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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I went for community service at NASOM on Tuesday. Well, for those who don know, not that I'm too good hearted or too free. I HAVE to do this. It was my first official day there. It was FUNN actually...

We did cards. U know, those hand-made cards they usually sell?? Ha.... That wan la. We were supposed to help the autistic children but in the end we help ourselves there dengan tak malu sekali. And since it's V-day today, Jon came up with the idea of helping to sell the cards. So fine. We made our own cards. And took alot of their ready hand-made cards to sell in college. Well, I would say I fail at this. I am not creative. Even these kids are better than me *runs to a corner and hide*

Since I used so long to do one card, and obviously I used alot of energy and effort to do it. I so 'em seh tak' to sell it. So guess what?? I bought it for myself!! Hehehe.. Well, not for myself la. Made/Bought it for Beng. V-day ma. See..See..I'm so thoughtful. Well, u know me! :p

Nice eh??I made myself wan k? :)

So the next day in college we tried selling those cards to HELP students. Actually only those in Block E la. Cz we're only allowed to sell there. Oh well.. Guess how was the sale?? Hehehe... GOOD!! I'm so proud of myself and my group. Well done guys and gal! Although we didn't sell all the cards but we earned RM 136!! *clap clap*

Then after class, Beng and I went out for dinner. Supposed to go to TGI Friday but it was so full. The line was so freaking long.. So, we went to check out Italiannes. It wasn't full but then we decided not to go there cz.....I also dunno why. Well, he's paying so I follow la. Hehehe. He wanted to check out Chilis. Went there and goodness, the line was longer than TGI's. So, we thought "fine,Italiannes will do." Went back to Italiannes and guess what?? The line was as long as TGI's. In that case, I said I wana go TGI since I haven't been there before (sorry la. Me poor ppl. No money to go TGI all la). So, we went back to TGI. Yup...all the way back to TGI. Asked for a place and they said,"there's no ala-carte today.Only set."Beng dengan bangga sekali said yes. I took the menu and they are charging RM79++ for ONE set. Siao.. I told Beng I donwana eat there d (I'm an understanding and good gf u see). Hehehe.. So I drag him away and he said he will bring me to SS2 for dinner. So we wasted our precious time there. Dahlah hungry, walk here walk there searching for food but ended up in SS2. Hmm...

Confusing eh?? Aku ni cakap banyak banyak but pity my pembaca-pembaca setia saja have to read banyak banyak. Come come.. Mel give the summary.

Simplified version:

TGI ----> Italiannes ----> Chillies ----> Italiannes ----> TGI

So, we went SS2 la. He brought me to this Italian Restaurant. Same row as Murni. It was crowded. We had to wait for a while. But it's ok la. I don wana waste my energy walking and hunting for place to eat again! Waited for bout 15 mins and we got a place. Yeayy!! I was so happy :) till I saw the table :( It was exactly beside the entrance. And just in front of the menu at the entrance. So basically anyone who wants to see the menu needs to see us EATING!! That's horrible. And so so so NOT ROMANTIC!! Anyways, the food made it up la.

What filled our tummies that nite:

Mozarella Bread

The cheese... Fuh.. I tell u. So 'kenyal'. PIZZA HUT pun kalah tau. Bite the bread and u can pull the cheese long long... So cute..

Mushroom Soup

One of the best I had ever tasted I tell u. So mushroomy. I know its supposed to be mushroomy since its mushroom soup. But but... It's extraordinary mushroomy. I like I like. Cz.... I AM A MUSHROOM FAN!! I LOVE U MUSHROOMS!!

Penne Funghi (Funghi?? Cute betul the name)

It was so nice especially when it was served hot!! Not so cheesy but VERY mushroomy. Tonnes of mushroom I tell u. I just love this restaurant man..

Chicken smth smth

Forgot the name d. Was too tempted to eat the food ma. Hehehe.. I had this one. The sauce was good. Lotz of mushroom!! but the chicken is too soft.

Overall, the food was good. The environment not so romantic la cz too crowded and noisy but I like this restaurant. U know why y know why??In case u forget, I tell again k??



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