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Thursday, January 3, 2008
Edinburgh, Scotland

19th December 2007, 8 people decided to go on a trip to Edinburgh (the locals pronounced it as eh-din-bra), Scotland. Everyone were prepared and the three most *ahem* adventurous people, all geared up for the trip with their backpacks.

So the backpacker-ish kan? Ada style lagi tau!

The journey started with 9 hours bus ride. I swear this is the worst bus ride ever in my entire 21 20 years of life. Just when the bus started to move, within the first 15 minutes, I felt nauseated and giddy for 3 continuous hours. I can't even open my eyes, or mouth to talk and I had to sit straight up (the bus seat is 90 degrees btw) with my eyes closed and a polo sweet in my mouth the entire journey. These ang mohs, seriously pandai me-maksimize-kan profit. The bus doesn't go only to ONE destination like back in Malaysia (Penang-KL means direct bus from Penang to KL). The bus stopped on the way to drop people at 4 different places, at the least. It was the worst bus ride ever and finally after 9 freaking hours, we stepped onto the land of Eh-din-bra. Ah, the weather sangatlah the sejuk.

Since we were on a budget trip, of cause we can't stay in hotel la kan? So, we stayed in a budget hoStel, West End HoStel. The room, very the sempit. 8 of us, in ONE room with 4 double decker beds. But, what can we expect when we only paid £ 34 for 3 nights. Where to find such a cheap room kan? So, ok lah. We rested for a while and then we headed to our first destination, the Edinburgh Castle (also known as the Queen's castle. So, half of the castle is mine! Muahahaha).

The palace belongs to us :p

That guy with the scarf, with his bitch pose is Eric aka Orang London. The guy with his finger pointing to the bitch Orang London is Chun Hao aka Ginna. The guy standing beside him is Minxi aka Imperial Millionaire.

As for entrance fee, we paid

£ 11 just to look around. Even the Queens had to pay entrance fee. No discount to masuk rumah sendiri.

Upon entering my the palace.. Sempat lagi nak berposing.
Oh, that's Hippo btw.

Jalan-jalan, visit visit our palace and then we saw frost. Tak pernah tengok frost, once we saw it everyone acted like we just left some jungle. Very the suah pah.

Queen: Wah! Snow. Ice. Frost. Wah! *touch touch* Eh, so soft! OMG!! SNOW!!!

I also very suah pah lah. Never seen such ice/frost/snow on the wall before okay? So, nobody can blame us lah, kan? :)
That's Li Huey beside me, another budak yang penuh dengan suah pahness.

We went into the palace when it was still bright.
And we left the palace when it was pitch dark.

Not because we spent the whole day there, but because the sun sets around 3 plus, all the shops close very early and therefore we went for dinner and back to the hoStel to rest. By 10pm, everyone dozed off into their wonderland, including Li Huey who dream of her darling, Prince William William Hung.

The next morning, we got up around 8am and got ready for free breakfast provided by the hoStel. We went down and saw cereal, bread, milk and coffee on the table. Makan sendiri, basuh sendiri, all self service. You must be thinking, not bad what these kinda hoStel also provide free breakfast. Yea, not bad not bad, until you see the kulat-ed bread they provided. Sigh. But, can't ask for much since we're paying that amount. After makan-ing, we went to the Scotch Whisky Experience. £ 7.50 for a guided tour on the production of Scotch Whisky and a free demo on how to appreciate whisky.

Guy: .... observe the colour, the body, the nose, palate and finish.
No, he's not telling us to observe any girl/guy, but at the whisky. Whisky also got body & nose want okay? Don't play play..

Then, he gave us a glass each to smell and taste the Whisky he mixed. For those who know me, you will surely know I don't drink any kind of alcoholic drinks. And I didn't want to try initially but Imperial Millionaire said I've paid £ 7.50 and if I don't try it's very wasteful. True also lah, £ 7.50 is already RM52.50. I held the glass closer to my nose, smell it (it stinks!!)
and gulp down a sip of the stinky drinkWhisky.

Taste wise..

You judge yourself based on my expression.

We then went for 3 presentations on the production of Whisky and then a ride on the Whisky barrel train, to see the history of the Scotch Whisky. At the end of it, I was still holding my glass of stinky Whisky and since I can't stand the smell and the taste, Imperial Millionaire drank it and got rid of the stinko.

After the Whisky tour, we went to the St. Giles Cathedral, a must visit place. It's a very old church with lots of historical stories behind it. The design and architecture of the building is really unique and nice. I'm not an artistic person, so I'll let the pictures do the talking, okay?

The Cathedral

One of the many windows

After looking around, we had some time to kill before heading for our night activity. We wanted to go to Holyrood Palace but it was too lateso we had a long long walk up and down the street. Along the way we saw this statue, and Orang London became the victim and was forced to impersonate the statue.

We spent some time at Starbucks when it was finally 7.30pm, we headed to the front entrance of St. Giles Cathedral for our deadly, terrifying and scary night activity. Wana know more about it? Wait for my next post, okay? Hehehe.

I'll leave a hint...
A night at this place.

Mel O gave her order @ 6:31 PM
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