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Sunday, September 30, 2007


I so wana kill these ang mohs man!!

5 days ago, the water heater was not functioning.
Excuse me Ang Mohs, you people think we can bathe in this cold weather without a HEATER?
They took 4 days to repair that heater.
In that 4 days we only bathed ONCE a day and even that we had to travel over to Ted Lewis Hall to shower. We traveled WITH our towel, soap, shampoo, facial wash every time we wana bathe. Don't we look like some *ahem* high class refugee??

It took them 4 days and they finally repaired the heater yesterday. And my toilet light was not working since the first day I stayed in and they came to repair it yesterday (although they came in when I wasn't home, I'm not gonna sue them for that!). And TODAY, less than 24 hours after repairing that heater, it's giving us problem again. The heater is not hot yet not too cold. But, it's too cold for us to bathe, that's for sure. And I have a full day of classes tomorrow and I have to go and bathe at Yong Tze's place in the morning. Like a refugee. Again.

We're paying you 90 pounds PER WEEK okay? That's 360 POUNDS one month. That's like RM2520 per month. I can rent a whole freaking house back in Malaysia. I miss Malaysia :(


These proved the efficiency of Ang Mohs!!

!!! I'm going crazy!!

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Saturday, September 29, 2007
Friday Night Dinner

Friday night was spent at Ted Lewis, Flat 31 with 4 other Malaysian students, Queen Next Road, Yong Tze, Malini and the most important person for the night, Tharshini! Why is she important? Because she is the...

She cooked dinner for us. Ain't she such a sweetie?

Since the rest of us including me don't know how to cook, we all menyibukkan ourselves. We walked and talked and laughed, one of us even sticked her head out of the window to smell the air :p Hehehe. But we tried helping also lah. See..

I looked as though I was just posing for the picture but seriously, I did help okay?
No faces seen in this picture. Why ah Yong Tze?? You like our butts eh?? :p

Told you. I,me, PenangPrincess did the cutting. I cut the onions! That's like....very hard okay?

Yong Tze helped out with the cutting too. Err, oklah. Everyone did the cutting and chopping and slicing especially Queen Next Road (the garlic smell is still there ha?? *pat head*)
Sliced, chopped, cut, boiled, cooked and finally...

The BBQ Chicken with fish curry :p
Initially I was supposed to bring the CHICKEN curry powder but I forgot. No other choice but to use Yong Tze's FISH curry powder for our chicken. Hehehe. But, it tasted nice though. Maybe, it's because of chef of the night was good! Very good infact :)

And we had stir fried vege + white button mushroom + onion
This dish was heavenly. It was nice. Really nice. Furthermore, I kan peminat mushroom? Anything with mushroom will have my VOTE!!

After dinner, we hang out in Malini's room talking all sorts of things. Tharsh was telling us some astrology stuff, which I found it quite true. One thing which is very very true: I'm very very STUBBORN :p We hang out in the room till 10.30pm and then we balik kampung, err, rumah, err, hostel, err, bilik. Yea, BILIK.

The end product: Happy tummy. Happy people.

Tharsh, you should cook for us every week. Then, there will be more happy people around you :)

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Moon Cake Festival & Good Food

It is the Mooncake Festival today and being so far away from home,we obviously can't expect to see any lanterns or moon cakes around. Yong Tze asked us over to her place to have dinner together because she doesn't want to have dinner by herself. So, the two Queens went over and she already prepared dinner. When I saw the dish, I felt so homely.

She cooked...




And since today is Moon Cake Festival, she cut the word moon cake using ham. So creative!!

It was a simple dinner but I was happy that I got to eat such food. Our initial plan was to eat bread and egg. Look at my life la. Living in London but we're eating as though we're living in Africa. Not that we don't have food, just that we don't have the POUNDS :(

I have been hunting for food to stock up in my room, and yes, I only hunt cheap food. I'm helping Mr. Ong to save money. Ain't I such a good daughter? Lol. The biscuits are pretty cheap. And nice. Biscuit has never tasted so nice before. I won't even bother looking at biscuits back at home (oh, yes I do. Only certain "biscuit" :P). I bought this biscuit during the Brighton trip, and it's just a plain biscuit.

Don't it look dry?
But NO!! Trust me. It's tasty. Really nice. Smells so good. My oh my, I love biscuits!!

