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Thursday, July 24, 2008
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Mr. Ong, me one and only beloved daddy :)

I bought a card and sent it to him last week, and I thought this is the coolest card I've bought for him, so far.

I damn suka the writings inside.
I felt that it's true, you know ;p

Poor daddy! But I love you more than ever!!!
Happy 55th Birthday Dad :D

ps: Michelle, I just realized you have the same birthday as my dad! Hehehe.

So, Happy Birthday to you too girl!
Eat more, spend more, gain more weight Hahahaa
I'm jealous lor, you always post up pictures of food on your blog.
Some more on Facebook.
Purposely wana tempt me.
You can post whatever you want now, cause I'm going back liao.
So, I'm WON'T be tempted hopefully
Happy 21st Birthday Michelle Quah!

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Saturday, July 19, 2008
I'm so happy

I'm so so happy.
The boxes to ship my things back to Malaysia arrived today.
I got TWO big boxes to ship all my things back!
I was so happy that I taped the box upside down. LOL

The total weight for the two boxes can be about 60kg!
OMG! 60kg okay?
I can ship Ming Zi home also lor. She so light!
I can literally ship my whole freaking room back.

I'm so happy.
I'm so excited.
I started packing all my things.
And 3/4 of my clothes are already in the box.
What am I going to wear at home?
Got Mega Sale ma.
Buy new clothes lah!
3/4 of my shoes and bags will be in the box as well.
And ALL my books.

Wah, I'm so happy.
I got more space to buy more things back home!
I'm so smart!
But, I'll be broke after shipping the boxes lah.
Ahh.. Nvm nvm.
I'm going homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008
My prince charming

..... he's damn entau. Hehehe.

This Hong Kong actor, Kevin Cheng is my....prince charming :p

*stares at the picture*
*wipes drool with tissue*


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The dinner

I got so much to blog, but I'm so lazy busy lately.
17 more days to go home, and I'm already resting and lepaking like I've graduated :p
I still got 3 essays, and final year project to do but I'm so lazy!
Somebody slap me please!
Eh, don't lah. Those who wanted to slap me, you should go slap yourself.
How dare you slap me? Inikah kawan? Tsk.

What to blog ah?
Hmm, so malas lah.
All that I wana blog about also damn long.

Oklah, blog about my dinner yesterday.
Short short ni.

I went over to Hendon yesterday night for dinner at my friend's place.
Wah, banyak orang Cina.
Left right, I hear mandarin and cantonese.
Should be from Hongkong and China lah.
The whole floor full of Chinese people!
Bising sial.
Like home only. Except that they didn't speak Hokkien.
If not, I will surely feel like I'm in Penang already (ahhh, home!!)
And then I went into her room and I went O_O
Her room in the hall is like, her room at home!
She decorated the room until, wah damn nice okay?

Cannot really see in this picture but she had her OWN curtain, comforter, a lot of pillows, bean bags (from John Lewis lagi okay? Gila babi mahal), carpet (first time I see carpet in hall's room) soft cuddly toys, I dunno what writing on the walls and some thingy hanging just behind the door. So nice okay? Makes me feel that my room is so cacated. But never mind lah, I'm going back d :P

She cooked Indian meal. Her curry right, never use paste one you know so unlike me okay? I rely on paste for EVERYTHING. And it's damn nice! Got chicken curry (she don't eat chicken but she cooked for us. Damn good can?) and also Indian styled vegetables.

It seriously felt like home. Like mom's cooking. Just that it's not that spicy because Iza can't eat too spicy. Later terbakar mulut dan esofagus.
And look at the plate! Got patterns one okay? Clover? I dunno lah, but damn nice. Her things all super cantik. And mahal! -_-

We ate the curry with bread and naan.
The naan very soft and nice.

Initially I wanted to buy desserts cz shy ma go there makan only. Not bringing anything. So I said I can buy cake, but she gave me a choice. I can buy cake, or she can make Indian dessert. Hehehe. Of cz I choose Indian dessert lah right? Not like the cake very nice also. Cheh!
And she made Kheer, or in Malaysia we call it Payasam.
Teramatlah sedap. Sungguh sedap.

And this is the head chef. Ok, more like the ONLY chef that night.

After eating, we sat in her cosy room and talked. They all ar, made me laugh like siao lang only. Hahaha. Now, I know what they want in a guy. Hehehe. Ohh, unexpected ;) We wanted to stay a little longer, but it was quite late already. I have to leave at 11pm, or else I scared I can't get the last coach to get back into campus. Then, I can sleep in the tube station, although I've did that before la ;P Before going back, we took a few pictures lah. How to resist snapping picture when there's girl right? :D

This is the hanging thingy.
Cantik kan? :)

PenangPrincess and the Chef

The guests.
Iza ate the curry until her lips turned MAROON! O_O

Why I so gemuk one?? Tsk.

The good-bye.

Shze Li my super duper funny and weird monitor in high school said the good-bye picture looks very obscene. Macam maksiat! I never thought of that until she told me. Hahaha. Tak guna punya budak. Like that also you can think until maksiat kisiat all ;p

Anyway, the dinner last night was to meet up with the girls before Joey and I fly back home! Ahh, I wonder if I will ever meet them again. Hmmm....

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Friday, July 11, 2008
I'm damn pissed!

...... Seriously.
I don't remember the last time I actually scolded someone.
As far as I can remember, I've always treated everyone (okay, most people) nicely.
Those whom I am close to or even hi-bye friends.
I don't even say 'fuck' what else scolding people and asking them to go to hell.
At most, I will just say 'stupid' and 'shit' no matter how angry I am.
But, that doesn't mean I will be nice all the time.
Step on my tail, and I'll unleash the evil side of me!

