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Saturday, March 22, 2008
It snowed!

It was raining the whole morning. From the moment I woke up (even before I got up) until the afternoon. It rained. It stopped. It rained again. It stopped again. I'm so used to this weird and moody weather ever since I came here. It's one of the unpredictable Ws in the UK. WEATHER besides women :P It was so sunny when Ching Yee told me on MSN that it snowed this morning at 9.30am. Ah, too bad I was still sleeping.

See, so sunny right?

Then Darren told me the same thing on MSN. I didn't see any snow lor! He lagi bagus okay? He waited by his window since morning to see snow. And it seems it was snowing since morning once in a while, for probably 10 seconds or so every time. I thought he was lying, okay? I see no snow here and we're only like 15 minutes apart. I was jealous lah, so I told him, "It's okay. I saw snow in Scotland the other day. This kinda snow, so little, I don't wana see lah!" LOL.

Then I was online doing my work and Darren called me asking me to look outside. It's snowing again! I looked outside, but all I saw was RAIN! instead of snow. So I told him don't have lah, and he scolded me saying "you're blind. So big also cannot see". Siao one!
Then I hung up the phone and amazingly, I saw small droplets of whitish stuff on my window.

And, it IS snow!
It snowed in London. One week before Spring. How amazing is that? Unpredictable weather.
I got so jakun-ed and was playing with the snow with my hands out of my window. Hehehe.

Can you see the snow?! =)

I 'catch' the snow using my window! That's the snow on my window! Hehehe.

For those of you who wants to see snow earlier but didn't manage to, like Shze Li and Cecilia, I took a video, especially for you. Hehehe.

I was up the whole morning, sitting by my window, thinking it was rain that was hitting my window. I was so smart that I didn't know it snowed all day :P

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