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Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Long tiring day..

Got up today morning feeling weak and tired..
Must be due to lack of sleep last night..

I wanted to go back to sleep...

But.......But.........It's Tuesday!!

U know what it means??

I get to see Reyes!! Hehehe...

Got up..bathed..Dressed up..Pack my things..

Since I haven't been early for counseling skills, I thought of going early today. Wana jadi budak baik ma...

I reached the taxi stand in front of my condo at 8.30 am, then there were like 10 more people waiting before me!!

"Taxi, taxi!! Ala.... got people inside!"

"Taxi!! people again!"

I waited and waited and waited...

9.00 am..Still no cab.

There were this 3 gals in front of me..

Mel: Hey, r u gals going to HELP??

Gal 1: Yes, Jalan Dungun. U wana go together??

Mel: *Jumping happily in my heart* Yes. Thanks.

Taxi came. "Oh yes!!Yes!! I'm not gonna be that late for class. It's only 9.10am. Can reach in 5 mins ma."

I sat in front. Cz that 3 gals were friends. Not good la seperate people. Dahlah I tumpang aje. I need to thank them, if not sure will reach coll at 10 am d!

Once I sat in the cab, I can smell the drivers' perfume.Fuh...damn strong wei..My nose started to feel itchy soon. "Nvm, nvm. 5 mins only"

9.15 am. I was still stuck in the jam. Haih... Damn jam this morning. Dunno why.

I reached coll at 9.30 am!! Yes.. late again. Haih.. It's fated I will never be early for Reyes class.

Cz I was sitting in front so I paid first. Then when we came down from the cab, these 3 gals paid me back. I thought wana buat baik ma. I said nonit. But, they insist. So, fine. I took and left.

When I reached the class, guess what?? The class was so empty. "Guess everyone got stucked in the jam too!! teman again!" :p

Reyes was talking so I wanted to keep the money they gave me. RM 7.00. Then I realized I paid RM 7.20 for the cab. Which means I only paid 20 cents for the cab today! Last week was free this week 20 cents. Wah!! Everyweek like tat I can become rich!! Yeay... (Can save my money and go shopping!!) :)

So, back to class. I was listening to Reyes and he told us that HELP needs our help. There's this CEO from Citibank is coming to give a talk on career day thingy. If there aren't enough people, we're supposed to go there n listen. What nonsense? Ish... I woke up early to attend his lecture!! Not some Citibank CEO's lecture on career!! I'm only in my second year!! Yeasshhh... Feel like smacking HELP! So, as expected they don't have enough people in that career thingy. So, I went n listen lo. When I entered the auditorium, I can't see anything but HEADS! Yes.. It was almost full and they said not enough people? Smartness... Due to the powerful air-con, I got flu. And the MARVELLOUS taxi driver's perfume's side effect, I am now officially SICK!! Thanks KE-A1's air-con and whoever that taxi driver is for making me sick! *slap slap*

Then I came home. Wanted to eat porridge but my housemates cooked rice d. Since there's only 1 rice cooker, I had to choice but to eat mushroom soup. Sad.. Msged Beng and told him I was sick. I was lying down on my bed regaining some energy before entering the kitchen to cook. Then suddenly some knocked on my room door. I went and open the door n my housemate told me Beng Tack is here! *Grinning*

He went to SS2 and bought me porridge from my favourite porridge shop. Hehehe...

Frog Porridge

Sick people needs to get more rest. I need to sleep now.. I'm gonna do my tutorial questions for abnormal while waiting for my porridge to digest. I had 2 bowls of porridge. Hehehe... Don't wana waste food ma. Like what Mike always say "think of the Africans. Think of the Indians"


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