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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Power failure

There was a POWER FAILURE at Desa Kiara yesterday. While studying suddenly all the lights went off and it was so dark. First thing that I did, SREAM! *shy* Not cz I was scared la. Cz I got shocked. Well, I wasn't the only one who screamed. Yips did too. After tired of screaming, the next thing that came to my mind, CANDLES!! Went and dig my birthday candle in the dark. Found it and a box of matches. Yips found her small mini candles she got for FREE from the amazing race at HELP. So what's next?


Romantic rite?? Hehehe. This is the chance to take a break from studying. Err.. Not like we studied alot but still, it's a good excuse mer. :p

At least we can blame it on TNB if our results isn't good *TOUCH WOOD* Why did I juz curse myself? *Slap forehead*

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PenangPrincess Birthday!

It's 25th February today!
So that means I am OFFICIALLY 20 now!! It's ok people. I am always and forever YOUNG :p
Due to the midterms I am having this week, I had to stay home and STUDY on my birthday day! :(
Luckily, I have wonderful friends who remembers me birthday.

To all who wished me THANK YOU so muchie for remembering.
Jacinta, Jazim, Roberta, Erlynda, Amalina, Yogy-B, Jag, Anna, Ili, Shze Li, Soon Keat, Soon Ming, Hari, Cecilia, Jane, Emily, Azimah, Yugesh, Carrie, Hock Chai, Rangeini, Kok Keong, Li Chen, Deeppa. And Royce thanks for calling all the way from Aussie. Oh, and Leonard. I had to remind u pulak. Lol. But at least u sedar ur own kesilapan. Beta ampunkan hamba la. Muahahaha.
Most of these people are from Penang. So no gifts for me. Nvm nvm. Don't u ppl tink u all can escape with me pressie. I shall find a day and I will be back to CLAIM me pressies from u people! :p :p

And to Ming Zi, Fung Min, Jon Sern, Alex, Michelle Teh, Tiffany, Vern May, Grace, Mike & Yien Yee, thank u so much for the bag. Well, according to Jon Sern he chose the bag. Fine la fine la. "U have QUITE a good sense of taste la." Me likey the bag. Time to change me baggy!

That's the bag :) Yes! That's an angpow and a crown. Well, PenangPrincess ma. Mestilah kena ada crown. Hehehe. Ingatkan these people give me angpow but aku kena tipu. No money pun. But got smth that me likey alot. EARRING!! Hehehe..

The crown for the princess.
Crystal earing for the princess :)

And to me roomie, Yips, me likey ur bottle too. Although it looks like those bottle people use to put cookies during CNY, I put sweets also can la rite? Wa suka itu botol jugak. Especially itu love that teddy is holding. I know u love me wan. See, see. Pressie also wana give lovey dovey wan. Ok lah Ok lah. Me love u too! :p

Oh gal. If next year my house not enuf bottle to put cookies can I use this?? :p

And lastly, to Beng Tack THANK U for making my birthday a memorable one :)

As he promised, he took me out for dinner. Couldn't make it for movie coz of midterms. Have to study ma. He reached my place at 6.30pm. I was all ready. Went down and nicely sat in his car. Then he gave me a box. Hehehe. All wrapped up and it was damn light. Hardly feel any weight when I held it. Took my own sweet time opening the wrapper in the car. I wana make sure I don't destroy the wrapper ma. I like to keep wrappers. So what? Me like ma :p Back to my story. Then FINALLY when I opened, I saw this baju. Nice nice baju. Very the sexy too. Hehehe. Then, I went up and changed. Came down back with me new BUFDAY top. Hehehe.

Went to 1 Utama. Walked here walked there. By that time I was dead hungry d. I only had maggi for lunch ok? Kesian me saje. He brought me to TGI Fridays. At last. I went there. FINALLY. AKHIRNYA. During V-day tak jadi, my birthday also can la. Hehehe.


Nice name. But I see no Sea. I see no Breeze. And November is 9 more months la. But I like. Sweet + Sour + VODKA! Fuh, I broke my own record. I drank VODKA. I know la, they might have added a drop or two only but still, it's VODKA. I haven't tasted any form of liquor or alcohol wan ok?


