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Monday, September 29, 2008
What is happening to the world?

Is it just the people around me or the world is really lacking of respect (for other people and oneself) and filial piety?

A friend of mine came to me recently telling me her problem.
She was very depressed and even said that she attempted suicide once. The reason being was because of her boyfriend. Her bf is two years younger to her and he have always been calling her 'aunty' even in front of his friends. He wanted to know about her past (especially whatever she did with her ex) and she thought it will only be fair to him if he knows about her past. So, she told him MOST of the things and thinking that her honesty will make him trust her more. Oh, he didn't trust her and he even went to see some 'bomoh' and it seems that 'bomoh' dude said she's not being very honest with him and he exploded and started yelling at my friend. After telling him about her past, he got so pissed and wanted to breakup. Why? Because her ex kissed her before (WTF?). She cried, begged him not to leave her and even held his legs asking him to forgive her. And so he did, but he told her that she cannot have any contact with any GUYS or even GIRLS. She cannot go out with GUYS (fine, if he's that kind of bf who is so super insecure then ok lah) but GIRLS too (He scared she'll make out with girls is it? WTH?)? She cannot even talk to her best friends because to him, they're all spoilt and corrupted people. He even called her prostitute and slut and cheap girl because of her past with her ex. He told her that "you can break up with me if you want, but I will just find another girl and you won't stand seeing me hugging and kissing her in front of you in college." What kind of guy is that? He don't allow my friend to go out with anyone but him, don't allow her to even talk to her girl friends, don't even allow her to go for her own cousin brother's funeral. Super WTF can? Her cousin brother passed away and he told her she cannot go for the funeral. And after some beggings, he allowed her but she needs to go LATE and come back EARLY and she CANNOT stay overnight at the mortuary with her PARENTS. The best part, he does everything that she cannot do. He goes out with his friends, guys and girls because according to him they're all GOOD and CIVILISED people unlike her friends. Oh yea, I forgot only civilised people like him will call his gf prostitute/slut/cheap girl and don't allow her to have any contacts with any guys or girls and stop her from attending her cousin brother's funeral. Yes, very civilised indeed. Bloody hell.

Seriously, with this kind of bf who cannot even respect his girlfriend I would rather be single for the rest of my life. A guy who can't respect his gf (or any woman for that matter) doesn't deserve any respect, at all. What I'm afraid of is my friend will attempt to commit suicide again because she seems really depressed and all I can do is to ask her to leave that useless bugger, although it seems useless. Sigh. What is wrong with the world?

On another unrelated story, I went over to visit grandpa's sister because she told my mom I didn't see her since I came back. I bought for her koay teow th'ng because she loves this kinda cheng thong food. We went over and she was sleeping (like permenantly) in the hall. Okay, let's just be more understanding. She's living with her second daughter and let's just say she's not well to do. She's renting a house and there's only one room for her to stay so she asked her mother to sleep in the hall. Fine. At least she's taking care of her mother. Her mother was eating and then my aunty went down to see another aunty who dropped by for a while and my grandma (so called grandma lah) told that this will be her dinner (it was at 4pm) because her daughter will not buy anything else for her to eat. Usually the daughter will buy for her lunch and dinner and that's it. She will not even take a drink for my grandma although my grandma is having difficulty walking. And my mom just asked my grandma what happened to all her jewelleries (she wasn't even wearing a small chain/earrings whatsoever) and she told my mom that her daughter took all her gold jewelleries and sold it off. Whatever money my mom gave her last time also her daughter took it from her. Oh great. You're robbing your own mother now? Good. Good. Then, my aunt came up with another aunt and her husband (this botak head guy) and was talking to my mom about my aunt (my grandma's daughter)'s breast cancer. My aunt didn't want to let my grandma know about this situation so they were all speaking in English and they tried to persuade my aunt to get medical check up because her condition is rather serious. My aunt said no one will take care of her mother and so she called her elder sister to ask her to take care of THEIR mother. Her elder sister is a houswife and all she do all day long is sit home and watch tv or go out with her daughter, and yet she said she's VERY busy she cannot take care of her mother and asked her younger sister to leave THEIR mother at home, all by herself. Great. Another great daughter. Another son of hers is so afraid of his wife and the last time my grandma stayed with them, his wife THREW (yes, literally threw) the food at her mother-in-law and the son didn't say a word. Not even a word. As though the old lady was sitting down listening to her own kids pushing the responsibilities to one another was not bad enough, my botak head uncle had to say "you don't have to care about the old lady. You're the young one here and your health is more important than your mother's health. She's old enough and she's halfway near death, so you don't need to care about her. Even if no one wants to take care of her, she can stay here for a few days. Even if she dies, it's time already." How will she feel? She's old, ALL her children don't want to take care of her and now the botak head said such things in front of her.

What the hell is wrong with the world?

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