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Saturday, April 19, 2008
Not colorful and aunty talk post :(

I know my blog have been abandoned for a very very long time.
Sorry lah.
Busy ma.
And also, the connection is giving me problem okay?
I still CAN'T upload my pictures onto my blog.
Maybe it's my laptop.
Keshia can upload pictures one! I cannot!

And I've been REALLY busy lately.
So much work. Yet so little time (sort of lah)

Let me tell you how busy I was (will be) okay?

For the past few days, I've been sleeping for less than 2 hours EVERY NIGHT, trying to do as much work as I can. Trying to read as much journal as I can.

And, my sleeping hours all screwed up d. I sleep at 6 or 7am every day. Then wake up go class, attend seminars, meet tutors. Never felt so hardworking before lor.

And and, after all those tiring and sleepless nights, I worked the next day (on a Saturday some more okay?). For that, I woke up at 5.30am (just like when I was in high school, damn sien). Oh, one funny incident happened at work today.

I was at work and then this two girls came up to me and ask me something, which I don't know anything about. So, I wanted to find one of my manager but no one was around. I was looking around *look look look* then I saw Natish, Keshia's flatmate, also my colleague. Then, I asked him and he was like, "oh, who asked that?" I pointed at the girls and then we walked towards them, and he was talking to them. I was standing BEHIND him lah, since he was talking to them ma. I need to wait for him to chao, then I need to get back to my work.

Just in case you can't imagine it in your head, I drew this for you :D Better don't say it's ugly and crush my self esteem okay?!
Then, all of a sudden, he fling his hand and *PHAP* I felt his hand on MY face. Yealah, he slapped me, by accident. First reaction, I covered my face with my hand and then started laughing. And he turned and hugged me, and went like, "I'm so so sorry. So so sorry. I've been like this the whole day. I almost banged a girl with the door earlier" LOL. I was telling Keshia, dahlah hidung penyet, kena slap like that lagi penyet. Like apom balik :P

Anyways, yea la. I'm having my finals in like a weeks time. And I have YET to study. Good job, Melissa. And it came across my mind some time back, that this exam, is seriously going to be my FINAL final exam. After this, even if I want to take exams, for my degree, I can stay at home and dream. who the hell will dream of wanting to take exams, anyway? So, this is it. I'm actually QUITE happy that it's ending, soon. I can't wait to go into working world. I've got a few people saying I'm weird, because NO ONE likes to go to work! But I so tak sabar-sabar wana work.

SOONER OR LATER also you will NEED to work what? Unless you're like Li Huey, and you dream to marry a rich old man and be housewife. Everyday go manicure pedicure, saloon, gym, facial. Then that one different story lah. But, if you're an *cough* average normal person like me, I'm sure you want to work right? It's just the matter of time lah.

Why I sound like aunty one? O__O

Ok, better stop it before I start to talk like a grandma.

I very lazy to color-kan my post. No time. Busy online shopping studying lah. So unlike me. So dull leh my post, but *Keshia's style* nehmind lah. Better than nothing la hor? Hehehe.
ps: I will TRY to upload pictures from Paris lah. And then,blog about it. If not, tunggu till can upload la okay? That time maybe can write history book d, but it's never too late, right? =)

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