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Sunday, October 28, 2007
Photo Taggie

The most recent pic of you:

When was it taken:
October 18, 2007

Who took it?

PenangPrincess :)

Where was it taken?
In the Robbins Palace, 23 Room 1

A picture of you making a peace sign:
Yong Tze will be so happy to see this picture on my blog.

Is this picture in color?
Yes. Very colorful infact :)

Are your nails painted in this picture?
Hmm, no. I don't paint my nails. I have short nails. No point painting

A picture of you with a friend:

Who are you with?
Beng Tack dear :) My friend also what?

A picture of you in a weird/random place:

Toilet is no longer weird place for someone to snap pic. It's becoming a trend now. Apalah nak jadi kat manusia zaman sekarang ni?

Where are you?
Penang's Tesco's toilet. Not the cleanest and wangi-est place ever.

Who took the pic?
Lim Shze Li who thinks she can hop just because she was born in the year of rabbit

A picture of you in black & white:

Picture taken by Yips my secret admirer while I was studying.

A picture of you with your hair up:


A picture of you with a WEIRD face:

I was so proud of my pimple.

Is your face more funny or just straight up scary?
I's more...cacated. I look so spastic.

A picture of you wearing a black colored shirt:

Pose maut! :p

A picture of you wearin red colour shirt:

During Hotlink Roadshow

A picture of you wearing green colour shirt:

Semangat Hari Raya too membara that I wore green for the Raya's Open House.

A picture of you with your halloween costume:

I don't celebrate Halloween la. Wa orang Malaysia tau. Malaysia tarak Halloween semua.
But then ar, I came out with my own theory.
Halloween = scary dressing = bad sense of dressing

Notice the sport shoe.
Dress and sport shoe? *smacks forehead*

A picture of you with your mouth open:

Anwari's asam pedas dinner.

Why is your mouth open?

To makan la. Tak nampak the pinggan so high up ka?
Oooh, I see asam pedas *drools*

I will now tag..errm,
Queen Next Road (You need more pictures on your blog)
Yong Tze (You can show off all your cute picture)
Michelle Teh (Time to update more frequently)
Tiffany Soh (Cause I want to kaypo)
Jon Sern (Too many words in your blog. More pics please)
Mike (Update la brother)
Anwari Ashraf (Cause I want you to create your blog)

Mel O gave her order @ 12:50 AM
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