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Saturday, January 27, 2007
Beng Tack's Big Day

Happy Birthday

My dear Beng Tack..

I planned to give him a lil suprise on his special day. So I conned him. I made up stories. I lied to him. What did I lie??

Lie # 1: I don't have time to buy for u pressie.. I will make it up by treating u a good &
nice dinner.
Lie # 2: I'm broke. So no more nice dinner.
Lie # 3: But since I promised to treat u dinner, I heard that the food in Sunway Pyramid's food court is good. So we shall go there for dinner then.
Lie # 4: I'm not ready yet. Just got up. Can u come up to my place to wait for me?

The first 3 lies were told earlier before his birthday and the 4th was on his bithday day. So, this is what happened in the afternoon after his dance club.
Mel: Where r u?
Beng: I'm in college. Leaving now. I will come and fetch u now ok?
Mel: Err...err...I just got up actually. I don't tink I can get ready so fast. U park ur car and come up to my house and wait for me la k?
Beng: Hmm... Ok la. Faster k?
Mel: Ok Ok...

Then he dengan kuai sekali listen to me n came up stairs thinking that I'm still not ready yet. When he step into the house, he started laughing and said "I knew u were up to something. But I din expect it to be this!"


I bought him a cake

Mango Mousse From Bakerzin

and there's a gigantic handmade card and present on the table

So we cut the cake. Yes, WE. Hehe. Suddenly I felt old that moment =p

We tried the cake. It's nice. So soft and nice. I took a few bites and Beng finished almost 3/4 of the cake on the spot and the balance the next morning at home. Basically the whole cake was eaten by a Greedy pig..

We then headed to Sunway Pyramid. Kononnya to go for dinner at the food court. I don't even know if they have a food court there. Beng some more can believe me. He really thought I was gonna bring him to food court for dinner on his birthday day. Oh goodness.. Normal days also we seldom eat at food court. Apatah lagi his birthday. Takkan I wana go all the way to Sunway just for their food court's food rite?? Ish ish ish...

We wanted to watch movie but the timing all out. Cannot watch. So we went jalan jalan, shopping shopping, duduk duduk, sembang sembang. Then around 8 something I told him I was hungry and we walked to find the 'food court'.

I took him to the first floor. Cz there is where the 'food court' I'm supposed to bring him was situated.

Beng: Eh, why are you going up? Food court usually downstairs wan la.
Mel: No la. My 'food court' is here wan. Near the main entrance *smiling*
Beng: Hahaha.. Another suprise??
Mel: Shhh...Just follow me.

So I brought him to my version of 'food court'

The Magical Theater Restaurant

He was surprised. Speechless. Touched. Almost cried I tink =p
I made a reservation earlier and I requested for the top floor. And they gave us bar sitting. Sit until backside and backbone also pain.

Anyways, we ordered:

Fried chicken with mango salad for appetizer

Beng had Capricorn lamb shank.

I had Pisces Salmon.

Eh eh..where is my salmon??All I can see is capsicum, capsicum and tomato.

Salmon, salmon where r u??

I found my salmon. Beneath all those capsicums and tomatoes. I wonder why they hide my salmon?? *scratch head*

And we shared 'Everlasting Love' drink. Mixture of strawberry and green tea.

Why I chose this restaurant?

1. They have magic show. MAGICAL theatre restaurant ma.
2. They have live band. magical THEATRE restaurant ma.
3. It is not crowded and more privacy.
4. Since it's not crowded, we won't have to wait long for our food.
5. I like the ambience. Romantic and cozy.
6. It is somewhere both of us haven't been before.
7. The prices are affordable. Total bill for both of us came up to RM 80.73.
8. There will be a magician performing magic show personally at our table. It's smth special rite? Although the lame magician's tricks were out-dated, cacated and some tak menjadi, for his effort trying to entertain us we still clapped la. Bagi muka ma :p
9. Their food are named based on starscopes like my Pisces Salmon and Beng's Capricorn Lamb Shank. Oh oh.. And their mocktails have cute names. Like I Love You, First Love, Puppy Love. Basically all LOVE LOVE la. To attract people like me kot.

Overall, his birthday celebration turned out well. At least he fell for my lies :p

Birthday Boy & PenangPrincess :)


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