Without it, I will be starving.
Without it, I wouldn't have energy.
With it, I'm able to walk more than 2 miles a day, sometimes even 4 miles. All thanks to ...

You are the champion, my biscuit!!

Not forgetting the strawberries. It's cheap. They're sweet and cheap.

For this much of strawberries, it only cost 1.59.
And look at them, they're so huge. And distorted.

Distorted pun distorted la. As long as it's cheap and nice and can save me from hunger.

But, these strawberries cannot last long. Ming Zi's strawberries tumbuh kulat, just after 2 days. Not joking, fruits also can tumbuh kulat k?


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Fire alarm

I went to bed at 10.40pm because I was rather tired. I was sleeping so soundlessly when I got awaken by the loud fire alarm. First thing that I thought to myself, "Did I lit up any fire while I was sleeping?" It was so loud I seriously thought I was the one who set the fire alarm on. I went out and another flatmate was as blur as me. We were talking, err, shouting?? cause we can hardly hear each other. Then, two gals came out from their rooms with their jackets, locked their door and went off (so selamba). Then I turned and saw Queen Next Road at the door of her flat and then I realized we're supposed to go down. This is not Malaysia where I can continue sleeping with the alarm on unless I smell smoke. I quickly went into my room, grab my keys and locked my door. Just when I locked my door, I realized I left my jacket. I wanted to go in and take it but my keys and the key hole are not "working" well together cause it will take me around 1 minute to pull my keys out from the hole. I was like, "arrghh!! Don't care la." I went down and saw everyone was downstairs. Once I stepped out of the block, I regretted not bringing my jacket. It was seriously cold. So cold. And I was wearing shorts!! Great!! I was practically shivering and shaking out there. It was either I burnt myself to death or I freeze to death, which I eventually chose freeze to death (because at least I wont turn into charcoal, and still will have complete body parts!). We were standing outside and I was so hoping that it will end soon but I saw a fire engine. That's it. It will take forever. I was so cold, but thank God for having such wonderful flatmate, Eric (the guy who can cook), for borrowing me his jacket. THANKS ERIC!!! We continued standing and standing and I was thinking to myself, "today moon cake festival also no need to make us stand here and look at the moon kan?" It was 1.20am okay? I want to get back to sleep. After 30 minutes or so, they fireman came out from the building and said, "Flat 22, Room 5, you set you alarm on" I so want to smack that guy I tell you!!! But, he's way bigger than me so it's okay lah!! But, I know who you are. Ish!!!

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Greetings from ENFIELD, LONDON.

It's been awhile since I last updated my blog.
Where should I even start from?

Let me introduce to you, my one and only beautiful room.
I'm staying in Robbins Hall, flat 23, room 1.

Nice not??

I think it's not too bad considering it's an old building. Although my toilet light is not functioning, my carpet is sticky and has black stains, the rest are pretty much more than what I expected.

I have 3 flat mates at the moment. All 3 are from the States. 2 gals 1 guy and guess what?? The guy cooks so well that I must admit, I feel shy to say I can only cook maggi. But he's so nice to offer to cook for me and my other 2 flat mates and we don't need to pay him. We can help him out if we want. Ain't he sweet? Hehehe.

Who said there's nothing free in London ha?

Ming Zi and I are only here for 3 days and we are sick of the food here. Everyday chicken, meat, chicken, meat, chicken, meat. The only vege I had was during my first meal in London (provided by uni).

The FOC food..

The chicken was meant to be tandoori chicken (it's nowhere near the bad tasting tandoori in Malaysia) and the long bean was boiled, so it was tasteless and extremely soft.

All of the makan shops here are closed at 5pm and during dinner, only fast food outlets are open. So, we decided to cook ourselves tonite.

Maggi + porridge + vege = perfect dinner

I desperately need to clean and unpack my things. It's so messy that I can't stand it myself. I don't even have the time to clean cz everyday is so packed with program. When I have the time, like today, now, I'm here blogging. Why?? Cz of me PEMINATS. Hehehe. Tiff, don kan cheong. I will surely update wan. Don gaduh gaduh in the c-box for me. Hehehe.

Need to unpack my clothes now. Will try to update again later. WILL try ok? No guarantees :P

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