

See these two budaks. Getting all comfortable like their own house.

Dah puas ber-comfortable, nak camwhore jugak.

Lepas puas camwhore.....
mainlah kad! :D

Some people, especially the driver tak sedar diri wana drink Heineken so much. So, being the angelic me, I tried to...

save every one of us from being involve in car crash!
I still laugh whenever I see Jane's reaction. Hahahaha

But when people tak puas hati because they lost in the game, they start to show the wild and aggressive side of them.

Like hitting the winner! Poor Melissa.

Dahlah pergi pun lambat... balik lagilah lambat.
When we left there, it was already 12 something in the morning. Then went to eat McD and left McD almost 2am.

Imagine this scene:

4 girls in one car. One driver (SL), one at the front passenger seat (me) and two behind (C & J). I was talking to SL and I was very much concentrating to what she was saying. I was looking at her while she was looking in front at the road. The two behind was talking among themselves and we came to this one particular traffic light and stopped because it was red light. Suddenly, I heard the back was very quiet. Okay, nevermind. Then SL looked to my side and she shouted "ahhh!" I was curious and I turned to my back (the passenger seat's window) and the first thing I saw was TWO ROUND HUGE EYES! And I shouted! What the hell wei!! 2am. No cars. No one. And suddenly I saw this LADY with huge eyes, white face, hair tied to the back, so near to the window, almost sticking her face there while moving her lips. Wouldn't you get a heart attack? Stupid lady! Arrghh! Then SL just wind down the window a little bit and that lady outside said she lost her wallet and wants to get a lift to Sungai Dua. SL just told her that we're not going that way and it was green light so she sped off. We were all silent for a moment and then we started cursing the lady! Middle of the night, don't la come and scare people like that. Super wth lor. I almost kena heart attack lor. She was so so near me okay?! OMG! That was why daddy and mummy always say, "don't go out late at night!" Yorrrrrrrrrr! Stupid lah she.

The next day I was telling my brother about this and before I could say anything in detail, he told me, "let me guess. She's malay. Quite chubby. Face very white. Eyes very huge. She said she just reached from KL and she don't have money so want a lift to BJ." My eyes went O____O
His description was exactly what I saw the night before. And my brother said once he came back from clubbing and he stopped at the same traffic light at 4am. Then this lady came to him and asked him for a ride because she just came from KL and she don't have any money. He thought it's on the way and wanted to help her so he gave her a lift and just when he was about to reach the place, he asked that lady where should he drop her. Guess what she said?


The cemetery beside the mosque!

She scare the hell out of my brother and he told her no. He just dropped her at a taxi stand nearby and left. He saw her at the same traffic light again after that and she knocked on her window again. He buat tak layan and went off.

How creepy is that?
Is she human or what?
If human why wana go to cemetery early in the morning? At 4am?
If human then why always at the same traffic light asking for lift?

Seriously. Listen to your parents. Don't go out late at night okay?

Don't go out late at night.
It's dangerous.
But children nowadays don't listen to their parents and always choose to go out late at night.

Adui! Scary!

Mel O gave her order @ 4:45 PM
5 minions