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Thursday, July 26, 2007
Ice cream. Special.

Recently Dad bought back something which I have never seen or tasted before.
It's an ice cream. Yes. What kinda ice cream haven't I tasted before?
This ice cream is so special.
How special?
It don't look like an ice cream.
It's not long. It's not square. It's round.
Best of all. No preservative. No coloring - only natural color.
It is sweet. Yet sour at the same time.
Imported from India.
You can cut it into small pieces.

Any guess?

The answer is...............

Don't say I'm mad. Or stupid. Or dumb. Or liar.
I'm not okay?
I know the picture above shows that it's a fruit. It's a mango.
But, it's really an ice cream. Ice cream mango.
Tak percaya lagi?


Told you it's an ice cream mango.
Since this mango is imported from India, it's called the Indian Ice Cream Mango.
:) My first time eating a mango. Flavored. Ice cream. Lol.

Mel O gave her order @ 8:34 AM
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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
I am a murderer

The day I came back to Penang, about 2 weeks ago, Emily came over to overnight at my place. While talking to her around 4am, suddenly she shouted. “Melissa!!!” I stood up and I saw this creature! OMG!! We quickly took any possible thing in my room to defend ourselves. She took air freshener and a bottle of water. I took cards and tissue box. But we were still afraid and not convinced that these things will help us deal with this creature. We opened my book shelf and took a stack of papers ( I just realized I am still keeping my Form 5 BM notes. That shows how lazy I am to clean my room. Just chuck all inside the cupboard and close it. Clean & Clear without ANY hardwork :p). This is how clean my room was before we started our mission

We make the papers into round balls and threw at the creature. Papers afters papers. We even sprayed water on it. But no, it won’t budge. Then we saw SHIELDTOX and Melissa was the warrior of the night *clap clap*. I took the spray and cover the whole body with Shieldtox, and hit it with a stack of papers. So hard till it squashed. Penyek hingga terjurai usus-usus dan organ organ dalaman. If there’s any.

this is after the murder

You might have guessed it right. We were killing a .............


Reason of death: Squashed to death

Melissa 1 Cockroach 0


Ps: No offense to all the cockroach lovers out there. I was just killing a creature because IT entered my room without my permission!! Penceroboh akan di hentam dengan kertas hingga penyek!

Mel O gave her order @ 7:22 AM
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Saturday, July 21, 2007
My so called working life

As I have mentioned earlier, I am currently working/doing voluntary work. Oklah, not totally voluntary. I will be getting some recognition in the end. Something to write in my resume. Working experience: Internship at Sahabat Alam.
Ok wat? No? Nvm.

Sahabat Alam (Friends of the Earth Malaysia) is actually a NGO (explains why I am not paid :(). And it deals with environmental issues. Since when I became so environmental friendly? I was never one. Not even now :p I work 6 days a week. Yes, even corporate agencies work 5 days a week. Haih. 9 to 5.15. What's the extra 15 minutes for? I have no idea. Which I usually leave at 5.10, 5 mins earlier. Go out for break 5 mins earlier. And go bek after break 5 mins later too. So, I sort of minus the 15 minutes away d. Hehehe. Smart eh? Well, what do I do there?
Design brochures!! *faint*
3 brochures. One to get funders. One for public awareness. One to encourage fishermen to plant mangrove.
Ppl say I can't design brochures. I can ok! I can!
It might not be as nice as the professionals la but still, for someone who is not creative and doesn't have any photoshop or equivalent software, it's not bad rite? I only use MICROSOFT PAINT tau! One of these days I will post it up ESPECIALLY for those who said psycho student can design brochure also wan ah? Yes, you!! :p

Besides that, I read newspaper, read informations on mangrove (reminds me of my high sch Bio lesson. Rhizophora, Sonneratia.), online (the line is so bad that I can't even on my MSN, most of the time. And the page takes years to download), play pinball, play SOLITAIRE (I think I fell in love with this game. Used to not even look at this. This is what happens when you are too bored), look at the hill from my room (oh yes, I have my own room. Some old room which has many many old metal drawers and Mamee Express Cup Noodles boxes) *shake head*

I will be working until the end of August. Which I think I want to stop on the 23rd. Lazy la wana work. Rest and sleep and eat all I want! Another one month to go, and I will only have 4 days of sleep ins, which is every Sunday. Haih. Such is life.

Ps: Today is Saturday. Half day for me. Another 2 hours I can go back!! Yeay!! Going Queens to meet up with me ex classmates. Miss the gals so much *staring at clock hoping it will move faster*

Mel O gave her order @ 3:08 AM
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I last updated my blog two weeks ago. TWO WEEKS ago. Eeek, so long ago. I didn't realize it was so so long ago. No wonder my C-box got spam again. And Mich said my blog is dead (berani engkau ni Mich! Blog aku still alive ok? Maybe sakit tenat saja :p). Oklah, I will try to update. As frequent as I can.

So what's my reason for not updating my blog?
1. WORKING!! (Yes, I am working. Without pay. Damn. Voluntary work at Sahabat Alam)
2. Eating :)
3. Going around Penang. Ronda-ing.
4. Finding for some stuff all around Penang.
5. Being a driver (Mom got so lazy when I am back. She don't even wana drive to work. Her excuse: Got renovation going on. No parking la. U drive me there la. Haih)
6. Meeting up my kawans lama.
7. Sort of window shopping.
8. Get more sleep because I need to get up at 8 every morning. Haih...

See, there's the list of my excuses. Err, reasons for not updating. Hehehe.
Promise will update more often. At least once a week? Can la can la.

Mel O gave her order @ 2:51 AM
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Saturday, July 7, 2007

2 hours left.

Before leaving KL.

And be back at Penang.

For 2 months!

*jump jump dance dance*

Till my next update (if I rajin wana update lah), don't miss me yea? Oklah, oklah, a bit can d k? Not too much :P

Mel O gave her order @ 7:32 AM
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