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Sunday, March 30, 2008
Food in Portsmouth

We ate a lot in Portsmouth. Mainly because Li Huey doesn't want us to starve ourselves there. The first night, we had our dinner at home. And the dinner was simply amazing. Simple and filling.

Black pepper chicken

Stir fried vegetables with mushroom

The bomb of the night was

fish tomyam =)
Looks oily, I know. But, who cares? As long as its good!
All used paste one la. Hehehe.

Due to the laziness of angmohs, we had no place to eat in the kitchen, thus we decided to have it ala picnic. in the room. with black rubbish bag.

The next day, we had lunch at a Chinese Restaurant. The portion was big. Really huge.

Egg tart
Zi have been craving for it since, I dunno when.

Chicken curry with fried rice

Sweet and sour chicken with fried rice

Roasted duck with mushroom

The food was not that great, but it's a lot better than those restaurants here. For the portion, the dish was cheap. I saw this huge angmoh lady who managed to finish the whole plate of dish! So gaya!

On the last day, we had oriental buffet for lunch. 9 pounds per head, my second time there. The first time there, I ate until I puked because I'm a Malaysian and I tried to stuff myself so that what I ate is worth more than 18 pounds :P

Fried stuff

I need to show you something. This is a Malaysian delicacy. And it's very very tasty, back home. When it's in angmoh country, it becomes tasteless and out of shape.

Have a guess, what is this?


It's goreng pisang.
Which part of it looks like goreng pisang to you?
I have no idea.
It doesn't even have the shape of goreng pisang. Not to mention the taste. The banana don't have banana taste one =.=

Fried mee, mussels, lamb, sweet and sour chicken

Dumpling, fried chicken wings, seaweed, satay sauce (this satay sauce does resemble satay sauce in Malaysia although a little sweet. I've seen fried rice, in which there's only peanut added onto the fried rice, thus called the SATAY FRIED RICE.)

By now, everyone was full. But how can we not have dessert? Stuff ourselves again.

Healthy dessert.
Fruits. Fruits. And more fruits.

Ice cream

It was worth more than 9 pounds, I think. With full bloated tummy, we went home in the rain. And that concludes my short trip to Portsmouth. Thanks to Li Huey,

who was such a great host.
She allowed us to stay in her room, nagged her, bugged her and of course entertained her for the week. Thank you!! *huggies*

I'm leaving to Paris tomorrow night! Hehehe. I'm so excited. Can't wait to go Disneyland and Eiffel Tower. Will be back on Saturday and then the disaster begins. Before that, I shall enjoy myself in Paris...!!!

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Second visit to Portsmouth

The timing was bad because it rained almost everyday we where there. And we spent most of our time in the room, watching dramas. Anyway, we went to the Spinaker Tower which looks like Dubai 7 star hotel that Zi wants to take over.

The Spinaker Tower

Even the lamp post heading towards the Tower looks special.

It wasn't cheap to head up to the tower for a magnificent view. But, once in a lifetime only ma. So ok lah. We went up and we saw this old couple, Japanese couple I assumed. They're so cute.

The husband was helping the wife to tie the shoe lace. At this age! How sweet can that be?
Such man no longer exist in this world!

There are three decks, first and second floor and a crows nest at the highest floor. The first floor is 100 meters above the sea.

Posing sajer. Need to pay 1.50 to use that okay? Gila one!

Presenting the leng luis girls..

Li Huey and PenangPrincess
The host and the penumpang

There's this glass thingy in the middle of the first floor where we can see the view beneath it from 100 meters above. Quite scary but it didn't stop us from

stepping on the glass..

and sitting on it.
Imagine if the glass breaks, both of us will drop straight down!
All the usus-usus dan internal organs akan terjurai!

The view from above was... fantastic.
The sea, the clouds, the buildings, the ships..

Everything looks so miniature. Like those model buildings..

with moving people. and vehicles.

The next day, we went to the beach seaside but the weather was bad. It was so windy and we almost got blown away.

The wind almost blew my hair off my head!

Zi was smart enough, she wore her hood to protect her hair.

The beach/seaside here doesn't have sandy beaches. There's no sand. It's all pebbles. Stones. Go to beach without having the chance to build sand castles. That's how sad the ang mohs are..

