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Friday, July 11, 2008
I'm damn pissed!

...... Seriously.
I don't remember the last time I actually scolded someone.
As far as I can remember, I've always treated everyone (okay, most people) nicely.
Those whom I am close to or even hi-bye friends.
I don't even say 'fuck' what else scolding people and asking them to go to hell.
At most, I will just say 'stupid' and 'shit' no matter how angry I am.
But, that doesn't mean I will be nice all the time.
Step on my tail, and I'll unleash the evil side of me!

I knew this guy from college but we don't really talk (we're just hi-bye friends lah). Last few days, he said hi to me on MSN, so I just layan-ed only lah. We talked about life, studies, and he mentioned something about him hating my ex (which I don't really care). And this fucking idiot fella, messaged me again yesterday but I wasn't home (I don't off my MSN even if I'm out). So, of course I tak layan lah right? When I got back, I replied his message asking if there's anything I can help but he was offline so I don't care lah. This morning, he sent me message again but I was about to go out to get groceries, so I read and then thought of replying when I get back home. When I got back home, he left me this message.

Stupid fella: I need to ask you about psychology.
You there?
Neways, if you're free I need to ask you about psychology in HELP. Let me know if you're free.
I've been asking you a few times now. Are you there or not? I need to ask you something about psych in HELP. Nothing else.
Man, if you have a problem with me, tell me. If you're unhappy that I said that shit about your fucking ex, you tell me. Don't be the silent pain you are now.
Okay? I don't like this back talk shit.

I saw the message and I was damn pissed. Come on, you wana ask for my help and I don't reply so just leave a bloody message and I will reply you when I have the time lah. I didn't do anything, and he said this. I was boiling inside already lor!!

I replied him INSTANTLY once I read the message.

Hello?! What the fuck is wrong with you? I wasn't even at home. I saw your message this morning but I was about to go out so I didn't reply. I went out and just got back. If I have a problem with you, I would have just blocked you or deleted you from my list. Why the hell should I feel offended if you said shit about my ex? He's just my friend now. Even if he's my bf, I will not feel offended okay? You have your own opinions about people. So why should I care? If I wana bloody care about how everyone think then I'll be damn busy and I will have a sad life. If you think I am being a silent pain, then don't talk to me. Why ask me about psychology? Why come to me for help? I don't talk to people like how I do now okay? I will be nice to you if your nice to me but don't come and fucking shit with me. I hate it when people accuse me for smth I didn't do. If you wana ask me about psychology, ask me properly. Don't give me this kinda shit just because I didn't reply you. Bear in mind there's 7 hours difference since im in UK now. I can't be sitting the whole day waiting to reply ur bloody msg. I was busy yesterday and when I got home I saw your msg. I did ask u if there was anything I could help but you were offline and you didn't reply me. So am I supposed to be fucking angry with u?

Bloody hell. Don't mess with me. I just want to see if he will ever reply my message. If he doesn't, I'm gonna send him the exact same message he sent me. DON'T BE THE SILENT PAIN YOU ARE NOW. Stupid fella. I sympathized when he told me he broke up with his gf, but now... GO TO HELL! Probably, you deserve it *slap, kick, punch*

This is another hidden talent I have, Keshia! ;p

Mel O gave her order @ 11:15 PM
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