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Monday, April 23, 2007
Will be back in Penang. Soon.

Char Koay Teow
Mummy's cooking
Daddy's cooking

Daddy, Mummy, Koko
Batu Ferringhi beach (Mike's version: Chocolate sea)
Driving car

I am less than 12 hours away to all that. Yippee...

So can't wait to go home. It has been 2 months since I went back.

Not sure if I will have the time to update while in Penang. Hehehe. Will be very busy hunting for food with me besties. Hehehe *excited dance*

Erlynda, Theng, Michelle: PenangPrincess ada balik Penang tapi macam sudah ada banyak date la. Air kosong kamu pun beta belanja lain kali ye? Hehehe. Tapi, kalau hamba sekalian rindu pada beta bolehlah datang Penang. Beta belanja kamu. Minum. Air kosong. Campur ais batu. Ok?

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007
My first love, O

Everyone remembers their first love. Few experiences will ever be as intense and overwhelming as your first crush. Falling in love as a teenager is more intense than the experience in adulthood. According to research, these early feelings usually burn out quickly. But, for me it did not work that way. The feeling lasted few years. I remembered how much fun I had despite all the sufferings I had to go through since I fell in love in Form 1. After years being with O, the feelings eventually burn out. Being with O wasn't as fun as it used to be. I tried to forget O. I did try although it was hard. I tried to cope with the changes. But, nothing seem to make me forget my first love. After a while, I found N. I was happy with N. Everything was going on fine. Until, few months later when I realized it is not right. I can't forget O. Yesterday, I decided to go back to O. It was a tough decision but I am sorry. I feel bad for doing this to N. Call me selfish. Call me arrogant. But, I want the best for myself. Here, today, I am proud to say I am happy with O. I will be with O till death do us apart. I love u O.

I'm sorry N. I really am.


N. Nescafe.

I realized I love O more than you.

My first love.

O. Old town coffee. Ur the best.

I loved Old town coffee. It kept me awake. To online. To catch up with the dramas I missed. To go for New Year countdowns. To enjoy supper with friends. But, O made me suffer because it kept me awake to study. I want to sleep but I can't. O was there for me whenever I needed O. Then, one day I tried Nescafe and I thought I can forget O as N is more famous. I tried to give my best while with N. It kept me awake. But not for long. It made me sleep. But not for a while. Sometimes, after being with N I sleep for 12 hours. Not good. That was when I decided Old Town is better than Nescafe.

Say bye to Nescafe. I am going back to Old Town Coffee!

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Sunday, April 15, 2007
To: my peminats & dearest blog. BYE!

PenangPrincess will not be blogging anymore.

Bye people.

Don't miss me too much yea. A little will do.

Bye bye peminats setiaku.
Bye bye blog kesayanganku.

Aku sayang pada anda semua. Really. I do. Sumpah!


Sehingga kita berjumpa lagi...


dalam 5 HARI!


will be away. Not long. 5 days saja. To study for final exam.

Till then, dream of PenangPrincess k? :)

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Saturday, April 14, 2007
Someone misses me

Someone MISSES PenangPrincess.


Today afternoon I received a message from Jane.

"Mel mel, see I so rindu you till I dream u come back d. Haha."


Jane Jane, I'm touched. U miss me till like that. I won't disappoint you. I will be in Penang in 8 days time. Just for you. Only you! Muaks muaks. Till then, you don mimpi me too much k? Later sk jealous then I get nightmare pulak. Lol.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Final Exams

Finals are next week. Less than a week. Was arranging my notes earlier. This was wat I discovered.

The whole stack of notes I NEED to flip. And the books I NEED to at least open.

Great. The whole stack of notes are heavier than a book! *faint*
There are 5 subjects to study. And this are basically JUST 7 weeks work.
Oh, one subject is 4 months + year 1 work.
Even if I don't sleep for 7 nites, I WON'T be able to finish studying in time.
What to do. Last minute work. AGAIN.
Tak serik serik. Tak insaf insaf.
How am I gonna survive through this exam?
God knows.