I knew this guy from college but we don't really talk (we're just hi-bye friends lah). Last few days, he said hi to me on MSN, so I just layan-ed only lah. We talked about life, studies, and he mentioned something about him hating my ex (which I don't really care). And this fucking idiot fella, messaged me again yesterday but I wasn't home (I don't off my MSN even if I'm out). So, of course I tak layan lah right? When I got back, I replied his message asking if there's anything I can help but he was offline so I don't care lah. This morning, he sent me message again but I was about to go out to get groceries, so I read and then thought of replying when I get back home. When I got back home, he left me this message.

Stupid fella: I need to ask you about psychology.
You there?
Neways, if you're free I need to ask you about psychology in HELP. Let me know if you're free.
I've been asking you a few times now. Are you there or not? I need to ask you something about psych in HELP. Nothing else.
Man, if you have a problem with me, tell me. If you're unhappy that I said that shit about your fucking ex, you tell me. Don't be the silent pain you are now.
Okay? I don't like this back talk shit.

I saw the message and I was damn pissed. Come on, you wana ask for my help and I don't reply so just leave a bloody message and I will reply you when I have the time lah. I didn't do anything, and he said this. I was boiling inside already lor!!

I replied him INSTANTLY once I read the message.

Hello?! What the fuck is wrong with you? I wasn't even at home. I saw your message this morning but I was about to go out so I didn't reply. I went out and just got back. If I have a problem with you, I would have just blocked you or deleted you from my list. Why the hell should I feel offended if you said shit about my ex? He's just my friend now. Even if he's my bf, I will not feel offended okay? You have your own opinions about people. So why should I care? If I wana bloody care about how everyone think then I'll be damn busy and I will have a sad life. If you think I am being a silent pain, then don't talk to me. Why ask me about psychology? Why come to me for help? I don't talk to people like how I do now okay? I will be nice to you if your nice to me but don't come and fucking shit with me. I hate it when people accuse me for smth I didn't do. If you wana ask me about psychology, ask me properly. Don't give me this kinda shit just because I didn't reply you. Bear in mind there's 7 hours difference since im in UK now. I can't be sitting the whole day waiting to reply ur bloody msg. I was busy yesterday and when I got home I saw your msg. I did ask u if there was anything I could help but you were offline and you didn't reply me. So am I supposed to be fucking angry with u?

Bloody hell. Don't mess with me. I just want to see if he will ever reply my message. If he doesn't, I'm gonna send him the exact same message he sent me. DON'T BE THE SILENT PAIN YOU ARE NOW. Stupid fella. I sympathized when he told me he broke up with his gf, but now... GO TO HELL! Probably, you deserve it *slap, kick, punch*

This is another hidden talent I have, Keshia! ;p

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008
Happy Birthday M. Ong

Happy 21st Birthday Miss M. Ong my half twin sister ;p

You went to the bar with me

and we drank fruit juice.

You never wear pink

but you did, just to watch fireworks.

You share the same passion as me

we like to eat.

But the only difference is that, I only eat food but you love

microphone as well ;p

You accompanied me throughout our assignments and exams
and those stressful period

not forgetting working hard on our first poster presentation.

You played and celebrated Deepavali with me

and teman-ed me playing bunga api.

You made me take all 21 birthday candles using my mouth without any mercy.

You entertained me all the time.
Sabar k? We're going back soon. You don't have to sit in that bag for 15 hours.

Being Anita and the bitchiness you have in you.
As well as the menyampah face that makes me wana slap you,
but I never will because

Miss Ming Zi Ong.

We'll go somewhere kinky and sexy to celebrate your 21st birthday, okay? ;)

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Sunday, July 6, 2008
Makan makan

Nowadays damn lazy to blog lor. But got lah some people marah me asking me to blog when she herself also never blog! after her 'sek q' post. One line also kira updated ;p

I've been hearing about C n R for quite some time but never had the chance to try it until last week. Hani was telling me about Avenue Q and I thought, ok lah it's a must to watch theatre in UK. So, I ajak lah the rest also and I feel bad for confusing Keshia cz she thought we were going for Phantom. Sorry ah! and when Malaysians gather together, what else will they do?

Go for Malaysian food lah. Apa lagi kan? Hehehe.
The food hor, super mahal okay? Minimum charges per head is 6 pounds!

Keshia's Ipoh Hor Fun

Hani's Seafood Vermicelli
It's supposed to be spicy but the bihun is soooo white!
Mana ada spicy? Aduh.

My Indian Mee Goreng
I purposely order this because it's written spicy.
But, got con againlah.
At least mine looks red.

Ming Zi's Teow Chew's Mee

Christopher's Chicken Steak Noodle Soup

All the main meals above was 7 pounds, per dish.
Indian mee goreng. 7 ringgit also tak sampai. This one 7 pounds.
Aduh, kesakitan.

But we still went for dessert. Hehehe.

Ais kacang!!
Been almost a year since I ate that okay?
Ohh, the lychee so sexy *winks*

Sago Melaka

We went out together because Hani and Chris was going back to Malaysia and now they're already home. So farewell lah lebih kurang. I asked them to show me 'sad face' and see what that two gave me.

Sedih kan? Hahaha.
Chris looks super duper sad okay?
Kesian giler. Hahaha.

I just have to put this picture up. Hehehe.

Look at Keshia! So funny. Hehehe.
Look at her face. At her eyes. At her expression.
Memang Malaysian ;p

ps: I got a new nickname.
My name in Malaysia: Miss Melissa Ong
My name in UK: Miss M. Ong
My latest nickname: Miss Makan Ong
It's all Miss M. Ong. Hehehe.
Now, I know why I was named Melissa ;p

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