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Monday, March 5, 2007

I got back my PSY 203 Child Development midterm today. Goodness. I am so gonna flunk this paper. Not only that, my PSY 204 Adolescent Development too. I'm so gonna be dead when I get my paper back. Die Melissa die. That's why la. Don't wana study. Serve me right! Pn. F.a.t.i.m.a.h. gave me a shock when I couln't find my paper today. I was like "She must have taken mine for LAN. Shit!Shit! I must be the bottom 5 in the class." Believe it or not, just to wait for her to get my paper, my hand trembled like kena Parkinson saja. When I took my SPM and SAM results also not this nervous man. Gosh. Thank God I wasn't the bottom 5. But still, my result is B.A.D. I am a person who doesn't regret for doing smth. I didn't regret that I didn't study hard enough for midterms. I won't blame myself for that. I blame F.a.t.i.m.a.h. Lol. No la. Well, what past is past rite? No point being sad and regreting over spilled milk. So, I made new resolutions in my studies. AZAM BARU for 2007. Abit the late la but better late than never rite? Hehehe.

1. I MUST revise at least ONE chapter EVERYDAY!
(Which means no more blogging n online-ing as often for me! *sobbing*)

2. I MUST study for quiz.
(Which means I must look at books every Sun, Mon, Tues & Wed nites *pengsan* *wondering why I made this azam*)

3. I MUST do my case study properly.
(I'm beginning to like case studies. I did a 3 long pages on my last case study. Rajinnya aku. Hahaha.)

4. I must NOT play in class anymore.
(No more playing n fooling around with Fung Min & Mike. U two don give me anymore *****101 classes!!)

5. I MUST at least pass ALL my papers this sem.
(I MUST not fail any papers. I don't wana fail. I don wana pay 1400 for repeating. I don wana stay back one sem to repeat my papers! NOOO...)

Ok. I should NOT give myself another excuse not to study. Bye Bye penangprincess. Welcome
Child, Adolescent, Research Methods, Counseling and Abnormal Psychology!

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