To all year 2 B. Psych students, GOODIE LUCKIE & ALL THE BEST!
Semoga Tuhan akan merahmati kita semua! Amen..

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
In Memory of Mega Pavilion, BJ

Few days ago, my bestie from Penang called me.

PenangPrincess: Hello.
Emily: Mummy!! (she refers to me as her mummy. Don ask me y. It has been like that since... primary school. Entah siapa punya kerja ni. I look like mummy meh now? *shake head*)
PenangPrincess: Ha mi su?
Emily: I tell you one sad news la.
PenangPrincess: What?
Emily: Mega Pavilion closed down d.

I was shocked for a moment. Speechless. She was sad too. I could understand her feelings. Many of u might ask, so what if Mega Pavilion (Now known as Cathay, just for those who don't know) is closed down rite? What's the big deal?

My first...
1. and only job after SPM an throughout my entire 20 years of life was there!
2. pay check was from Mega Pavilion.
3. job interview.
4. popcorn making-lessons.
5. time seeing MELISSA ONG appearing on the ticket stub *bangga*
6. time I get to cancel the show that I want! Hehehe *keji-ness*
7. time meeting my long lost friend there! After 5 years I lost contact with him.
8. time working with my bestie there! (although she resigned after 2 weeks *shake head*)
9. birthday that I not only get to eat free food, but also got paid for FREE! (I went to work but was hanging around the office talking to my managers and eating the food they bought for me! Even my colleague get to eat free food cz of me! Lucky them)
10. FREE souvenirs and movies without any limit! Weee...
11. time being in a mall after 1 a.m. playing treasure hunt. I got a teddy bear from some guy. Hehehe.
12. time receiving valentine's card and teddy bear bouquet thingy from a guy whom I wasn't close to. Oh, well. Hehehe.
13. time telling lies without even blinking my eyes (movie cancel cz film burst. movie cancel cz the cinema's ceiling is broken. So, it's now flooded inside. Lol.)
14. time giving away FREE popcorns to my friends who came to watch movie. Some even get FREE ticket! See.. See.. I'm such a good fren, rite? Or maybe that is why it is closed down? Lol.

Anyway, there are many more reasons to it la. I can even publish a "1001 reasons why Mega Pavilion means a lot to me" book. But, I'm busy with finals. So, maybe when I'm free k? Hehehe. I just realized I wrote all my secrets up there. Lol. Luckily I am not working there anymore. If not, I might get sued for giving away free tickets. Hehehe. But still, all the memories I had while working there will always remain in my mind. Now and forever! I miss you Mega Pavilion, BJ.

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Happy Birthday Roberta Ng


Left to Right: BIRTHDAY Girl, PenangPrincess, PenangPrincess's servant? :p Yips
Khoo, Penang Lang posing with our teddy biscuits *shake head*

Roberta, 20 years tua dah. Cannot deny it anymore. Not trying to say ur OLD, your just mature only now. Lol. Anyway, I kinda stole the picture from your bloggy. Purposely went and check the older post to korek out the picture tau. Terharu kan?

Anyway gal, this is what I usually tell to those who celebrated their birthday.
WELCOME TO THE orang tua GANG! Lol. Bukan tua la bukan la.
Rephrase that!
WELCOME TO THE MATURE GANG!! Sounds better eh? Hehehe.
Don worry. No matter what, kami ahli-ahli Kumpulan Matang sentiasa muda di hati. Right kan ahli-ahli Kumpulan Matang? Hehehe. Oh, btw, I would like to see more 'happening' posts in your blog eh? Hehehe. I don't think it will take long. Hargailah yang tersayang.

Once again, happy birthday!!

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Saturday, April 7, 2007
Chubby Baby Cousin

I miss my baby cousin, Keith.

Ain't he cute? So adorable. But he only comes to me when I hold my handphone. Yes, guess he have some obsession towards handphone. And it must be real handphones. Try to con him using a fake handphone, he won't even look at you. Ish. He likes my phone not me! *sobbing* But still, I like him *pinching cubby cheeck*

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People, don't have to read this post. Not related to anyone. It's for the someone. Lol.

