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Thursday, February 1, 2007
The hardwoking me :)

Since today is a public holiday..I dunno why they gave us holiday but who cares?? I'm happy!! cz I get to...............SLEEP!!!! :)
Yeay!! It's been a long long long time since I get to sleep in on weekdays!! I just love holidays...

When I opened my eyes today, it was already 12.15pm.. Hehehe... So I eat, bath, washed clothes.. And it's already 4pm.. Time flies man..

Then guess wat I did after tat??

I know I know..I'm hardworking :p

Suddenly this fear striked me.. NONO!! NONO!! It's not the kiasu fear.. It's the "I DON WANA PAY RM1400 TO REPEAT MY PAPER!!" fear. I have been lacking in my studies lately. Haven't been really concentrating in class. Haven't been studying at home also. I'm so gonna die. Being so young.. (Still in my TEENTH ok??) I don wana die yet la. So, I started studying. Study and study and study till....... 4 HOURS non stop. Kinda amazing.. I was amazed myself.. Hehehe..
Then I came on9 and I went through Michelle Teh's blog. Saw her latest post in BM... Fuyooo...Patriotik habis!! Hehehehe... Then I realized it has been a long long time since I last used BM.. Damn... I'm such a "nut forgetting skin".. How can I ever ever forget this language?? I took Malay Specialist in SAM and proud to say I was the only one who got A!! *clap clap* Thank u thank u. Therefore, I should not forget this language. And for my next 2 post, I will use nth but BAHASA MELAYU!! *senyum-ing*
Semoga Tuhan akan merahmati diriku agar aku tidak memalukan dan menghampakan cikgu-cikgu yang begitu gigih mendidik and mengajarku bahasa yang begitu penting ini!! Fuh....

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