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Monday, March 5, 2007
Kena tagged lagi

I got tagged by Erlynda Ng few weeks back I think. I lost my sense of time. Hehehe.

FIVE Reasons Why I Blog (in cronology)

1. My first time getting to know about a blog is last year *shy*. Sori la. Me not advance like u people. Yips, my then housemate my now roomie suggested we combine a blog "as a way to keep our friendship bond and also to boast about the good food we have!" (Khoo, 2007). That was when we had our very first blog - We updated alot of post on FOOD! :) Well, we used to hang out alot and of cz we eat alot too. But so sad, now both of us no longer updates that blog. I eat less good food :( Yips has less time cz she's *cough cough* busy.

Bottomline: As a way to keep my friendship :)

2. Ever since I shifted to KL, my live seems to revolve around the net. Everytime I have extra free time, where will I be? In front of the computer. I can hardly remember the last time I sat in front of a tv and flip the remote. I used to do that all the time back in Penang. The only reason I no longer catch every single episodes on One Tree Hill, TVB Dramas, CSI, Fear Factor, ..... (Oh goodness, I can't remember what show are they showing/showed on tv :( ) is because of my TV. It's in a bad condition, really bad : There will be sounds of explosion when I on the tv, then once it's on, I see no pictures but dots! All I can see is small tiny dots all over the tv that covers the whole screen *pengsan*. Not enuf with that, the tv makes noise. Those 'shh..shhh..shhh...' kinda noise. 98% of my time watching the tv I wont be able to hear what are they talking about.

Bottomline: I'm too free. Lol.

3. As I said earlier, I like FOOD. Yes, I can't live without food. Well, we all can't but I can die faster without food. Lol. Although I'm not as free as last time to go out and enjoy good food around KL, I still do sometimes. Whenever I have the opportunity to eat GOOD FOOD, u people will see it in my post and drool. I wana make u people jealous. Cz those professional food bloggers make me jealous of their food. This is revenge time!

Bottomline: To make u people salivate after looking at those yummy food pictures :p

4. I am a forgetful person. Seriously, I am. I tend to forget things that happened to me after some time. What I did, what I ate, where I went etc. So, how? How can I remember and recall all these in 1 year time? 2 years? Maybe when I have children I wana tell them what their mummy did during her uni life? :) One way: BLOG! So, blog la. Boleh simpan lama. Most importantly, it is FREE. Me likey free things.

Bottomline: To savour the memories I had :)

5. Like Erlynda too, I blog for u people. Hehehe. Macam lah aku ada banyak pembaca setia. Well, I blog for those who read my blog lo. Oh, I blog to keep my Penang friends up to date too. Lol. Don't think many of them read my blog, but still who knows ONE day they might decide to drop by. In order not to disappoint them, I will blog. As frequent as I could. Lol.

Bottomline: For me peminat *perasanness* and friends

I need to tag 5 lucky bloggers.

1. Alex Loo
2. Michelle Teh
3. Michelle (Eh, budak tell me ur surname la! All got surname urs saja tercacated)
4. Ong Ming Zi
5. Roberta Ng


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