Oh well, the someone should who know he is. Hehehe.
I'm giving you time to go to other blogs or sleep than to waste your time reading this post. Really.


Still don't wana go? Up to u then. Don't say I waste your precious time ha?
Only YOU know why I post this shoe up.
Still waiting to post ur wallet up.
Hmm... *wondering when*

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I had the worst nightmare last night.

In PenangPrincess's dreamland

PenangPrincess: *looking at Yips* Eh, what are you doing?
Yips: Assignment lo. U finish edi?
PenangPrincess: What assignment?
Yips: 203 logbook la. U sleep till so comfortable. Sure finish d la.
PenangPrincess: *heart beat stops for a moment* WHA
T?? I haven't started anything on that! When are we supposed to pass up?
Yips: Ha? Today la. Later got extra class ma. Then have to pass up that time lo. PenangPrincess: Damn. Alot to do anot?
Yips: Alot la. Must answer duno what question some more. If not u tink I will get up so early to

do my work meh
? Surely I will be sleeping d la. Ish. (I made up this sentence. It wasn't in my dream. Just to show the pig-ness in Yips :p)
PenangPrincess: *Got up from sleep*

In PenangPrincess's reality

PenangPrincess: Turn and look at Yips. Sitting in front of her com *scared*
Do we have
anymore assignments for 203? Logbook?
Yips: Nola. No more d la. Y? *looks at PenangPrincess weirdly*

PenangPrincess: *grinning* YEAY!! *told her my dream*
Yips: *falls from her chair and squashed her little turtle to death* Hahahaha (I made this up too!)

Sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad news

Yips one day old turtle (named Cup Cake) died this morning. She got him/her/it for only ONE day and she woke up to his/her/it's death this morning. She was mourning for her lost. Eating only SnowFlakes. And one of my Ikea Curry Puff while watching movies (That's her version of mourning).

Let's have a look at the deceased.

Riwayat Hidup Cup Cake




Look at the SAD looking Yips

I do feel sad for her. I do. Really. But....
Oh, well. Let's just mourn for her lost, shall we?

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Penang Kaki


Our Penang Blogger, SHEA SPEARE came up with this BRILLIANT idea to start a forum called PENANG KAKI. ALL Penangites are invited to join PENANG KAKI. Well, this SHOULD be fun. After all kan our dearest PENANG LANG SHEA SPEARE punya idea. All the Penangites MUST NOT not join ok? Let's support SHEA SPEARE!!

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Friday, April 6, 2007

I need to say smth. I need to. Not that I want to. But... I need to.
*shy* *runs to a corner and hide*

I FAILED to accomplish my resolutions. Miserably.

1. I MUST revise at least ONE chapter EVERYDAY!

Failed: It worked the first FEW DAYS (semangated ma) but later on...I can't remember when was the last time I touched my book to actually study!

2. I MUST study for quiz.

Failed: I was too busy completing assignments. I have no choice but to put my assignments FIRST. They are worth more than these mini quizzes.

3. I MUST do my case study properly.

Failed: The last 2 case study was handed in without even knowing what I wrote. I wrote a whole long 3 pages but I dunno what was I crapping. Tugas bagus!

4. I must NOT play in class anymore.

Failed: Although Mike & Fung Min no longer gives me lecture on ***** 101, but I was busy looking around and thinking of my assignments in class. Or even better, thinking of all those NICE PENANG FOODS! *grin*

5. I MUST at least pass ALL my papers this sem.

Pending: This one is still in the making. But, I don't think I will fail my papers la. Hopefully *cross fingers* Maybe a D? (Is D considered pass?) Err... C- maybe? That sounds better than D. Oh well, I just don wana repeat my papers and pay that freaking amount!

I FAILED to accomplish 4 out of 5 resolutions I made. So, how?

Jump down from 1st floor? Drown myself in the bath tub?

Stuff myself with too much food till I explode?

Nah. Not that pessimistic.
There's many more BEAUTIFUL things in life that I have yet to discover.