The sun was amazingly bright! after a whole day of rain.

But not for long, it began to be cloudy and we started to walk home. like we were joining some marathon competition.

"When we go back, we go join the amateur's marathon competition. We will surely win one. We walk with extra two bags of Tesco stuff also can win them lor! after all these trainings"

So true... So true! Anyone wants to challenge me? Hehehe.

I'm posting a very miang picture of me. Just because Li Huey said it's her favourite picture.

OMG! Look at my leg and hand!
The miang-ness :P

It was a short getaway to Portsmouth, but it was nevertheless fun. Spending time with the girls. Although having backache due to the small sleeping space, I had a lot of fun laughing, giggling, talking, eating and serious talk about our future.

I hope to do this again...

Next up, the food we ate in Portsmouth =)

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008
All the way from Penang!

Li Huey just got back from her one month trip to Penang. And since she was in Penang, how can I miss the opportunity to ask her to get some food back to UK for me right? =) And being the wonderful friend that she is, she asked if I wanted any paste. And I said yes. But I dunno what I want exactly, so I just told her selamba-ly, "whatever you buy for yourself, buy for me also lah". And so she came back here with a bag full of...

Soooo the banyak okay?!
I thought she would get like, a few packets only. Manatau...
I guess I will live on all the paste for the remaining 5 months!
Weee.... Kari Ikan, Kari Ayam, Asam Pedas, Tom Yam *drool*.

She bought this sweet also..

Brings back childhood memories lor.

And then, I asked my dad to buy a few things and pass it to Li Huey as well. And the things that Li Huey brought back for me despite her overweight luggage includes..

Him Heang!! =)

Tau Sar Piah

I dunno what piah :P

Bah Kua

Asam sweets


Dried mango

Been so so long since I ate all these food okay? Especially the dried mango. I was appreciating and savoring every bite I took.
while cam-whoring :P

Heaven. I'm living on seventh heaven now. With all my food. Wah, I don't need anything else.

I will be going to Portsmouth for 3 days, for the second time. And hopefully this time I will be able to blog about it if I'm not lazy so that I can tempt Mich with those nice places :P

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Cecilia Lee Yee Lean

... Happy 21st Birthday!

Looking at our friendship, it has been almost 9 years since we knew each other.
I remember those days when we started becoming more than a hi-bye friend. Thanks to the psycho Moral teacher who asked us to do a group project.

Slowly from there, we became besties, and we see each other almost everyday.
You dragged me to BJ to meet HC because you were behind the plan to get me together with him! because you 'chiak pah boh su chor :P

We went to Genting together, for our first holiday in Form 4. And then we went to KL in Form 5 for the Science Trip (I think). That was when we lost our hotel room key a few times. Lol.

We used to stay up late to study, and I somehow respect your courage and determination in this. You can stay up late at night, or even not sleeping the whole night and go for exam the next morning in which I totally can't.

We almost lose this friendship because of a certain issue. But, nevertheless, our friendship never ended. Infact, it grew a lot more.

We hunt for all the wonderful and delicious food in Penang...

You still owe me Sar Hor Fun okay? Don't think I forget liao! I won't!!

We went sight seeing in Penang. Although we're from Penang.

Our hair looks alike! Hehehe.

We worked together.
We used to work together in Mega Pavilion. But you ditched me, after 3 days of work! How grateful of you hor? Lol.

I taught you the term cam-whore :P

We shopped together!
My shopping kaki!! A bad shopping kaki lor actually. Because of you...

I always go home with all these after shopping.

But this will never stop me from going shopping with you! A bit more, a bit more. 5 more months and I will be back! =)

And I'm very sure you had a wonderful time at Ipoh last week. Here, I would like to wish you and KW wonderful year together, even after 5 years being together. A gf like you, deserves a salute from me *salute Kadet Polis*

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Monday, March 24, 2008
It's almost spring!

The flowers are blooming.

why is it snowing ah?
Why is it still so cold ah?

It's even colder than before.
It's as cold as the beginning of winter!
Haiyo, I want spring!

I want pretty flowers.

I want colorful flowers.

Wah, cantik.

Hmm, nice! =)

Ponders End will be so lively and colorful.

Mel O gave her order @ 8:52 PM
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