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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
PenangPrincess Birthday!

It's 25th February today!
So that means I am OFFICIALLY 20 now!! It's ok people. I am always and forever YOUNG :p
Due to the midterms I am having this week, I had to stay home and STUDY on my birthday day! :(
Luckily, I have wonderful friends who remembers me birthday.

To all who wished me THANK YOU so muchie for remembering.
Jacinta, Jazim, Roberta, Erlynda, Amalina, Yogy-B, Jag, Anna, Ili, Shze Li, Soon Keat, Soon Ming, Hari, Cecilia, Jane, Emily, Azimah, Yugesh, Carrie, Hock Chai, Rangeini, Kok Keong, Li Chen, Deeppa. And Royce thanks for calling all the way from Aussie. Oh, and Leonard. I had to remind u pulak. Lol. But at least u sedar ur own kesilapan. Beta ampunkan hamba la. Muahahaha.
Most of these people are from Penang. So no gifts for me. Nvm nvm. Don't u ppl tink u all can escape with me pressie. I shall find a day and I will be back to CLAIM me pressies from u people! :p :p

And to Ming Zi, Fung Min, Jon Sern, Alex, Michelle Teh, Tiffany, Vern May, Grace, Mike & Yien Yee, thank u so much for the bag. Well, according to Jon Sern he chose the bag. Fine la fine la. "U have QUITE a good sense of taste la." Me likey the bag. Time to change me baggy!

That's the bag :) Yes! That's an angpow and a crown. Well, PenangPrincess ma. Mestilah kena ada crown. Hehehe. Ingatkan these people give me angpow but aku kena tipu. No money pun. But got smth that me likey alot. EARRING!! Hehehe..

The crown for the princess.
Crystal earing for the princess :)

And to me roomie, Yips, me likey ur bottle too. Although it looks like those bottle people use to put cookies during CNY, I put sweets also can la rite? Wa suka itu botol jugak. Especially itu love that teddy is holding. I know u love me wan. See, see. Pressie also wana give lovey dovey wan. Ok lah Ok lah. Me love u too! :p

Oh gal. If next year my house not enuf bottle to put cookies can I use this?? :p

And lastly, to Beng Tack THANK U for making my birthday a memorable one :)

As he promised, he took me out for dinner. Couldn't make it for movie coz of midterms. Have to study ma. He reached my place at 6.30pm. I was all ready. Went down and nicely sat in his car. Then he gave me a box. Hehehe. All wrapped up and it was damn light. Hardly feel any weight when I held it. Took my own sweet time opening the wrapper in the car. I wana make sure I don't destroy the wrapper ma. I like to keep wrappers. So what? Me like ma :p Back to my story. Then FINALLY when I opened, I saw this baju. Nice nice baju. Very the sexy too. Hehehe. Then, I went up and changed. Came down back with me new BUFDAY top. Hehehe.

Went to 1 Utama. Walked here walked there. By that time I was dead hungry d. I only had maggi for lunch ok? Kesian me saje. He brought me to TGI Fridays. At last. I went there. FINALLY. AKHIRNYA. During V-day tak jadi, my birthday also can la. Hehehe.


Nice name. But I see no Sea. I see no Breeze. And November is 9 more months la. But I like. Sweet + Sour + VODKA! Fuh, I broke my own record. I drank VODKA. I know la, they might have added a drop or two only but still, it's VODKA. I haven't tasted any form of liquor or alcohol wan ok?


My favourite is Mushroom ma. Must try la. Can't get my eyes of the menu when I saw the word MUSHROOM! :p It was nice. But the sauce ruined the taste. Eee... got one kinda smell and taste. I tink they accidentally spilled vinegar in it kot :p


Can u see that?JACK DANIELS man. Hahahaha. Another liquor added to me food. After 20 years, I finally tried this kinda food. Usually, the name itself will be a turn off. But, entah mengapa. I tried it. Hehehe. Well, people change, don't we? :)

Anyways, the chicken was GOOD when dipped into the Jack Daniels sauce. Fuh, HEAVEN. The mashed potato was above HEAVEN :p I LIKE IT. I LIKE IT ALOT!! Sedap hingga menjilat garpu.


What's with us and JACK DANIELS? Hmm.. anyways, I don't know how it tasted cz it's beef. And I don't take beef. So, no comments. But guess He didn't like it that much. But I like the onion ring. Bagus sekali.

After eating, we were walking around. After those kinda dinner, must exercise wan ma. Suddenly he said he wana eat ice cream pulak. So, we went and find MCD's ice cream lo. Now only I know MCD sells cake. Lol. Aku kena tipu. His MCD is actually BAKERZIN. He wanted to buy me cake. Hehehe. I don't want at first. Cz it was late d and where to cut the cake? And I have to fnish the whole cake by myself. Eee... KEGEMUKAN. But he insisted. So, fine lo. Gemuk pun gemuk la. Bought d we walked toward his 'car'. Which is actually the Central Park opposite 1 Utama. Hmm... What he wana do there? Oh, wana cut the cake there rupa-rupanya. Hehehe. But then, this park bit the dark la. So hard to find for a bright place so that I can see my cake. Ish. ish. Ish. But we manage to find la.

My cake! CLAIRA. Made of coffee and some herbs.
Bakerzin ppl spelled my name wrongly! Arrgghh... It's meLiSSa NOT meLLiSa la. Buta ka apa ha?? Tulis dengan begitu jelas pun tak nampak ka?

Make a wish (I made many many many wishes! :p). Blow the candles. Then...

Cut the cake! And of cz eat it too! Hehehe. Nice. Very nice. Me likey it too. Yum yum.

Then eat eat. Talk talk. Buat kerja amal (donate blood to the mosquitos). We balik lo. Walked back to the car. Upon reaching his car, he went straight to the boot and took smth. Guess what was that??

Yes. It's a paper bag. With nothing in it. E.M.PT.Y.

I was like "herh??" *scratch head*

"I was supposed to give it to u together with ur top. But I forgot. Only remembered bout it during dinner. Hehehe." *giggling*

Hahahaha. I was laughing all the way. Goodness. How can he forget that? And he still gave the empty paper bag to me. Hahaha. Lawak. But cute :p

That was the end of my birthday. Definately a memorable one. Thanks to Him and everyone that remembered. Hehehe.

I think I wasted hours typing this post. Banyak panjang lah. Ini princess banyak 'cheong hei'. But it's my blog. Wa punya suka la :p


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