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Friday, January 4, 2008
Edinburgh, Scotland - Part 2

The night activity I was talking about in my earlier post is a guided tour into the a graveyard and old abandon prison. £6.50 for students and we were prepared for a deadly and terrifying experience ever. The tour guide was a lady, dressed in black and was pretty... scary (she shouted out of nowhere) Firstly, she brought us to the entrance of St. Giles Cathedral and she told us the history behind this church. And the parking lot where we were standing was formerly a graveyard and all those scary stories. She even picked people to demonstrate how they were tortured if they were suspected to be a witch (in the olden days la). And I was one of them =.=" She made me scream (although it wasn't loud cz I'm a very *ahem* soft spoken person) and she popped a 'mercun' kinda thing. I believe it's a round thing that will produce a loud 'POP' sound when it's pulled and followed by a small fire. She was holding my thumb and while telling how I was tortured years back because my mother was a 'witch', she popped that thing beside my thumb! I got shocked, okay? Got fire some more. Excuse me aunty Rosie, I was wearing a glove tau! What if the fire burn my glove ha? Ish ish.

But, yea lah. Then she continue her stories and then we walked to the Greyfriars Kirk's graveyard, where Rosie locked the main entrance to the graveyard to make sure none of us could escape at any time. Quite scary also la. Everywhere you turn, you see
and this...

everywhere also tombs.

and bear in mind, it's not this bright as seen in this picture. Sun sets at 4pm, and by 8pm you can imagine how dark it would be.

Standing beneath the land of dead bodies, listening to ghost stories, without much light.. and it was cold because it was drizzling. Isn't that scary? After many man
y ghost stories and warnings (in case anyone of us were possessed or disturbed by the thing), we were brought into the old abandoned prison. By that time, the rain got heavier and Rosie asked us to enter this small cell, where it was pitch dark and she started telling us the eeriness of each corner in the room. Suddenly, someone wearing a mask came out from nowhere and scare us. Cis! Then, she brought us to this small building and told us that the inner part of the building is very scary and she asked us to have a peek if we want and the tour ended. We looked at each other, feeling cheated. £ 6.50 to listen to ghost stories, which wasn't that scary. Not wanted to feel cheated, I took a peek into the small building, hoping to see some kinda scary image,

but.... all I saw was this!
Apa ini? Very scary meh! Haiyer, tipu my money.
City of The Dead - Deadly, Terrifying, Scary... NOT!

We walked out of the graveyard (it was still raining), planning to go home because of the rain but we realized the rain that was pouring wasn't rain! It was...

Can you see the white thingy falling from the sky?!!
Not water droplets...
It was snow!! Like, S.N.O.W!!!! SALJI!!!

Oklah, I lied. Not snow also la. It was some frosted flakes sajer. But but, it was really like small small droplets of snow!!


When we saw frosted flakes on the wall also we showed our uluness already, imagine we saw frosted flakes or our version of snow falling from the sky! up above our heads! Lagilah the ulu. Hahaha. We were playing with the 'snow'. Snapping pictures. Posing here and there. Shouting. Laughing. All in the graveyard. I think, if there was ever any ghosts in there, we would have scare them away with our suahpahness. Lol.

Take 1 - in the graveyard.. Imperial Millionaire's camera very the high tech. Can make those spooky effect. See, the whole graveyard is dark, only the back part is bright. Canggih kan?

Take 2 - By this time, there was another bunch of people coming for the deadly, terrifying and scary tour but we didn't bother. We were so into snapping picture, laughing and playing with the snow. Yes, yes, I know. Suahpahness.

Not only suah pah, these people wana show that they are some terrorist some more.

Ayoyo, 5 ekor orang terrorist.. In the graveyard. In case you didn't realize, I'm not one of them :)

After spending some time there, we walked back but stopped at various places to take pictures. All siok sendiri mia pictures. Hahaha.

We were seriously so suahpah till people offered to help us snap picture because we were all siok sendiri-ing. Hehehe.

I like this picture. Because, can see the 'snow' falling. Ah, snow...

Finally, after we were all satisfied we went back and then the journey for our third day begins at 10am. We followed a free tour around where they brought us (using our legs, okay?) to famous-must-visit places around Edinburgh. Oh yea, I was pretty amazed that all their tourist attraction places are walking distance from one another. It's all located in the Royal Mile and Princess Street. You can walk everywhere (some needs longer time though, like 45 minutes) but it is possible to walk without dying or breaking your leg.

After the tour ended, we walked all the way to Calton Hill where we had to walk/hike up this small slope to reach the top of the hill with magnificent view of Edinburgh.

Nice rite? So peaceful... So windy.. So green... I love green padang where I can lie down and take picture during summer :)

Queen: You love green padang, means you don't love me anymore la? Ok lah then. I go find something else to love *look around* Ah, I found my love! DAHLING....


Ginna & Orang London: *runs around the tree ala ala Bollywood*
I thought they came out from jungle, manatau see pokok also so suahpah...

Orang London got bored with the tree dance and hence decided to do his famous bitchy pose.

This time complete with ladies bag. Not only, but two!


It was so peaceful up there...when it's too peaceful, this is what happens..

Ginna: Orang London, you should die! You betrayed Malaysia!!

Mel: Eh Ginna! You killed him d, who is going to be my kuli ha?!

Queen: Eh Mel, tumbuk saja tak cukup. You don't have kuli means I also no kuli la, right? Let me kao tim-kan him!

Oklah, nothing to put as caption ma. So have to make smth up ler. Hehehe.

After that, we walked around and we saw this pillar thingy.
The people wanted to build 48 pillars initially but after building 12, they realized it's consuming too much money. So, they stopped building and now, it's a place for us to..

show our *ahem* uluness..
Imperial Millionaire: See!! I'm gonna panjat up!

Imperial Millionaire: Muahaha! I'm up!! I'm a survivor!
Ginna: Eleh, I also can la.

YongZ: Only guys can meh? I also can wat! *peace*

Queen: I also want to panjat! Muahaha... Aku berjaya! Now 2 guys 2 gals.

Mel: Everyone panjat.. I also need to panjat la. Now, 3 gals 2 guys!
Kuasa wanita! :D

Bangga giler la after we all panjat up the thing. Pose here and there. Like managed to climb Mount Kinabalu saja.

By the time we finished climbing like some monkeys, it was already dark. So, we went to get some souvenirs and then walk around some fun fair area, had dinner then balik to our wonderful hoStel. Another day ahead of us before we leave this ang moh soil.

Mel O gave her order @ 1:36 PM
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