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Monday, March 9, 2009
My 22nd

This is a belated post on my birthday.
It was a weekday so I had a very simple and humble celebration.
I had to work actually but as usual my boss said I could take a day off if I wanted to and the day before my birthday, he said I might as well take two days off so I can enjoy my birthday celebration :) Nice..

On the 24th, my boss took me to Victoria Station for lunch as a birthday treat.

I was actually very shy to take pictures of the food lah because he's my boss not my friend. So I didn't. Then he went to the washroom and I took out my camera and snap all the food hahahaa.

Sparkling Juice

Complimentary bread and butter
reminds me of the story about the fine dining meal with Shze Li HAHAHAHAHA!

Seafood Chowder for me

Onion Soup for my boss

And just before my main dish came, my boss was back from the washroom. So that explains why I don't have any picture on my main dish. Hehehe. I had grilled lamb and prawn platter and my boss had Sizzling Bombay. Main dish was nice, huge portion as well. Just before I started eating, he said "eh, you brought your camera? Must take picture! It's your birthday meal!!" So, I gladly took out my camera for him and he took a picture of me.

We were going to meet Carrefour's HR Manager for a meeting, that explains why I was wearing a formal shirt.

And then we started eating and out of a sudden he said
"eh, you never take a picture of the food we ordered! Ala...."
I went like O_O
Now I know, next time can take pictures of food liao when go out makan with him. Hehehe.

I was stuffed by the time I finished my meal and then my boss ordered

Brownies of the month

I was so bloated I had to stuff the brownies into my mouth and dunk it down with a glass of water. LOL ;p
It was a good lunch. Got to know about each other's family and background. And what I expect from this job and vice versa.

On my birthday day, I received a lot of birthday wishes through SMSes, calls, MSN, Facebook etc. All that really made my day. Seriously.
Filbert and I went for lunch at this porky place nearby called Vintry. If you enjoy drinking wine, this is a place to go. otherwise, you can be a pork lover too :)

Roasted pork salad
The meat was so crispy and tender.
It was the best siu yoke I've ever had.

Crispy pork strips
This was good too.
Very thin strips of pork meat and deep fried to perfection.

Korean noodle with caramelised pork
Very big portion I couldn't finish it.
Very good for a plate fried noodle.

Ham sandwich with egg and cheese
Filbert loved his meal to bits.
I tried a few bites and surprisingly it was good!
I expected the portion to be small considering it is just a sandwich, but I was wrong!

We had pork overdose that day.

After lunch, we went pak thor-ing and watched movie and then went home to get a nap before heading to Luna Bar for a drink :)

3 of us ordered alcoholic drinks while one ordered lime juice. And, guess what!!
I wasn't the one who ordered lime juice ;p

I actually ordered some cranberry with some alcohol which I thought would be ok since the cranberry juice might cover the alcohol taste but I was so wrong!!
It stinks of alcohol. And it tasted yucky! :(
I didn't like the smell and the taste so I gave it to Filbert and forced he gave me his drink instead.

His drink was so much better. The alcohol taste wasn't strong and it was kinda sweet. I actually drank almost the whole glass. causing me to turn red and hot, I mean feeling hot ;p

Had a tiny chocolate brownie with a candle

I wished for many many things!
Let's hope all my wishes will come true.
One already did ;)


We had lots of fun playing truth or dare that night!
With lots of gay acts in action

molesting and molested

feeding with love and feeling high

and some siok sendiri poses

humping the chair! hahaha

sexiest and sluttiest pose

and lots of camwhoring pictures

can you see my face is red! my neck too! :S
Good blood circulation eh? hehehe

Luna Bar is a very nice romantic place to go for a drink with your bf/gf and also group of close friends. Very nice view of KL from the 33rd floor. But the drinks can be pretty expensive though. RM150 for 4 people. But, all in all it was a good first time experience :)

That concludes my simple and humble 22nd birthday.
Thanks to all who remembered and wished me and for the presents.
I love you all to bits!

Mel O gave her order @ 4:53 AM
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