My favourite is Mushroom ma. Must try la. Can't get my eyes of the menu when I saw the word MUSHROOM! :p It was nice. But the sauce ruined the taste. Eee... got one kinda smell and taste. I tink they accidentally spilled vinegar in it kot :p


Can u see that?JACK DANIELS man. Hahahaha. Another liquor added to me food. After 20 years, I finally tried this kinda food. Usually, the name itself will be a turn off. But, entah mengapa. I tried it. Hehehe. Well, people change, don't we? :)

Anyways, the chicken was GOOD when dipped into the Jack Daniels sauce. Fuh, HEAVEN. The mashed potato was above HEAVEN :p I LIKE IT. I LIKE IT ALOT!! Sedap hingga menjilat garpu.


What's with us and JACK DANIELS? Hmm.. anyways, I don't know how it tasted cz it's beef. And I don't take beef. So, no comments. But guess He didn't like it that much. But I like the onion ring. Bagus sekali.

After eating, we were walking around. After those kinda dinner, must exercise wan ma. Suddenly he said he wana eat ice cream pulak. So, we went and find MCD's ice cream lo. Now only I know MCD sells cake. Lol. Aku kena tipu. His MCD is actually BAKERZIN. He wanted to buy me cake. Hehehe. I don't want at first. Cz it was late d and where to cut the cake? And I have to fnish the whole cake by myself. Eee... KEGEMUKAN. But he insisted. So, fine lo. Gemuk pun gemuk la. Bought d we walked toward his 'car'. Which is actually the Central Park opposite 1 Utama. Hmm... What he wana do there? Oh, wana cut the cake there rupa-rupanya. Hehehe. But then, this park bit the dark la. So hard to find for a bright place so that I can see my cake. Ish. ish. Ish. But we manage to find la.

My cake! CLAIRA. Made of coffee and some herbs.
Bakerzin ppl spelled my name wrongly! Arrgghh... It's meLiSSa NOT meLLiSa la. Buta ka apa ha?? Tulis dengan begitu jelas pun tak nampak ka?

Make a wish (I made many many many wishes! :p). Blow the candles. Then...

Cut the cake! And of cz eat it too! Hehehe. Nice. Very nice. Me likey it too. Yum yum.

Then eat eat. Talk talk. Buat kerja amal (donate blood to the mosquitos). We balik lo. Walked back to the car. Upon reaching his car, he went straight to the boot and took smth. Guess what was that??

Yes. It's a paper bag. With nothing in it. E.M.PT.Y.

I was like "herh??" *scratch head*

"I was supposed to give it to u together with ur top. But I forgot. Only remembered bout it during dinner. Hehehe." *giggling*

Hahahaha. I was laughing all the way. Goodness. How can he forget that? And he still gave the empty paper bag to me. Hahaha. Lawak. But cute :p

That was the end of my birthday. Definately a memorable one. Thanks to Him and everyone that remembered. Hehehe.

I think I wasted hours typing this post. Banyak panjang lah. Ini princess banyak 'cheong hei'. But it's my blog. Wa punya suka la :p


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Friday, February 23, 2007

Got tagged by Ming Zi a.k.a. Next road Queen.

So this tagging game goes like this...Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks!

*I need to dig my brain for this*
Digging deep...
Digging deeper...

1. I am alergic to SWIMMING POOL's water!

2. My sense of direction is RATHER GOOD! *smile*

3. I hate doing maths. I hate all kinds of numbers. Besides ka-chings!! :p

4. I wish to get married in Mauritious. By the beaches. During sunset. *dreaming*

5. I tend to stare at the sky or wall when I am stressed up.

6. I will cry whenever I feel like crying. It's not good to keep it all inside u know!

7.I USED to love durians and petai. I stopped eating it 3 years ago because..... Err.. I don feel like eating it? *trying to think* Oh goodness..I think I have Dissociative Amnesia.

