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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Today after class at 4pm, Jon Sern, Alex, Darren, Yips and me had a group discussion. Rajin kan rajin kan? Hehehe. I was supposed to be presenting the intro and I had to mention what does DSM stands for. Well, to those non-psychology student, DSM is our holy bible. The bible we use to diagnose people with disorders. Fuh... Deep sungguh. Ok, I'm supposed to say "DSM stands for Diagnostic & Statistical Manual for mental health". Sounds pretty easy to pronounced rite? But I think my tongue got problem la. Or maybe it's just hard to say it. I can't seem to pronounce it properly. So, our Jon Sern the GREAT was perli-ing me la. He kept repeating Diagnostic & Statistical Manual for dunno how many zillion times. Cis.. Wana show off his tongue is perfect la tu. Mengada.

Then suddenly he said, "Mel, lu kong si kong mai kong DINASOURSTATISCAL MANUAL of mental health during colloquium can d!" *terbeliak mata then pengsan* Sounded like Dinasour's Testical to me. Lol. What nonsense? Gila punya budak.

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