PenangPrincess will work EXTRA hard to make sure I counter back these failures within the next 2 weeks before the semester ends. We shall wait n see if PenangPrincess is a Failure or Winner! Ok? :)

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007
'Proud' to be a Malaysian

I am proud to be a MALAYSIAN!!


Because they produce such an 'ergonomic' products.


My newly bought 3 pin plug? The extension plug where u can plug 3 plugs wan ar... What is that called ha? Watever la. That thingy la. Ok. Bought it from Giant and it came with few colourful plastic thingy to plug the 2 pins wan ar.. Dunno wat is it called also. Watever the name is la. Guess u should know what it is. It's RM15.99. Slightly more expensive than Carrefour and Tesco. But I thought, "aya, nvm la. Since they give the plastic thing also. Same same la" So bought it home and open the plastic bag. Guess what?

1. The wire is so damn freaking short! I can't even put it under my table. My old one can go all the way until deep inside my table. Stupid short wire.

2. It is upside down. The plug is upside down when I try to make it stand on the table. The switch is DOWN when it is supposed to be UP!

3. I sticked it to the cupboard so that it won't take up space on my table. After that, I realized out of 3 place to plug the plugs, 1 is partially cacated. One hole cannot be plugged in FULLY.

The wonderful locally made product.

4. One of the switch is so loose that when I press it down, I could feel it is coming off anytime. And when I press it down, there will be a hole. For watever reason it is, the hole is NOT supposed to be there! They wana feed the ants with my internal wiring or they wana let the plug 'lepaskan angin' through that hole? There aren't any light when I press the switch. And if there's no light, why bother making it transparent?

There is a hole when I on the third switch.

5. The colorful plastic thing they included inside, in hole-less! It's supposed to have 2 holes at the bottom rite? This thing is all covered! How am I supposed to use it like that? Damn. Stupid people!
This is the thing I expected to be inside. With two holes. But......

It came with this. 5 Colourful plastic thing without hole!

And the greatest thing of all, it is approved by SIRIM! Wat has SIRIM been doing if such product can be approved? Damn it la. Waste my money. Got so angry. Wish I can return it to Giant. But I can't. Cz I've already sticked it to the cupboard and it can't be pulled off. At least one great thing Malaysians produced. Strong and useful Double-sided-tape!

I am so proud to be Malaysian. Really. Really lying!

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Monday, April 2, 2007
April's Fool Day

Yippee!!!Yippee!!!Yipp.. Yipp... Hurray!!

We won!! We won!!

We won RM280 MPH cash voucher for our Adolescent Development presentation.


We did not expect for that. But, of cz we did our best. Hehehe.

I only won one. Beng and the gang won TWO!

Lagi bagus. Proud on his behalf. Lol. Hehehe. Looks like I'm gonna curi his vouchers and buy myself some books. Psychology books maybe? Lol. Semangated already ma.

At least after winning that, I promise I will do smth for Paul. All these while I have not been a good student. Not paying attention in his class. So, I think I should do smth. Like not failing my Adolescent maybe? Hehehe.

Am not very proud of our wininng, but at least it is worth la. After the whole day of acting like a Parkinson-disease-patient, we went for dinner. A nice dinner at New Paris. 15 of us. Conquering the place. And with our Alzheimer-disease-patient a.k.a. Tan Hua Fu there with us, we all looked like we came from Kampung Bahagia. Full with suahpah-ness. Lol. After stuffing ourselves, we went to KTZ for tong soi some more. Such big eaters. Hehehe. Nice day. Although it was a long tiring day, it was all worth. After all, April Fool did not turn out to be a bad one though. First April Fool worth remembering. Hehehe.

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Sunday, April 1, 2007
Maha mushy post

*maha mushy post*
For those who cannot stand cold-ness, please skip this post. Hehehe.

You're the heart of everything in my life.
Most days it seems we never have enough time together.
Between the demands of school and home, there's not a lot of time or energy left over for just us.
But I want u to know that you are the heart of everything in my life.
Our relationship gives me the strength and confidence to be my very best.
And it gives me the love and emotional support that get me through every hectic day.
So, although some days we may be too busy to spend much time together, you're always a part of everything I am and everything I do.

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