8. I didn't know what a BLOG is until LAST YEAR. *Yalah yalah. Me no smart like u ppl ma*

9. I used to hide all the buns and breads my mom packed for me during primary school inside my school bag until it turns green. Until it tumbuh mushroom dan kulat. *evil laugh*

10. When I was in primary school, the first thing I do when I reach home is, believe it or not, my HOMEWORK!! Well, let's face it people. I am HARDWORKING! :p

Everyone also kena tag d. Who else can I tag? Hmm..
1. Lim Shze Li
2. Erlynda Ng
3. Michelle
4. Yvonne
5. Shea Speare
6. Franz

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Bye-bye Boney

YEAY!!YEAY!! *jumps of joy and happiness*

That bone that was stucked is finally GONE!! Bye-bye boney.

I can start eating fish again. Well, while having that stupid bone stucked to my throat I banned myself from eating fish. But then again, I am a fish lover. How can I not eat fish forever and ever? Sorry la fishes. Don't think u people can escape and live happily ever after. It's REVENGE TIME! *evil laugh*

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Thursday, February 22, 2007
25.2.07.. Any guesses? :)


It's 22nd of February today.

Tumolo will be 23rd.

Day after tumolo is 24th.

And then its 25th of February 2007!!

Well, what's with 25th of February??

It's... It's... It's...

Any guesses??






Come come the kind hearted Mel give u all ONE clue ok??

I'm still in my TEENTH now :)

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Padan My Muka

I think I got too excited when I saw tonnes of nice food during CNY. Especially my favourite: EDIBLE SUPER BIG BACTERIA :p Or maybe it was just me talking and laughing too much while eating.

Where is ur table manners MELISSA?? Engkau buang dalam tong sampah dah kah??

Sebagai balasan, there's a bone or dunno wat nonsense stucked to my throat. PADAN MUKA MELISSA!! So painful. Tried swallowing banana n rice also cannot. It's still there. Anyone knows what to do?? Help me.. The stupid thing is killing me!
Tolong tolong!! *merayu dengan penuh kasihan sekali*

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End of Holiday

I am back from Penang already. There goes my holiday. Took the 10.30am bus and I reached here at 4pm!Bagusnya..I slept all the way in the bus. Hehehe.. Took cab back home and once I arrived, guess what I did??

CLEAN MY ROOM!! Where to find such hardworking people like me rite? Din even unpack my things I started cleaning my room d. Guess my roommate is pretty lucky ha? Hahaha..

I bought a new bedsheet from Penang before coming back. Maybe that's why I was so semangated to clean my room. Wana change bedsheet ma. New year New Bedsheet.
See see... My BEAUTIPOOL bedsheet.

There were words printed on it.

"Heart that love deeply can never grow old"

Very the lovey dovey.. Macam for pengantin baru only :p

AND my CLEAN & CLEAR room...

Semangat Cina Baru Tahun masih boleh kelihatan di sekitar my area. While online-ing, I heard noises of fireworks. Apa lagi, the 'sibuk-badan' me went and see. Wah... Saw fireworks. Excited habis. Went and korek for my camera and took pictures of it. But I found my camera when it was almost finishing. Managed to snap 2 pictures aje. Nvm nvm.. Next time I go 'sibuk-badankan' myself again.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007


Everyone happy happy me sad sad. Sedihnya... :( :(


1) Not celebrating cny. (grandma passed away less than a year. I miss u grandma)
2) No ang pow. (No angpow no money no shopping! Argghh...)
3) No friends to come over.
4) No visiting my relatives.
5) No good food.
6) No nice clothes. (Yes. I did some shopping but not enough la!!)
7) No LONG holidays. (Stupid HELP)
8) Have to go back to KL and stay all by myself on TUESDAY. (That is like third day of CNY *bangs head to the wall*)
9) Don't get to meet ALL my friends in Penang.
10) Don't get to watch those nice chinese shows on ASTRO.

Chinese New Year is sad man. SAD... but thank God I have wonderful friends who still remembers me and invited me over before I leave back to KL. Thanks friends!! :)

p/s: Inviting is not enough ppl. I need lots n lots n big big angpow!!

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I went for community service at NASOM on Tuesday. Well, for those who don know, not that I'm too good hearted or too free. I HAVE to do this. It was my first official day there. It was FUNN actually...

