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Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Top 10 shittiest moments in my life

Got tagged by Keshia and this is so hard lah. Maybe because I don't have such shitty moments in life, or I'm just forgetful that I don't even remember such moments, anymore.

10. I shit-ed in my diapers when I was a baby? :P (Shitty moments what?)

9. A close friend betrayed me, lied and got together with my *cough* high school crush and she hates me for no apparent reason.

8. Doctor told me I have low blood pressure. I'm only 21 leh, why got such thing? :(

7. Suspected for Appendix, later on Denggi and had to stay in the hospital for 3 freaking nights.

6. I almost lost a friendship with a best friend because of another best friend.

5. My grandpa passed away, right in front of my eyes.

4. My granny passed away, and I was the last person to know.

3. I thought what I did was right and was the best for everyone, but I was told it's not.

2. I tried so hard to keep something, but in the end, fate won over my determination.

1. When I was accused of something which I do not agree with, all my explanations was useless, and I yelled to the extent I've never yelled before, causing major headache and rising of body temperature during crucial periods.

And.... I tag..

1. Hanim

2. Li Huey

3. Lim Shze Li

4. Michelle Quah

5. Tiffany Soh

ps: Michelle & Shze Li, I still remember your tag. I will do it, soon. Soon. The tag quite long ma, sabar sikit okay? Hehehe.

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