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Wednesday, July 16, 2008
The dinner

I got so much to blog, but I'm so lazy busy lately.
17 more days to go home, and I'm already resting and lepaking like I've graduated :p
I still got 3 essays, and final year project to do but I'm so lazy!
Somebody slap me please!
Eh, don't lah. Those who wanted to slap me, you should go slap yourself.
How dare you slap me? Inikah kawan? Tsk.

What to blog ah?
Hmm, so malas lah.
All that I wana blog about also damn long.

Oklah, blog about my dinner yesterday.
Short short ni.

I went over to Hendon yesterday night for dinner at my friend's place.
Wah, banyak orang Cina.
Left right, I hear mandarin and cantonese.
Should be from Hongkong and China lah.
The whole floor full of Chinese people!
Bising sial.
Like home only. Except that they didn't speak Hokkien.
If not, I will surely feel like I'm in Penang already (ahhh, home!!)
And then I went into her room and I went O_O
Her room in the hall is like, her room at home!
She decorated the room until, wah damn nice okay?

Cannot really see in this picture but she had her OWN curtain, comforter, a lot of pillows, bean bags (from John Lewis lagi okay? Gila babi mahal), carpet (first time I see carpet in hall's room) soft cuddly toys, I dunno what writing on the walls and some thingy hanging just behind the door. So nice okay? Makes me feel that my room is so cacated. But never mind lah, I'm going back d :P

She cooked Indian meal. Her curry right, never use paste one you know so unlike me okay? I rely on paste for EVERYTHING. And it's damn nice! Got chicken curry (she don't eat chicken but she cooked for us. Damn good can?) and also Indian styled vegetables.

It seriously felt like home. Like mom's cooking. Just that it's not that spicy because Iza can't eat too spicy. Later terbakar mulut dan esofagus.
And look at the plate! Got patterns one okay? Clover? I dunno lah, but damn nice. Her things all super cantik. And mahal! -_-

We ate the curry with bread and naan.
The naan very soft and nice.

Initially I wanted to buy desserts cz shy ma go there makan only. Not bringing anything. So I said I can buy cake, but she gave me a choice. I can buy cake, or she can make Indian dessert. Hehehe. Of cz I choose Indian dessert lah right? Not like the cake very nice also. Cheh!
And she made Kheer, or in Malaysia we call it Payasam.
Teramatlah sedap. Sungguh sedap.

And this is the head chef. Ok, more like the ONLY chef that night.

After eating, we sat in her cosy room and talked. They all ar, made me laugh like siao lang only. Hahaha. Now, I know what they want in a guy. Hehehe. Ohh, unexpected ;) We wanted to stay a little longer, but it was quite late already. I have to leave at 11pm, or else I scared I can't get the last coach to get back into campus. Then, I can sleep in the tube station, although I've did that before la ;P Before going back, we took a few pictures lah. How to resist snapping picture when there's girl right? :D

This is the hanging thingy.
Cantik kan? :)

PenangPrincess and the Chef

The guests.
Iza ate the curry until her lips turned MAROON! O_O

Why I so gemuk one?? Tsk.

The good-bye.

Shze Li my super duper funny and weird monitor in high school said the good-bye picture looks very obscene. Macam maksiat! I never thought of that until she told me. Hahaha. Tak guna punya budak. Like that also you can think until maksiat kisiat all ;p

Anyway, the dinner last night was to meet up with the girls before Joey and I fly back home! Ahh, I wonder if I will ever meet them again. Hmmm....

Mel O gave her order @ 7:41 PM
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