We did cards. U know, those hand-made cards they usually sell?? Ha.... That wan la. We were supposed to help the autistic children but in the end we help ourselves there dengan tak malu sekali. And since it's V-day today, Jon came up with the idea of helping to sell the cards. So fine. We made our own cards. And took alot of their ready hand-made cards to sell in college. Well, I would say I fail at this. I am not creative. Even these kids are better than me *runs to a corner and hide*

Since I used so long to do one card, and obviously I used alot of energy and effort to do it. I so 'em seh tak' to sell it. So guess what?? I bought it for myself!! Hehehe.. Well, not for myself la. Made/Bought it for Beng. V-day ma. See..See..I'm so thoughtful. Well, u know me! :p

Nice eh??I made myself wan k? :)

So the next day in college we tried selling those cards to HELP students. Actually only those in Block E la. Cz we're only allowed to sell there. Oh well.. Guess how was the sale?? Hehehe... GOOD!! I'm so proud of myself and my group. Well done guys and gal! Although we didn't sell all the cards but we earned RM 136!! *clap clap*

Then after class, Beng and I went out for dinner. Supposed to go to TGI Friday but it was so full. The line was so freaking long.. So, we went to check out Italiannes. It wasn't full but then we decided not to go there cz.....I also dunno why. Well, he's paying so I follow la. Hehehe. He wanted to check out Chilis. Went there and goodness, the line was longer than TGI's. So, we thought "fine,Italiannes will do." Went back to Italiannes and guess what?? The line was as long as TGI's. In that case, I said I wana go TGI since I haven't been there before (sorry la. Me poor ppl. No money to go TGI all la). So, we went back to TGI. Yup...all the way back to TGI. Asked for a place and they said,"there's no ala-carte today.Only set."Beng dengan bangga sekali said yes. I took the menu and they are charging RM79++ for ONE set. Siao.. I told Beng I donwana eat there d (I'm an understanding and good gf u see). Hehehe.. So I drag him away and he said he will bring me to SS2 for dinner. So we wasted our precious time there. Dahlah hungry, walk here walk there searching for food but ended up in SS2. Hmm...

Confusing eh?? Aku ni cakap banyak banyak but pity my pembaca-pembaca setia saja have to read banyak banyak. Come come.. Mel give the summary.

Simplified version:

TGI ----> Italiannes ----> Chillies ----> Italiannes ----> TGI

So, we went SS2 la. He brought me to this Italian Restaurant. Same row as Murni. It was crowded. We had to wait for a while. But it's ok la. I don wana waste my energy walking and hunting for place to eat again! Waited for bout 15 mins and we got a place. Yeayy!! I was so happy :) till I saw the table :( It was exactly beside the entrance. And just in front of the menu at the entrance. So basically anyone who wants to see the menu needs to see us EATING!! That's horrible. And so so so NOT ROMANTIC!! Anyways, the food made it up la.

What filled our tummies that nite:

Mozarella Bread

The cheese... Fuh.. I tell u. So 'kenyal'. PIZZA HUT pun kalah tau. Bite the bread and u can pull the cheese long long... So cute..

Mushroom Soup

One of the best I had ever tasted I tell u. So mushroomy. I know its supposed to be mushroomy since its mushroom soup. But but... It's extraordinary mushroomy. I like I like. Cz.... I AM A MUSHROOM FAN!! I LOVE U MUSHROOMS!!

Penne Funghi (Funghi?? Cute betul the name)

It was so nice especially when it was served hot!! Not so cheesy but VERY mushroomy. Tonnes of mushroom I tell u. I just love this restaurant man..

Chicken smth smth

Forgot the name d. Was too tempted to eat the food ma. Hehehe.. I had this one. The sauce was good. Lotz of mushroom!! but the chicken is too soft.

Overall, the food was good. The environment not so romantic la cz too crowded and noisy but I like this restaurant. U know why y know why??In case u forget, I tell again k??



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Saya Kembali

Setelah sekian lama menghilangkan diri, saya kini kembali!!
Minta maaflah pembaca-pembaca setia blogku.
Bukannya niat dihatiku untuk menghampakan kamu tetapi saya memang sibuk. Bukan saja sibuk malah terlalu sibuk.
Well, saya ni kan *ahem* gadis yang rajin belajar. Sebab itulah saya tidak dapat meluangkan masa untuk blog saya ini akibat terlalu asyik dengan 'kerja kursus'? dan peperiksaan.
Saya sedar saya telah meng-neglect-kan blog saya. Oleh itu, saya akan 'mengatas tarikh-kan' (up to date) pembaca-pembacaku.

