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Thursday, March 20, 2008
FoodS & Ice cream

Yesterday was such a long day for me. Got up at 5.30am! With only 3 hours sleep, I dragged myself to the toilet to shower and then left for work at 6.30am. You say lah, damn rajin right? Worked all day from 8.00am to 3.00pm. Hardly had time to rest besides that few minutes for lunch break. Most of the time, I was walking around to serve coffee/tea and collecting pens from different uni for myself ;p

Work supposed to end at 4.30pm but it ended a lot earlier, and I was supposed to meet up with Eric and Ming Zi at Leicester Square for dinner. Having that few hours to kill, my colleague asked me out for a drink at Starbucks. So, ok lor. I was still quite full from the lunch I had earlier but since he wanted to have a drink and treat me and chat, so I went only lor.

My Frappucino.

I had hard time finishing my drink although I'm a sponge and can suck any form of liquid even when I'm extremely full. I was supposed to meet Ah Tang and Ah Ong at 5.30pm but I only left Starbucks at 5.30pm. And it took me an hour to travel from there. So I was the last to arrive, after one hour. I think this is Beng's influence :P

We settled for Garfunkel's for dinner.

We went for their restaurant's specialties. The restaurant is not cheap lor, was pretty expensive.

My lamb shank.
12 pounds.
A huge piece of lamb, with broccoli, and mashed potato.

Zi's some-hard-to-prounounced-what-else-to-remember dish.
10 pounds.
Chicken with some sauce (tastes like Tikka Masala to me) topped with cheese. Side dish was rice and wantan mee's chili.
No wonder ang moh *cough* is not as petite as Asians lah. They eat rice as side dish >.<

Eric's BBQ Pork Ribs.
12.50 pounds.
He used his hands to eat the ribs and almost make the ribs flew away, to my plate!

The portion was very huge. I had hard time finishing it adding on to my bloated tummy filled with sandwiches, crisp, banana, cookies, 2 boxes of orange juice from lunch and a whole cup of Frappuccino. Die lah, gemuk sial aku ni.

Anyway, the dinner was on Eric, the *cough* Malaysian leng chai that has been staying in London for 7 years and is finally going to be a UK citizen, soon because..

Proof number 1: He speaks English with his accent and don't use lah, mah, wor, meh.
Proof number 2: He don't know who was Malaysia's FIRST Prime Minister, and he thought it
was Mahathir.
Proof number 3: He doesn't know how much the cars in Malaysia cost, and that it's a lot more
expensive than the cars in UK.
Proof number 4: He doesn't want to go back to Malaysia because he has nobody back there,
although his uncles, aunties, cousins, grandmother are there, because he'll be
Proof number 5: He died his hair RED and he's officially a bulu merah now.
The soon-to-be Ang Moh with his red hair.

After such filling dinner, our Ang Moh wannabe still want to eat...

Ice cream!

Come to think about it, it has been awhile since I ate nice expensive dine-in ice cream. The last time was back in KL. With Filbert and Jern, I think :( So sad. Almost one year liao. Such is life for poor and broke people.

Eric's Ice cream with liquor.
The liquor tasted like cough syrup. Or was it really cough syrup? :P

Look at this fella.
His mouth. And eyes.

Queen and I shared one ice cream, the shop's specialty.

Spaghetti ice cream.
The ice cream was made to look like spaghetti. Got long long strands of ice cream which looks like the spaghetti noodle. So cute =)

They have pizza, fried egg and lasagna ice cream also. Damn cute lor. Hehehe. I like! Eat nice, pretty, cute and cooling stuff, mood also good. So I decided to..
feed Zi Zi ice cream, to show her how much I love her :P
Orang-orang yang berkenaan, janganlah jealous. Hehehe.

Look at my eye bags! And dark circles. OMG!
Worked the whole day ma. What can I expect hor?
I need more and more sleep..
Give me more sleep!!!

Mel O gave her order @ 2:44 PM
2 minions