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Monday, March 17, 2008
Reminiscing the good times..

I’m sitting on my desk, flipping through my photo album on my laptop, reminiscing good times with the most wonderful friends I’ve been blessed with. And it occurs to me, how very lucky I am. I know of people who do not quite grasp the idea of having best friends. I’m fortunate I do. It’s like having siblings to share your life with. Some even said we look alike
People always say we look like sisters!
The thin & the fat siblings >.<

think alike,

dress alike
somehow or rather.

Best friends never envy you. They never get jealous of your accomplishments. If at all, they egg you on, they encourage, they tell it like it is, they make you feel like you’re the most gorgeous girl despite your physical flaws although one of them said my face is like a doughnut and I have bigger head as compared to my body O__O. It is because they have seen how your heart is truly.

They are the ones you could go silent with and never have the uncomfortable urge to keep the conversation going – superficial, random, serious, future, education, relationships, friendship, lame jokes. There will never be a full stop while discussing these topics. They just sit silently, laughing at all the details, agreeing to everything, but when you are hurt, they silently come to your aid, never saying I told you so, instead, they just pick you up and somehow, things just go uphill from there.

They tell you when that dress looks horrendous, or if you do something to annoy them, they can just tell you to shut up instead of bitching behind your back.

They torture you.

By pushing the candles all the way into your cake.

And cook for you.

Because it's your birthday.

They laugh with you. They make you laugh.

The source of entertainment in this ulu place.

And you can never expect anything less than happiness and the truth from them. The kind who’d you just call at wee hours just to talk.

The type of friends whom you’ve known for almost a whole decade.

You just keep going.



Knowing each other.


They’re the girls who are up for anything. Who’d never say no when you really need to hang out. They’re always there. They always accompany you, in spite of sleeping at 6am and feeling extremely groggy. They have never said no to anything you have asked.

They’d do crazy things with you, without feeling self-conscious.

They shop hard

and eat

endlessly with you.

To the extent you feel...

you hate food. Because you're extremely bloated.

I feel so grateful for these girls in my life although they are partly the reason why I am fat!. And you know that somehow, no one else can compare.

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