Jadi, sebelum itu sabar sajelah...sabar kan separuh daripada iman!

Yeay!!Ini adalah blog terakhirku dalam BM!!Penat tau nak perah kepala otak saya menaip dalam BM..Tetapi, saya ni kan rakyat patriotik.. Saya akan cuba untuk menggunakan bahasa ini sekerap yang mungkin..Semuanya kerana saya sayang pada pembaca-pembacaku..Adakah anda sayang padaku juga??Hehehe...

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Thursday, February 1, 2007
Terima Kasih ERLYNDA!!

Adakah anda sedar akan perubahan pada 'blog' saya??

YA BETUL!! Saya telah menukar kulit 'blog' yang saya sayangi ini!!

Akan tetapi, berdasarkan kemahiran saya yang tidak seberapa ini, tidak mungkin saya dapat 'meng-kustomize-kan' kulit 'blog' saya sendiri.. Sememangnya, saya telah dibantu oleh seorang pakar dalam bidang ini. Beliau telah banyak menghabiskan masa untuk mencantikkan 'blog' saya. Oleh itu, saya ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan RIBUAN TERIMA KASIH kepada beliau. Saya amat menghargai jasa beliau kerana tanpa beliau tidak mungkin sama sekali saya akan menukar kulit 'blog' saya. Walaupun beliau merupakan orang yang telah menukar jantina 'blog' pertama saya yang dahulunya dikenali sebagai 'anggunkejiputeri'?? *pengsan* "elegantwickedprincess" kepada 'anggunkejiputera'?? *pengsan sekali lagi* "elegantwickedprince", saya amat berterima kasih kepada beliau kerana tanpa beliau tiadalah 'blog' pinangputeri?? *pengsan dua kali* ini!! Beliau yang saya maksudkan tidak lain tidak bukan ERLYNDA NG TZE-LING!! Aku cinta padamu perempuan!! :)

Fuh... Aku telah menghabiskan masa yang sangat lama untuk menaip 'artikel'?? yang begitu pendek ini. Ternyata BAHASA MELAYU aku telah merosot. Aku malu untuk berdepan dengan guru-guru yang pernah mengajarku BAHASA MELAYU. Di sini, aku ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk meminta maaf atas penggunaan bahasa yang dan hukum DM yang sangat teruk :( Sekian, wasallam.

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The hardwoking me :)

Since today is a public holiday..I dunno why they gave us holiday but who cares?? I'm happy!! cz I get to...............SLEEP!!!! :)
Yeay!! It's been a long long long time since I get to sleep in on weekdays!! I just love holidays...

When I opened my eyes today, it was already 12.15pm.. Hehehe... So I eat, bath, washed clothes.. And it's already 4pm.. Time flies man..

Then guess wat I did after tat??

I know I know..I'm hardworking :p

Suddenly this fear striked me.. NONO!! NONO!! It's not the kiasu fear.. It's the "I DON WANA PAY RM1400 TO REPEAT MY PAPER!!" fear. I have been lacking in my studies lately. Haven't been really concentrating in class. Haven't been studying at home also. I'm so gonna die. Being so young.. (Still in my TEENTH ok??) I don wana die yet la. So, I started studying. Study and study and study till....... 4 HOURS non stop. Kinda amazing.. I was amazed myself.. Hehehe..
Then I came on9 and I went through Michelle Teh's blog. Saw her latest post in BM... Fuyooo...Patriotik habis!! Hehehehe... Then I realized it has been a long long time since I last used BM.. Damn... I'm such a "nut forgetting skin".. How can I ever ever forget this language?? I took Malay Specialist in SAM and proud to say I was the only one who got A!! *clap clap* Thank u thank u. Therefore, I should not forget this language. And for my next 2 post, I will use nth but BAHASA MELAYU!! *senyum-ing*
Semoga Tuhan akan merahmati diriku agar aku tidak memalukan dan menghampakan cikgu-cikgu yang begitu gigih mendidik and mengajarku bahasa yang begitu penting ini!! Fuh....

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